Love on Road.. The unique ff.. EPI-07 (Alert:-Problems Ahead)

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Hlo.. Hw u all r!! So ready fr an another epi.. Wait ✋ U guyss remember wat happend in the last epi! Last scene were they reachng the resort.. Whose manager ask them to go to garden.. And on his advice they move to the garden ?

Now if u forgot al the scenes here is d link my sweet readers ?


They are moving inside the Garden ? From the gate, they are welcomed by red roses ? on either sides..

SHALU:: Pic lo nA…

Dhaani::(taking selfie)Bhaia se math bolo He will take ur shake pics…

Shalu:: Yeah..evn I have a doubt on that… And smiles…?

Shalu poses fr the pic.. Viplav takes her pic..Dhaani is taking pics on her camera ? and also selfies on her mobile ?

Shalu:: Di,if u don’t mind can u take my and bhaia’s pic..

Dhaani:: Tats My pleasure and smiles ?

Viplu poses fr pics and Dhaani captures it.. Viplav give weird faces… And shalu taunts him.. Dhaani take pics of that too.. And laughs ? seeing Viplav’s weird expression ?? Shalu looks at the pics taken by Dhaani and laughs ? Viplav enjoy some good time… Dhaani moves forward.. And she starts to become sad ? After the flower of love ,Rose ?, They are been welcomed by Sun flowers ?on either sides.. The sun flower ?is dancing with Breeze as it’s song ? Dhaani looks at these sun flowers ? and gets nostalgic..

✂ FB starts✂

Small Dhaani and Dhyaan(Her chacha’s son) are shown.. They seems to be inside a garden… ?

Dhyaan:: Di aap sad kyun ho!!

Dhaani:: Chotte I want those sun flowers ?

Sun flowers ? are shown.. Sunflower area.. A board is thr.. And under that 100’s of Sun flower ? are standing smiling ? there wth fully blossom… Dhyaan runs ? & picks a sunflower ? Bt Dhyaan calls her near to him.. Small Dhaani runs near to her lovely small brother… And Dhyaan gives that flower ? to Dhaani.. Chachu and chachi looks fr them… They see dhaani and Dhyaan… Near the sun flower ? garden ? and goes near to them.. Chacha clicks the pic… Dhyaan looking at Dhaani.. & she is busy pampering her Flower ? and After few minutes she looks lovely at Dhyaan…

✂ FB ends✂

Viplav:: Whr were u lost!!

Dhaani:: No where!!

Viplav notices tears in Her eyes ?

Viplav:: Kya hua kyun ro rahi ho!!

Dhaani:: No some dust entered into the eyes ?

Viplav moves near Dhaani and goes near her… A current passes Inside Dhaani…
? Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed?

Viplav blows in her eyes ?

? Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed?

Viplav:: Teek hai!!

Dhaani nods… Dhaani stares at him… Shalu comes and asks kya hua?? Vidha say nothing.. And moves.. After sunflower garden.. There comes lotus garden.. A pond filled with lotus and it’s leaves ? later comes non- flowering plants..???? Thy all sit under the trees..

Viplav:: Kya hawa hai yahaan ka…

Cool breeze is hugging them… Birds are chirping… Love ??? birds?? are flying inside thr sweet nest!! And thr is a swing… Shalu is playing in that swing… After spending some quality time… Thy leave the garden ? Viplav asks to the security of the garden.. The way to park …

Security:: Go straight.. 2nd left.. It will be better to park the car ? in the starting itself of the left itself!! Today party meetings are going to take place thr.. Within few minutes..

Viplav:: (Nods)Thankss bhaia.. Ye garden bahut hi aacha hai!!

And Vidha and shalu leaves.. Viplav changes the gear & the car ? starts to move… Viplav keep an eye on the left side… Shalu says Bhaia.. Ye hai second left ?Viplav looks at Dhaani… She nods.. He Parks the car ? on left…. ,ie, @ the entrance of the pocket road!! They looses there seat ?belts.. & comes out of the car ? Thy all move inside the pocket road.. Thy see all the shops being closed..

Shalu:: Y all shops are closed!!

Viplav:: May be because of the party meeting!!

Dhaani:: Look this workshop is open…

Vidha and Shalu.. Move towards front looking at the all the closed shops… Later they see a crowd in the open space…

Mein vada kartha hun ki… ? says someone wearing white shirt and pyjamas’… On the stage… Crowd has been gathered to attend the party meeting..

Viplav goes to and asks to one of the person in the crowd.. Which party is this??

“BJP” says that person..

Vidha and shalu stands thr staring at the crowd…

Dhaani:: These people don’t have any wrk at home ?

Viplav:: Yeah,, even I too thinking ? this…

All of a sudden someone throws a stone.. Crowd gets scattered ? An Another stone is thrown by someone.. The crowd gets separated in an unfair manner..

The crowd rushes to move back.. Dhaani and shalu feels squeezed when The crowd gt scattered…

This news gets spread like forest fire.. Party members throw chairs… On the teams of opposition party…

Dhaani and Shalu gets panic ? Viplav puts an protective arm around both Shalu and Dhaani.. Thy try to go back.. Bt the force of people and the condition thr make vidha and shalu’s efforts go vain…
Receptionist ? shouts sir.. Dev sir.. Adithi ma’am… Sirrrr.. Ma’am… Ma’am….
The manager:: Y shouting…
Receptionists points the TV ?
“party cancelled… Crowd scattered… Stone thrown,In Dharampur” says the headline…
Adithi:: Viplav aur Ma’am wahaan hi gaye hai na…
Thy look fr Viplav’s or Dhaani’s number.. Bt it gets vain… Thy call a waiter and asks him to go to that place.. Thy all get worried ?

Bombay tune plays ??

Thy look @ back and see another flood of people coming thr.. With knife ? Stick, fired sticks.. Some persons are burning the surroundings while other trying to get out of the condition….

Shalu gets panic ? and tears ? starts to come from her eyes ? AAAA MERA SHAWL shouts dhaani.. Someone took Dhaani’s shawl…
Viplav:: Don’t worry ? Dhaani.. And rubs on Dhaani’s bare hand… Shalu dekho kuch nahi hua hai.. U see this in films na.. Same is this.. Enjoy kar le ye.. No one is going to hurt us.. And tightens his protective arms..

VIPLA VIPLAV… Shouts Dhaani.. Someone throws chairs… Vidha and shalu move back… Someone cuts Dhaani’s hand wth knife ? unknowingly in that crowd… Aa… Cries ? Dhaani.. Viplav gets into a condition of frustration ?
Shalu:: Bhaia, Vo dekho… Hamare pass aarahai hai…

A tire which is burning in fire ? is been rolled down by someone.. Vidha and shalu moves to left ? and stands on a footpath.. Viplav takes his over coat and covers Dhaani..
Viplav apologizes ? to Dhaani saying I don’t know hw to take care of this wound in this condition… I’m srry ?
Dhaani says iss condition mein kuch bhi ho toh hum kuch nahi kar sakh the.. I knw it… Take care of Shalu..

A stone thrown by some one… Gets hit on Shalu’s head.. She starts to cry ?? MUJHE GHAR JANA HAI.. MAMA PAAPA KO DEKH.. DEKH NA HAI says shalu while crying ?Viplav kisses ?Shalu on her forehead…

Another stone was going to hit Viplav.. Bt Dhaani makes Viplav bend down ? Shalu is crying ? Blood is bleeding from Dhaani’s hand..
Dhaani(Aftr thinking ?):: Can we move to that opened workshop that we saw while cmng!!

Viplav nods… Crowd got almost clear.. Now only members of the party, few people who were unable to move, people who got wounded and Vidha and Shalu are there.. Thy move back.. Viplav tightens his protective arms across Shalu and Dhaani.. And the trio moves..
Ishq ishq tune ? plays..
Dhaani looks at viplav.. Lovingly ? through her tears? filled eyes ? Thy move inside that Workshop…
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ The waiter reaches the point and looks fr Viplu and Dhaani.. Bt it goes to Vain.. He goes back and informs this to the manager of the resort…
Thy all get worried ?? Again try thr bst to reach Viplav.. Bt efforts go vain…

Shalu is sitting and crying ? and feels a bit dizziness ?? and goes unconscious..
Viplav:: (patting on Shalu’s cheeks):: Utt jaa moti.. Utt ja.. Pls ? utt ja.. Bhaia keliye…
(Sadly ?) I was nt able to protect u guyss.. I failed being a good friend ? and a brother ?

Dhaani:: Asa nahi hai,, In some phases of life… We are not able to control our situations… We can’t do anything other than
To face that situation.. During such uncontrollable situations.. We should think ? is whether we save them\ourselves been saved from that situation and we have to confront that moment with confidence… Lt Shalu be in this state itself until we reach our resort…

Viplav(Nods):: I’m srry fr u too… I was nt able to do anything otht than give u my over coat.. He holds Dhaani’s hand ✋ and sees it’s fully been Drowsed in blood.. Viplav gets shocked ? to see this… He makes Dhaani remove the over coat.. And touches the wounded area.

Dhaani:: Aa…

Viplav:: Blood is bleeding… He takes shalu’s shawl and cleans Dhaani’s hand..

? Dhire dhire se meri jindagi me aana
Dhire dhire se mere dil ko churana?

Dhaani looks at him lovingly ? Through her tears filled eyes ?

?Tum se pyar hame kitna hai jan-e-jana
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana?

Viplav looks Dhaani with his tears filled eyes ? Thy have a deep eye lock…

?Tum se pyar hame kitna hai jan-e-jana
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana?

VIPLAV::lt me look an come whthr thr is any Tap…

Dhaani nods..

?Jabse tujhko dekha dil ko koyi aaram nahi
Mere hotho pe ek tere siwa koyi nam nahi?

Viplav goes back of workshop and sees a tap and washes Shalu’s shawl.. And comes back…
Dhaani’s eyes ? looks @ shalu and then ? eyes searches fr Viplav..

? Apna bhi hal tumhare jaisa hai sajan
Bas yad tujhe karti hu, aur koyi kam nahi?

Viplav comes near Dhaani and ties the wet shawl on Dhaani’s wound…

?Ban gaya hu main tera deewana
Dhire dhire se dil ko churaana?

Viplav:: Dard ho raha hai!!
Dhaani:: Nahi.. Ye toh dard hi nahi hai.. Dard toh tab hotha hai jab koi dil ? ke pass rahane wale.. Dil ko todh letha hai..

?Dhire dhire se meri jindagi me aana
Dhire dhire se mere dil ko churana?

And tears ? whch were ready to roll over the Dhaani’s cheeks rolled over the cheeks…..

Viplav gets emotional seeing Dhaani in this state.. Viplav continues Dressing Her wound..

?Tune bhi aksar mujhko jagaya rato me
Aur nind churayi mithi mithi bato me?

Dhaani closes her eyes ? Viplav stares @ her and removes her tears..

?Tune bhi beshak mujhe kitna tadpaya
Phir bhi teri har ek ada par pyar aaya?

✂ Fb starts✂

Dhaani is some what an age of 17… Dhyaan 15 some what… Thy were playing badminton.. On sand.. Unknowingly Dhaani falls down and her leg gets wounded.. Dhyaan.. Goes near her and blew air… He runs ? and comes back wth a mug of water ? and splashes it on the wound.. Dhyaan’s mom too comes and she cleans Dhaani’s wound…

✂ Fb ends ✂
Dhaani opens her eyes ? and wipes out her tears ? Viplav looks @ hr sad ? Face… And then brushes Shalu’s hairs…

?Aaja aaja abb kaisa sharmana
Dhire dhire se dil ko churana?

Viplav stares @ dhaani… Dhaani too stares at Viplav.. Thy share a deep eyelock ? ?

?Dhire dhire se meri jindagi me aana
Dhire dhire se mere dil ko churana?

Viplav smiles ? Dhaani look @ Shalu…

?Tum se pyar hame kitna hai jan-e-jana?

Later glances @ Viplav..

?Tumse milkar tumko hai batana?

Viplav suddenly looks @ Dhaani.. Dhaani suddenly turn to the other side… And smiles ? Thy see Condition outsides has become almost normal..

Dhaani:: Seems like things are back at place.. Lts mve quickly

Viplav nods… He tries to wake shalu up.. Bt his efforts gets vain.. Shalu is unconscious.. Viplav takes Shalu’s one hand and put around his shoulders.. Dhaani moves to front and she takes shalu’s other hand and put it around her neck… Thy take shalu near to the car ? Bt the weight of shalu made Dhaani’s wound again starts bleeding.. Thy move near to the car ? Viplav opens the door ? of the car ? and Vidha makes shalu sLeep ? inside on the back seat ? Viplav closes the door ?

Viplav:: U sit in front seat ?

“yeah sure else whr to sit.. Shh”

Viplav:: Kya hua?


Thy enter into the car.. He put the key ? and was abt to change the gear.. Bt he saw Dhaani’s wound again started bleeding..

Viplav:: Oh srry ? I frgt that u had a wound.. Her weight might have caused this…

Dhaani gives kya wala look..

Viplav:: Bleeding

“It’s ok ? It’s nt that much paining..”

Viplav:: We would have simply sat in our room.. Kisko patha tha ki aaj itna bura hone wala tha… Haina?

Dhaani nods…

Viplav:: Srry fr all this…

“Iss mein tumhari kya galthi thi… I only did this na… Isiliye no problem.. Ab kuch problems hone ke befre hi lts scoot out”

Viplav nods… And drives to Resort…

Hope u all enjoyed the episode!! This episode is not based on any party… Neither criticizing any party nor Based on real situations.. All this is just a Fiction!!?

Guys,So did u loved the way Viplav protected Dhaani and Shalu?? Hw was the dheere dheere song ? scenes!! Good na!!?

Lastly,Hw was my description!! If u want to suggest something about my ff Whole heartedly u can do it!!

Soo keep smiling ? And Be hAPPy

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  1. ahhh… what an explaination yaar..
    i really enjoyed ur way of explaining scenes…?
    And i am praying that all brothers should like viplav character in ur ff.. really he is too protective…
    plz write ur next epi asap …
    bye tc

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Lalitha di.. I’m happy that I’m able to explain nicely.. I had a bit worry if I’m able to express my thoughts..

      I too wish tat Every brother have a quality like Viplav. And yes, I do thnk that in every brother that quality is there.. Only thing is that it is hidden… ?

  2. EishaP

    I love the way viplav protect shalu and dhaani….viplav is perfect bhai and future husband ….right…..Thanks d for the lovely fiction

    1. Shanitics

      Thanksss Eisha (Di)

      This Fan fiction is just because there are sweet readers like u and sweet cmntrs like u.. Without readers and cmntrs this ff couldn’t had takn place.. So I thank u for it…

      And also welcme fr ur compliment ?

  3. Same here Eisha 🙂

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Amisha?

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Swetha! It was fab rey❤ loved the way viplav protected her sister which was his responsibility and her (girl) friend? Viplav tou hai he ideal son, brother, husband and friend, right!
    Dheere dheere sey song hayee it increased the charm of the scene, first aid scene I mean. Those flashbacks were cute and emotional, hopefully her family realize their mistakes and then they all may live as a happy family.
    You know this episode reminded me that scene in which Viplav saved dhaani from stones thrown by the mad crowd, Allah kia episode thi, fast tune of ishq ka rang safed, its title song everything was just amazing.
    Keep going rey!
    Sorry for getting late actually I’m occupied with my studies then also taking out time by hook or by crook for reading these marvellous stories.
    Take care!
    With lots of love<3

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Maha di.. I’m happy that u take tme and is cmntng on my ff.. It means a lot to me ?

      Happy that u remembered some bits of IKRS too.. Through my ff…

      Hope ur studies are mvng nicely?? And ye Areeb di hai kahan??? Any idea!!

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        My studies are going good and about Areeb well she told me about her exams which were on Dec, apart from it I don’t have any idea about her.

      2. Ohh aacha.. Asa hai? Jst askd As she wnt mssng??

  5. It was awesome. I loved the way how viplav took care of dhanni and shalu.

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Tania.. And happy that u cmntd on my ff.. Ur cmnt means a lot to me?

  6. Sujie

    shaani….love you for this….seriously muahhh muahh muaaahh…. 🙂
    Viplav is such a cutie pie….a responsible brother…a responsible friend….superb…..
    and Dheere dheere se ……apt for the situation….intense eyelocks…loved it
    and that Dhaani ke hath se khoon nikalna …Viplav ka care karna…awesome….
    you remember jab Tulsi was about to stab Viplav and Dhaani injured herself to save Wakil Baabu…though the scene is different …the feeling is same rey….keep going dear…love you 🙂

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Sujie di.. Hpe ur assessments al wnt gud?

      O nvr thought ths epi wl remind u the IKRS epi.. I too remembered that wpi only aftr u mentiond ??

      Love u too?

  7. Angel20

    First of all sorry for the late comment!
    Okay the episode was awesome!! Viplav protected his sister and his love? was?? And you described it very well!! Post the next one soon!!

    Love you❤❤

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss yaar.. It’s okay.. Happy that latr u tuk tme and read my ff.. And happy that u enjoyed it thoroughly !!?

  8. AanyaSingh

    Hello Swetha dear ?. It was a lovely episode dear. So well written, the way Vips takes care of Shalu & Dhaani was superb. And the dheere dheere song, the eyelocks, Vips & Dhaani looking at each other, u nailed everything. Great job???????. Waiting eagerly for the nxt. Love to u??.

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Aanya didi.. Love u too my sweet ji..?

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