Crazy Stupid Ishq 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ayaan calls someone asking for his ordered necklace when he finds that it has been taken by someone else. Ayaan is all set to surprise Anushka on her birthday. He is outside her house with akr and bouquet but she isn’t at home. He calls Pampi but she doesn’t pick his call. He decorates her lobby and he sleeps at her door waiting since long. She comes back and finds him sleeping. She ignores him and gets in. Ayaan is all excited and wishes her. She tells him that she has already celebrated her birthday with Ishan so just leave from there!!! 😡 xx

He is shocked and trashed and finds a necklace on her neck. Its the same one Ayaan wanted to gift her. He finds out that Ishan has gifted her that. She tells him to never show his face to her ever again. And he does the same and promises her that he will not meet her until she calls him…:((((((

Pampi has done this all coz of his mother. She cries after he leaves from there. 🙁 (((

Ayaan returns back home and gets hypered on Ishan for stealing money to buy the same gift that he wanted to gift when Ishan denies it.
Thier mother comes there and stops the fight.

Ayaan is in the kitchen when he drops Pampi’s button beside the gas flame, he puts his hand into it resulting in burning it…:(( Ishan is shocked tobsee him getting crazy for a silly button. Ayaan writes his feelings as a note in his lappy and Ishan reads it all. He finds out Ayaan loves Anushka and plans to attract Anushka before she falls for Ayaan!! 😡 xx

Shanaya has come to Ayaan’s office for audition but gets mocked by Ayaan due to her attitude. Mannu is trying to pataofy her but fails anyway.. She gets irritated with Ayaan and oaths to give him an answer for his mockery.

Part 2

Anushka finds her clothes outside the house and gets in to shout at the person who did it. She is shocked to find Shanaya back and she welcomes her back. Shanaya shoo’s her out of the house and bangs the door on her face. Pampi calls Ishan and he comes to talk to Shanaya when she doesn’t recollect who he is and bangs the door on their face.

Ayaan finds out Pampi is in trouble and leaves to help her. He comes to find Shanaya pouring water on Pampi’s clothes and she feels he is following her. He tells her that he has just come to take his friend’s belongings. She tells him that she will let Anushka stay in his house if he comes to hear her song at a bar that night. He agrees for Pampi and just when she was about to get in she slips due to the water and Ayaan catches hold of her. She is getting attracted to Ayaan.

Ayaan informs Ishan that Pampi can stay with Shanaya as he has sorted everything. Ishan informs Anushka the same but with a twist of tadka.. saying that he Ishan has sorted everything!!!! 😡 xc

Ishan forces Anushka to come for her bday party set up by him when he denies to come. Ayaan thinks she denied because of him and thus leaves to meet Shanaya. His mother has also left for a tour. Pampi agrees to come.

Anushka enters the party all dressed looking stunning. Ishan escorts her but she is thinking of Ayaan and his whereabouts.

Part 3

Pampi has found Ayaan’s shirt and she is romancing with it…

At the bar, Shanaya is nervous and Ayaan motivates her. She sings confidently. Ayaan is thinking of Pampi and so is Anushka thinking of Tullu. Both are sad…:(((

Ishan mixes vodka in Pampi’s juice and she gets charged up all set to dance. Ishan changes the sound to a soft music when Pampi starts assuming she is dancing with Tullu , but actually she is not. A beautiful dream sequence between TuMpi but then Ishan is back & its over..:((

Part 4

All applaud Shanaya’s performance and she thanks Ayaan for motivating her. She asks him to celebrate and he agrees and he feels unwanted by Pampi.

At the party, Anushka is getting headache and gets unconsious. Ishan takes her to the room and plans to molest Anushka but gets a knock on the door!!!!! Ishan leaves to find who it is when Anushka runs to the washroom to vomit. She calls Ayaan but he is in the bar and away from his mobile. She faints in the bathroom falling into the jacuzzi and the water tap is left open. Ayaan finds Pampi’s missed calls and rushes to find whats wrong leaving Shanaya. Pampi is drowning. Ayaan reaches the party and finds Anushka is in a room with Ishan. He is shocked.

Precap: Pampi is safe yet unconscious layed on bed by Ayaan. He is worried for her when she brings him towards her for a kiss??? :O

Update Credit to: Jyo

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