Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 11

Heya readers! I know I am behind time but I apologise for that and here I am witha new episode. Thank you for giving me your precious time . Silent readers please leave a token of your love also.
Recap- Anika collapsed due to the sprain in her ankle and Shivaay carries her to the room. Their love is eyed by Pinky.
In the room,
Shivaay sat beside Anika and caresssed her hands. Carefully, he planted a loving kiss on her fingers. He brought out the first aid box and held Anika’s foot to apply ointment .
Anika: Shivaay, yeh kya kar rahe hai aap?
Shivaay: Ointment laga raha hoon Anika.
Anika: Shivaay, aapne mera paer pakada hua hai. Aap mere paer kaise pakad sakte hai ? Chodiye main kar loongi.
Shivaay: Anika, main laga raha hoona na. Chup chaap lagwa lo nahi toh mere paas aur bhi tareeke hai lagane ke .
Anika: Accha ab aap kya karenge ?
Shivaay: Kal jo pool mein hua usse bhool gayi kya ?
Shivaay said this with a naughty tone. Anika just blushed. He applied the ointment and then washed his hands. He saw Anika was trying to get down the bed . He went to her and scolded her,
Shivaay: Anika, abhi abhi chot lagi hai na. Chot lagne ke baad bhi kaam karne uth rahi ho. Kaisi ho tum Anika. Baithi raho yehin pe. Rest karo and uthna mat. Kuch chahiye hoga toh mujhe bata dena.
Anika(faking tears and becoming childish) : Shivaay, aap fir mujhe daant rahe hai .
Shivaay gave a I-am-sorry look and cupped her face and kissed her eyes. Anika was loving the touch of his rough lips on her warm skin. It made her heart beat faster. She was thoroughly enjoying the romantic side of her tadibaaz SSO , when the evilish thought of seperation from her sweet husband crossed her mind.She immediate broke from the action and left Shivaay confused.
Shivaay : What happened Anika? Why are you behaving like this from yesterday?
Shivaay : Anika, kya bol rahi ho tum? What is this bichadna and all? We are going to live together happily. No seperation talks please.
Anika: Okay Shivaay. But now you go down . Everyone will be waiting for you.
Shivaay : Yes. I am going down. You take rest and come soon.
As Shivaay went out, unable to control her emotions, Anika had an outbreak. The salty tears emerged out of her eyes although she tried her best to control them. Clear as crystal, the tears shone in the light and attracted two unwanted pair of eyes which belonged to Om and Rudy.
I know this update was not as entertaining as the previous ones and I look forward to writing better. Next update may take time as I have a ton of things coming up now. Till then, take care and watch Ishqbaaz.

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