Madhubala 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Agni asking Madhu to work. She scolds Madhu. Bhabhi says let her sleep for some time, I will do the work. Agni asks did you kill Bai ji, do you want to regret. Agni says worry about yourself, else I will parcel you to village. Madhu comes to RK and asks what is it. He asks her to see it’s a snake. Madhu says what. RK says nothing. She sees some pics and gives her a task to keep it in album. Bhabhi thinks they are cheap people, doing this so that Madhu can’t sleep. Madhu says I have sot sleep. RK says you can sleep but after doing this. Tara says pity on her, this work will take 5 hours, and she did not sleep all night. RK says she can do this, she is strong willed. Agni says you go, I will not let her sleep. He says I m feeling sleepy, I will go and sleep. He leaves.

Madhu says you all will wish to run from here, as what I do now, will not be less than magic. She brings a bucket. Tara asks Agni what do you think, can she do this. Agni says she has to be awake every night, its not kitchen to use machine. Madhu says I will use my brain. Tara says fine, show us. Madhu puts all the pics in water. She then takes the pics and keeps it on the cloth. She irons it. Tara and Agni are puzzled. Madhu keeps the pics in the album. She says now I m going to sleep, as RK said I can sleep after this work. She goes to her room.

She sleeps. Bhabhi comes and sees Madhu sleeping. She turns off the lights and leaves. Agni comes to RK and says you are not sleeping here, and she went to sleep after doing the work. He asks how did she do the work so soon. Agni says she did, and went to sleep. Madhu wakes up by the alarm. She stops it. Bhabhi comes to her and asks are you ok now. Madhu says I slept for three hours, feeling fresh, now I can be awake all night. RK feels sleepy and says I think Agni and Tara has to be awake today monitoring Madhu, but no, if I sit there, she will be afraid of me, I have to do this myself, but what to do of this sleep.

Bhanu comes to him and asks whats the problem. RK says I m feeling sleepy but have to be awake. Bhanu says I will use my clever mind and make you sleep forever. He says I have a solution. RK asks what. Bhanu says I will show you. Bhanu cuts a wire and attaches it to metal rod. Agni comes and sees him doing this. She asks whats this. He says this is my plan for RK, and says Bai ji’s pic has a bulb, I will get this wire connected to it, and when hide the wire.

He says then I will keep this chair where RK sits, if he goes to sleep, when Madhu moves, then I will switch on the connection and then…… this regulator will do the work, when Madhu comes back, I will fuse the bulb, Madhu will switch off and on, and then…… Agni says so it means RK will die. Bhanu laughs.

RK comes to Madhu and says Dau ji that this bulb at Bai ji’s pic should never fuse, else you have to change it. He says good chair, I will not get sleep. Ishq bulava……………….plays………….. Agni and Bhanu look at RK and plan to kill him when he falls asleep, he will on the regulator and then he will get a shock that he will die forever. He says Madhu will go in RK’s murder charge and we will go to village to become Dau ji’s heir. Madhu keeps lighting the diyas. Bhanu sees RK sleeping and attaches the wire. Madhu sees RK sleeping. The bulb fuses and Madhu changes it. She switches on the power and RK gets the shock. Madhu is shocked seeing him. She goes to save him and moves back in anger thinking how he raped her and how he has tortured her.

Bhanu aims at Madhu and says I will end this matter. Madhu says fine, you can kill me but hear the truth, Bhanu lied, he came to my house and did not tell that RK can give blood to Bai ji. Dau ji and everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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