Maharana Pratap 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Bhatyani says that she’s not agree with his decision, udai says that she might be kidding, as he thought she might be the happiest, bhatyani says she is happy but she feels that pratap is too young to take this responsibility.

Other side, pratap n som inside the gufa, som is really scared, pratap assures him that he’s with him, thy soon find the hidden door by a source of light cuming from the other side, som wants to return but pratap want to watch it from closer.

In palace, udai ask sajjabai’s point of view, she says that when shakti gets to know of it, he might be very disappointed, udai says that as a mother its her responsibility to guide them in such a way that thy dnt feel bad, n that if one prince declare to be king that dnt mean the importance of other prince

get less, thy all are equally important for a state, sajja is relaxed.

In gufa, pratap n som move forward n suddenly pratap loose his balance n the mashal fell down, som get more scared, pratap ask him to wait n he’ll lighten the fire again.

In palace, udai ask jaiwanta about her opinion, she says that she’s agree with bhatyani’s statement, udai was shocked.

In gufa, som saw sumthing moving, he got scared n call pratap, thy saw the door opening, pratap want to go the other side, som want to stop her but he dnt n move forward, as som enters the door starts closing, thy get scared, som was panicing, pratap was trying to stop the door from getting close but it was not possible for him, shakti n vikram also came thr, thy try to help for a second n ask him to remove his hand or he’ll get hurt, vikram says if udai gets to know of it that thy r stuck bcoz of them , thy’ll get punishment, its btr thy leave from thr, pratap tries to stop but thy dnt, the door close, pratap was helpless this side n som on other side.

In palace, jaiwanta says that as a mother she’s very happy but firstly she’s a queen n as a queen its her suggestion to first train pratap properly n then declare him the next king, udai likes her suggestion n decide to find a gud teacher for pratap, sajja says that if thy’ll get a teacher thy shud also provide education to shakti n vikram n udai says yes n wishes to god that thy’ll soon find sum1.

In the gufa, a person came to help som n pratap, he open the closed door n ask pratap to take som outside, som was uncouncious, pratap was looking for water, vikram n shakti also cum thr, pratap starts digging the walls for water but that man stops pratap n shoot an arrow n water came out n som was back to his senses, pratap thank him.

He ask pratap his intro n he introduced himself n his brother, the man is not so very happy with pratap n says that he’s danger for mewad’s future.

Precap: The man behave rudly with pratap saying that he’s incapable of becoming a king, pratap was hurt.

Update Credit to: Amor

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