Chupke Chupke 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay tells Sanjay and Ila that he made paneer butter for them. Sanjay and Ila taste it and says it is good. Sanjay asks from where did you buy it? Vijay says it is good. Sanjay says bring it next time from the same place and says Meera is having difficulty to make food. Vijay says she was never interested in khana khazana. Sanjay says she is expected to be good bahu. Ila says she will learn from our mistakes. Vijay says she will never do mistakes. Bua have the salads and praises Meera. Saru asks Ankita to have salad. Ankita says she will just be back. Bua says chole is less salty and asks for salt. She asks her to serve main course. Saru says Meera is health conscious, and asks her to try pasta. Bua tries pasta and asks for green chilli, garam masala etc. Meera asks her to take Mayonnaise. She asks

her to have pulao. Bua says I will teach you how to make Indian food. Everyone praises Meera. Abhi says it is amazing. Meera smiles, but sad.

In the room, Abhi asks Meera what happened? Meera says she is feeling ashamed on herself and says everyone behaved as if she fed them 56 bhogs. Abhi asks if she would be expecting taunts. Meera says she is feeling like crying. Abhi jokes. Meera laughs. She says you and your family are strange, and says Chachi said that I am health conscious and that’s why I made this food. She didn’t tell that the food is good. Abhi thinks to hug her. Meera reminds him of rule no 13 and says we shall not see each other in awkward condition.

In the morning, Meera comes to kitchen and sees Saru. Saru says breakfast is ready, but tiffin needs to be made. Meera says oats. Saru asks her to make something for her and Abhi and goes. Meera thinks she is getting late. She gets an idea and puts oil on the tawa. She adds letter in the box and packs it. Saru comes and asks if the tiffin is ready. Meera says she made hawai paratha. Bunty tells this to Dadiya. Dadiya says nothing is made easily and tells a story to him so that he can know the secret of hawai paratha. She tells that the moral of the story is that nothing comes without hardwork. Bunty comes to kitchen and asks Saru about Abhi’s tiffin. Saru says she has packed something international. Bunty says I am seeing everything. Gopal Chacha opens the tiffin and gets a letter. He thinks Saru sent the letter, it was actually Meera and the tiffin was meant for Abhi. He calls her, but her phone is off.

Abhi’s colleagues come to him and asks him to have food. Cuckoo comes and asks him to have food first. Abhi says ok and opens the box. He sees many dishes in the tiffin and gets happy. His colleagues also tastes it and says Meera cooks so delicious food. He thinks she is so amazing. Cuckoo tastes it and says gobi ki sabzi is fantastic. Abhi says she must be in office. Cuckoo insists to talk to her. Abhi calls Meera. Meera says today she is hungry, but vada pav saved her. Abhi says boss wants to talk to you. Cuckoo takes the call and says hi. She says she didn’t have delicious gobi ki recipe before and asks her to give recipe. Meera says I can’t understand what you are saying. Cuckoo says she wants to have kadi and indirectly asks her to send. Abhi takes the call. Meera tells Abhi that he is teasing her along with his boss and says only once she asked him to have food outside. She says she hates him. Abhi is clueless.

Abhi is in kitchen making food with Meera. Abhi asks her to pick his call. Saru comes and says sorry. Abhi and Meera cook together.

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