RagSan SS~Rhythm Of Heart Beat -Chap 7-emotions


“Friends??”,asked ansh forwarding his little finger.

Ragini smiles placing her finger on his and binding it.

“Friendsss???”,comes sanskar voice forwarding his palm. Ragini hearts starts beating fast and the smile on her face fades hearing his voice and nervousness occupies it.

Sanskar looks at ragini eagerly to answer while ansh looks both of them.

“Didi uncle is waiting answer him na”, says ansh broking ragini trance.

Ragini nervously gazes ansh and slowly sees sanskar and hurriedly turns her face.

Sanskar sighs,”it’s okay if you don’t want to become my friend I’ll wait”. Says he i

n sad tune both RagAnsh can senses ut.

Ragini saw him from corner of her eyes and then ansh sad face, and when he is about to take his hand back she placed her palm over his slowly murmuring”Friends”

which is only audible to him.

Sanskar widen his eyes in shock and looks at ragini blinking his eyes while ragini looks up at him passing him a worried smile.

“Yayy didi aj se  uncle ki dost hai yayyy”,ansh clapped his hand making ragini smile genuinely. Sanskar smiles seeing them both.

“Friends”, says ansh placing his hand over RagSan, both RagSan looks at each other sharing a small eyelock. When their eyes meet both felt something different in them.

Ansh looks at them and smiles.

He fake coughs bringing them out. Both hurriedly removes each other hand without looking at each other.

“Chalo uncle you also eat with us”,says ansh while sanskar glares for calling him ‘uncle’.

“Uncle why are you seeing me with so much love did i stole your choclate”,asked ansh keeping his middle finger on his cheeks making a cute face. Ragini admires him smiling while sanky admires ragini.

“That’s call unfairness”,replies sanskar sitting besides ansh and opposite ragini. Ragini felt nervous due to his presence but for ansh she calms herself as much she can. Sanskar was kneely observing her. He is noticing her face and her expressions very kneely to read her mind.

“Haww i already tells you that you looks like uncle there is no unfairness”, says ansh crossing his arms.

“There is you calls her didi and me uncle there is only 1 or 2 years different between us but still u calls me uncle, this is unfair and Ragini tells ansh that it’s cheating right”,says sanskar looking at ragini and observing her.

Ragini who heard him calling by her name widen her eyes and immediately looks at him worriedly.

“Yes di tells him he looks like uncle and i am not a cheater”, says ansh holding ragini hand. Ragini felt nervous she looks at ansh and sanskar and then ansh. Sanskar who saw this realize her thoughs.

“Yes Ragini say”, says sanskar and blinks at ansh who also saw wrinkles on her forhead.

“Vo….vo”,she lacks of words as she is not used to talking with someone and especially someone like sanskar. She tightly clutches the end of her stole and looks up to face both SanAnsh.

“Don’t worry di we are your friend’s say”, asked ansh placing his hand over hers.

“Yeah you can speak whatever you want I’ll don’t mind if you say me cheater also”, says sanskar in calm voice. The calmness in his voice is enough to make her relax a little bit. Finally gathering some courage ragini looks at them licking up lips and her lips are shivering to say it’s obvious she is not used to anyone of these things she is doing right now. It’s just she don’t want ansh to feel sad.

“Jiii”,finally ragini murmurs in low voice. Both Ansh and Sanky looks at each other pouting.

“What did you said?”,asked sanskar before ansh could speak.

“Jii vo”, says ragini tucking her hair strand behind her ear.

“Vo kya di”,asked ansh forwarding his ears to hear her.

“Uncle”,says ragini finally looking straight in sanskar eyes. For one second sanskar heart starts beating rapidly as she directly saw in his eyes for the first time. He can clearly see a glimpse of happiness in her eyes. His happiness has no bounds seeing her facing him for first time. He lost in his thoughts while ragini blinks her eyes at him.

Ansh starts laughing as soon ragini calls sanskar ‘uncle’. Sanskar who is lost in his thoughts comes out and saw him laughing.

“Uncle”, he pouts looking at ragini who looks down feeling bad that he feel bad.

“Aww uncle”,says ansh and again laughs pinching sanskar nose.

“Ouww Kya bola champu”,asked sanskar pinching ansh cheeks. Ansh shows sanskar tongue teasing him by calling “uncle”.

“Ek or bar uncle bola na toh”, threats sanskar showing spoon to ansh.

Ragini is seeing both of them with normal expressions.

“Hawww mai dar gaya”,says ansh keeping his hand his heart and murmuring again,”uncle”.

“Champu tu toh gaya”, says sanskar and get ups from his seat picking up ansh from his wheelchair and tickling him sitting on his lap.

Ansh laughs loudly as sanskar tickles him.

“Say say now say uncle “,sanskar teases tickling him laughing once sanskar stopped and looks at ansh for a minute.

“Uncle”,shouts ansh and sanskar again starts tickling him twirling. Both laughs heartedly.

Ragini who saw both of them starts smiling widely admiring them. It’s like after a long time she is having peace in their smiles. Ap comes and keeps her hand on her shoulder. Ragini jerked looking back at Ap who is giving her a bright smile. Ragini looks at her for a minute.

“Isn’t ansh cute?”,asked Ap hoping she replies.

Ragini nods smiling widely.

Ap caresses ragini hairs before leaving.

Ragini stands from her place.

“Won’t you eat ansh”,asked Ragini in calm voice standing infront of both SanAnsh who are tickling each other.

Hearing her both gazes towards her.

“Bhaiyaa”,says ansh looking at sanskar who widen his eyes smiling.

“What did you said?”,asked sanskar holding him in his arms.

“Don’t over react i calls you bhaiya not papa”,replies ansh making faces
Ragini couldn’t stop but gives a small giggle. Both SanAnsh felt happy seeing her happy. Both winks at each other.

“Chalo now make me sit”,says ansh and sanskar makes him sit on wheelchair.

RagSan also seated on their places.

“Now make me eat”, says ansh and ragini nods making a morsel.

Ansh slaps sanskar hand as he was about to eat.

“Don’t you know that didi is making us eat”, replies ansh keeping sanskar plate infront of ragini. Both RagSan widen their eyes looking at each other and then looking away.

“Didi make him eat first i think he is hungry and rice might be running in his stomach”, says ansh when raginj keeps the morsel infront of him while sanskar glares him from corner of his eyes.

Ragini hands starts shivering and she felt nervous.

“Dont worry di he’ll not bite i know he looks like monster but he is a  good person haina bhaiya you won’t bite my di na”,askes ansh making inocent face seeing sanskar while sanskar gives him death glare.

“No It’s okay i can eat”, says sanskar feeling the uneasiness in her eyes.

Ragini is about to take her hand back when ansh holds her hand keeping infront of sanskar face with morsel. Ansh leaves her hand while ragini looks at sanskar nervously. Sanskar kept staring her.

“Now will you eat or will keep staring di”, says ansh in a teasing way. Sanskar feels embarrassed. He hurrieldy eats the morsel with her hand. As soon his lips touch her fingers she felt butterflies in her stomach. Ragini takes her hand back feeling different while sanskar eyes become moisty as after long time someone makes him eat. He felt sweetness in the morsel. He felt the same when he used to eat by his mother hands or shehkars hand. He looks at ragini who is looking down. A tear trip down his cheeks as he remembers his childhood.

Ansh who saw sanskar got worried.

“Bhaiya you are crying is it spicy”,asked ansh worriedly. As soon it reaches Ragini eardrums she looks up and glance at sanskar with concern filled eyes.

“I am done”,says sansakr wiping his lone tear gulping the morsel looking at RagAnsh passing a weak smile and leaving the place.

Ragini looks at his disappearing figure worrieldy. She don’t know why she felt hurt seeing his tear and when he passes them his weak smile it makes her feel restless cuz from the day he enters he was smiling and making everyone smiling and now when she saw in his eyes she realize that he also have something hidden deep in his heart.

“Did i hurt him”,asked ansh upset breaking ragini thoughts. Ragini glances at ansh.

“No ansh you did not do anything”, says ragini smiling at ansh.

“Pakka na di “,asked ansh with glassy eyes.

“Pakka”,replies ragini pecking his forhead.

Ragini makes a morsel keeping infront of ansh. Ansh looks at ragini and then morsel.

“I’ll  not eat until bhaiya eats”, says ansh looking away.

Ragini bites her lower lips looking at ansh worriedly. She is restless and worried seeing sanskar like this and on other hand she is getting scared going infront of him. She don’t want to face him.

“But ansh bhaiya is not hungry”,lies ragini for escaping the situation.

“No i know he is hungry that’s why he was eating in hurry chalo na di let’s find him and make him eat please di Chalo na”, says ansh holding ragini hand making sad face.

“Okay”,replies ragini in low voice,she holds his wheelchair and goes.

Scene shift

Sanskar is sitting on bench looking at children’s. He is lost in his thoughts. He himself don’t know why but whenever he is near her or she does something he saw her mother’s glimpse in love. He never cries when Ap and Shehkar makes him eat,don’t know why he felt a ping in his heart when he eats the morsel with her hands. Now he is badly missing his mother urghhhhhh he is somewhat disturbed in his thoughts. He don’t know why but the smile on his face is faded and tears are continuously flowing. He is wiping them rushly before anyone could saw him.

Ragini and Ansh who comes there finding him saw his back. Ansh smiles widely while ragini heart starts beating fast as she is going to face him now.

“Di there is bhaiya chalo let’s make him eat”,demands ansh looking at ragini who passes him a weak smile. With much courage she pushes ansh wheelchair and headed towards sanskar.

Sanskar who is sitting lost jerked with ansh voice.

“Bhaiya”,calls out ansh jerking sanskar. He looks up and found RagAnsh looking at him with concern filled eyes. He hurrieldy looks away wiping his tears and then faces them with fake bright smile. Ragini can clearly sense his emotions. She can realize it’s a fake one. She looks at sanskar continuously while sanskar who felt her gaze on him looks at her to meet his eyes with her and passes him a weak smile. Ragini felt bad seeing him like that. His state is somewhat effecting her and her mind.

“Sorry bhaiya”, says ansh looking down.

“Why are you saying sorry champu”,asked sanskar holding hsi wheelchair and bringing it towards him.

“Vo…. I calls you uncle na you feel bad na i m sorry I’ll not call you uncle from now but don’t cry please”,says ansh with puppy eyes. Sanskar could not hold but slightly giggles looking at his face. He hugs ansh patting his head.

“Aray champu why will i feel bad budhoo no need to sorry i don’t mind being your uncle also”,replies sanskar smiling and looks at ragini who blinks her eyes at him.

“Pakka na you are not sad beacause of me”, asked ansh.

“Pakka”,replies sanskar ruffling his hairs.

“Chalo didi now eat”,says ansh giving ragini the platter which he was holding.

Ragini nods sitting besides sanskar nervously. Sanskar looks at her kneely.

Ragini makes a morsel and keeps infornt of sanskar looking at him.

“I am not hungry you both eat”, replies sanskar and looks other side to hide his emotions.

“You should never say no to food”, says ragini with calm voice. Hearing her calm voice his heart starts flattering and he smiles looking at her with mosity eyes. He eats with her hand sharing a deep eyelock.

Ragini smiles as he eats. She now makes ansh eat. Like this she makes both of them eat and for the very first time she felt comfortable with sanskar presence.

“Now it’s my turn”, says sanskar making the morsel keeping infront of ragini. Ragini looks at him nervously.

“Jii vo”, Ragini opens her mouth to say something when sanskar stuff morsel in her mouth chukkling with ansh looking at her shocked face like someone says her she is become fat.

Ragini could not stop herself from smiling genuinely and a happy tear fell from her eyes unknowingly.

“Di”,says ansh worried before ansh could wipe sanskar wipes her tear with his thumb.

“These have no place in your life”, says sanskar gently smiling at her looking deep in her eyes. Ragini felt a current ran through her spines as he touches her. She can shout and panick but for the very first time she stays
calm unknown to her feelings while Sanskar felt hurt seeing her tears. Both of them let their emotions flow staring each other eyes.

Ap who saw them standing from far smiles through her tears.

“Finally she is getting back on her life”, she thinks wiping her tears.

Like this RagSanAnsh whole evening passes being with each other. First time Ragini spends her time with someone this much and she is really feeling happy her past her nightmares did not haunt her this time stopping her from smiling. RagSan did not talked with each other much cuz Sanskar knows She needs time to understand him and he just can’t force her to understand him. Ansh is playing a cupid in their lives. Both of them feel somewhat connected to him not because he cant walk like other childs just because he has something special in his talks which can make anyone smile at his antics. Ansh is also feeling happy after a long time. He is happy being around RagSan and now he is determined to bring Ragini back with Sanskar.

To be continued……

Precap- expected

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