Love On Road.. The Unique FF (Journey from epi:-1 to 10)

Haii.. ? Hope u remember me!!? If nt me Hope u haven’t frgt my ff…

Wat to do my sweet readers ? As I entered into my last school phase XII I’m nt getting enough time to write my ff.. Leave abt writing FF I’m nt getting time to go through this page.. It was few days back I went through this page and read all the ff posted here and I myself updated with this page…?

Soo with the hope that u haven’t forgotten about my ff.. I’m here to make u refresh ur memory on my ff….. ?

In my EPI:-01

I introduced our most charming Hero ? VIPLAV and his family ? that constitute His siso SHALU ? Mom KANAK & Dad SHAMBU.. Viplav agrees to fulfil Shalu’s dream of going to GOA via Road.. Next day they start their journey to goa.. In the hotel ? where they stopped for Lunch ? A girl ? came panicking near to them and asked them to rescue her from the goons… Viplav on Shalu’s insistence helps her.. Later they have food ? and she pleads them to Accompany her too to there journey.. She as an assurance that she is not any bad ? character gives Viplav her identity cards…


In the second epi it is revealed that she is not just a girl ? but she is the daughter of a business tycoon and her name is DHAANI RAO… Viplav falls for her @ the first sight itself but later makes his mind clear… After having their food.. Dhaani pleads them to make her too accompany in their journey.. Though they were not ready @ 1st bt later agrees and the trio start their journey.. In the journey she reveals her dark past…


We saw a knock-jhok of Viplav-Shalu.. And a cute journey of The trio..


We saw the mission of finding a hotel to spend the night ? But as the dark ? is becoming darker They are trying to find a hotel ? and at last they stayed in Dhaani’s hotel ? in a single room…..


We saw a humorous bathroom scenes… And how the trio’s friendship ? is getting stronger.. Next day,according to Viplav-shalu plan the day they are to reach GOA, the hotel’s manager ? asked them to visit their resort.. Rao-Tripathi collaboration resort.. They think ? for few minutes and turn their from GOA to THE RESORT ?


In this epi we saw the travel of the trio ? towards the Resort ? Their they were welcomed by the manager and followed them towards the room.. Say the sea facing room… Their the manager mentions some places which made the place notable… The trio after rest move towards the 1st beautiful place The garden ?


The trio have some quality time in the garden ? This epi had a small eye ? lock romance ? of VIDHA… After garden ? they moved to another place.. But before they led their way to their next destination a great trouble stroke them… A party problem blocked their way… The fight b\w 2 parties made them in trouble.. The trio suffered by that party problem.. Shalu became prone to high fever… Viplav started to have some emotions towards Dhaani…. The trio hidden themselves in a safe place…. After the atmosphere around became back to normal.. They led their way to the resort ?


As soon they reached the resort ? the staffs in the resort helped the poor Viplav Shalu and Dhaani… They called the doctor ? and the doctor ? gave all a medical help.. The doctor ? asked Viplav to stay back in resort itself as Shalu’s fever is damn high and due to Vidha’s condition!! In this epi Viplav played the role of a good brother or say a good protector…


In this epi, Dhaani revealed who are those goons and why and how she left her home ? we saw the love ? of the brother of Dhaani,DHYAAN, towards her.. And how Dhyaan protected his siso from his own bestie who had a black evil face hidden in him…


Vidha started to feel the emotion called LOVE ❤ towards each other…

Soo now I hope u all got a clear image of my ff.. I hope this one helped you to recollected the forgotten parts…

My ff will mostly seems to have 10-12 parts left.. I’ll try to complete it.. But pls don’t forget to comment.. YOUR comment ARE petrol ⛽ TO my HANDS ? Your comments encourage me to write the ff..

With hopes u’ll do read it… I bid a bye ? to u…

See you in comment section!!
Missed u all ?

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  1. hii shani…how r u???
    yes yes i havent forgotten ur ff….
    that travelling,bro sis centiments and love…how cute…
    hum ye bhi bhul nahi hai ki viplav dhani ko behen kehna…
    all these are not forgotten by me…
    and i have given u my full petrol to write next episodes…
    take care…

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Lalitha di?

      Seems like it was me who the the hero call the heroine as siso?

      Happy that u haven’t frgttn…
      Yes.. I’ll b back wth my epi’s tomrrw?

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Swetha! We were missing you a lot dear but comment as and when you get time because studies should be first priority. As far as this fiction is concerned we haven’t forgotten it dear so don’t worry, I just can’t forget any story because all stories are close to my heart.
    Here, the way you summarize the past episodes- really superb! Waiting for the episodes so post soon.
    Lots of love!
    Take care<3

    1. Shanitics

      I too was mssng u alot didi.. I was damn happy to c ur 2 os didi.. Bth were wndrful?

      Happy that u’ve nt frgttn any of my epi..

      Yeah.. Studies shld b gvn priority ? and yes! I’ll gve studies my priority!!?

  3. Sujie

    Okay…. I haven’t forgotten it dear… aur haan… missing u a lot… but Study is also important…Finally you got some time..and posted this summary…. Hope you will be back with episode….
    I have emptied the whole tanker of petrol for you ….so be back soon…Wanted to know…. when did Mishal Eisha meet again… jo ye photo hai unki… where did you find it …tell me okay swethu… love you a lot…. muaaaaaahhh ..

    1. Shanitics

      Yes.. I’ll b back.. Itna petrol sab ne toh diya hai!!?

      Mere naam pein bhi ghandi.. Waah!! Waah!!?

      Yeah.. In nxt epi is d mst awitd epi by u all.. Figure out thn wat wl b in my 12th epi.. If 11th epi is sensing the love?

      Love u alot!!!

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