love and hate are two sides of coin 2

Thanks frnd for ur support. Kriti laksh’s frnd played by madhurima who was last seen in kumkum Bhaiya as Old tanu. If u have other suggestion u can suggest me.

Recap: sanskar scolding servant. Laksh enjoying with girls and kriti and laksh go for fun.

Scene 1
Laksh and kriti at laksh farm house.
Next morning,
Sumi: swarag wake up baby.
Swara: No mom 5 min more.
Ragini: Yes mom 5 min more.
Sumi: You will wake up or not. Or I call ur Dadi.
Swarag: No ma, we are coming.
Dadi: Sumi,these girls wake up or not.
Sumi: No ma they are coming.
Swaragini come down wearing black dress and blue dress respectively. They both left their hair open.
Ragini: ma and Dadi look at us how r we looking.
Dadi: My princess u both are looking like real princess.
Swara: ma, where is papa and Dada.
Just then they enter in house.
Dadi: Why are u late today ? Today is ur daughters first day for office.
Shekhar: sry princess.
Swarag: Its okay papa.
Shekhar: princess You r luking very beautiful.
Sumi: If ur family love is overlet us eat something.
Swaragini : yes mom
They all start eating. After breakfast swaragini take blessing their elder.
Swara: bye ma, papa,Dadi and dadu.
Rags: Bye..

Scene 2
At office
Laksh: Bhai, Today new interns are going.
Sanskar: So what lucky.
Lucky:Nothing bhai I just telling u.
Sanskar: sry lucky I am thinking something so I scold u.
Lucky: Its okay bhai, I don’t feel bad.
Sanskar: lucky can u do my one work.
Lucky: bhai tell na.
Sanskar: convey my msg to manger. Tell him today I not meet any intern. So don’t disturb me.
Lucky: okay bhai.
Lucky: Bhai today I have meeting with investors. So, can u join me.
Sanskar: No lucky, today u have to handle alone. All the best.
Lucky: Thanks bhai.
Sanskar: Now u tell thanks to me. Go fast.
Lucky: Okay bhai.

Scene 3
All intern come office .
Manager : gud U all come at time. Our boss don’t like if anyone late. If anyone have any question they can ask me.
Arjun: Sir I have.
Manager : yes.
Arjun : sir what is lunch timing.
Manager: Go to ur work.
By saying this manager leave.
All interns, seeing arjun.
Arjun : I am arjun and u all.
Piya: I am piya.
Abhay and swarag also introduce to all.
Piya: Now we all are frnds.
Swara: yes, let go to work.
Abhay: yes swara is telling right
All ahead to their place.

Scene 4
At canteen
Ragini : hey frnds any of u see our boss.
Arjun : No yar but it’s gud.
Abhay: ya arjun u are telling right.
Piya: No year I want to meet him. I heard he is very smart.
Swara: oh…. That’s why u want to meet him.
Piya: Not like that.
Ragini: Then tell us why u want to meet him.
Piya: u all are …leave it.
Get back to work.
All go to their place.
Manager: Listen all intern. Before leaving u am come to meet me.

Give me some ideas for first meeting. Role for abhay, piya, and arjun.

Credit to: fan


  1. maya

    make the pairs as swasan and their 1 st meeting like ek harrron mein merit behana……..jeevandvi…….if u like means do r or wish……
    anyway I m going 2 read this ……plz make swasan

  2. nishu

    i think priya is suitable for tara from yeh ristha kya kehlata hai and abhay is suitable for abeer and arjun from naagin.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..