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Mahabharat 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sanjay informs dritrashtra that only 1 hour is left n shikhandi has yet not arrived on battle field. Shikhandi is about to die, draupadi tries to bring him back to conscious , arjun says to Krishna that only 1 hr is left n shikhandi has yet not arrive , Krishna says don’t worry about shikhandi u have to fight with all ur strength along with ur brothers, drishtvyum goes to attack guru dron n drupad near duryodhan n the pandavas proceed to bhishma, bhishma prays to lord sun to stay for some more time bcoz its time for me to die n achieve peace , bhishma sees pandavas near him n says dear children don’t wait for shikhandi n with all ur strength attack me u all together can surely defeat me, bheem says no we cant attack u, bhishma says nakul sahadev get ur weapons n attack me, sahadev says u have taught us dharma we cant attack u, bhishma says recently from lord Krishna have learnt abt dharma so stop shedding tears n attack me n ur attacks will be gift to me so lift ur weapons n attack , arjun lifts his gandiv , yudishtir , bheem ,sahadev , nakul lift their weapons n attack bhishma , bhishma attacks back n defeats them, when sun is jst about to set shikhandi arrives in battle field , bhishma challenges pandavas to attack with gadha(weapon), bhishma easily defeats them, shakuni says shikhandi n asks dushasan to attack him dushasns attacks are protected from shikhandi by abhimanyu n draupadis sons, bhishma n pandavas attack eachother, bhishma sees bheem is not attacking him bhishma says its my orders but bheem doesn’t, bheem atlast unwillingly attacks bhishma , bhishma says wonderful ur a genious in gadha fight, bhishma challenges to fight with sword , bhishma says put all of ur strength don’t wait for shikhandi n attack me stop being emotional n attack , shikhandi reaches bhishma , bhishma memorises devi ambas words , shikhandi says ur time has come ur death is approaching u, Krishna says complete ur life cycle devi amba, shikhandi says memorise ur promise , bhishma gives away his weapons n joins hands before shikhandi n asks him to let him free, shikhandi attacks bhishma with the arrow.

Yudishtir ,arjun, nakul ,sahadev n bheem attack bhishma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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