Sumit Sambhal Lega 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh and Sumit’s friend having a talk at Jitos. Sumit comes and they all laugh on Sumit, making fun. They ask how did Maya allow him to go. Sumit says Maya is staying cool, she is getting romantic and even not asking my help, she is doing everything for me, thrice a week. He laughs. Rajneesh does not understand and they laugh on him.

They ask Sumit what happened that Maya is good to him. Sumit says I had given chadava at temple. Baggi says this happened with my brother, this happens but then his wife got pregnant. They congratulate Sumit for next baby. Sumit says no, I m busy managing two kids. Rajneesh says women are happy in pregnancy, like Maya is happy since one week. Sumit worries.

Sumit comes home and sees Maya in a happy mood. She gives

him a flying kiss. He leaves worriedly. He comes back and says you did not feel bad when I came late. She says no, I was thinking you should spend time with your childhood friends, I want you to be happy. She hugs him and acts romantic. He gets away and says he is not ready to have another baby. She asks who told you I m pregnant, you think I want to get another baby. He laughs happily. He gets romantic and they smile.

They prepare to get closer. He jokes on her yoga teacher and she praises that teacher Rocky. She says I m taking his classes thrice a week, and I feel amazing. He asks what, and realizes. His mood spoils and he leaves.

Sumit shows the pamphlet to Rajneesh, and says he is Rocky, he is Maya’s yoga teacher, raid on him, he is involved in drugs. Rajneesh asks when did she join his classes. Sumit says one week, she is happy, not because of me, but… Rajneesh says by this hero, it means Maya is not pregnant, she gets happy seeing this hero. He jokes on Sumit’s jealousy.

Dolly and Jasbir come and congratulate Sumit. Sumit asks what. Jasbir tells about third baby. Sumit says Maya is not pregnant. Dolly says we chose names too. Rajneesh shows Rocky. Dolly praises him. Rajneesh tells how Sumit got mistaken. Jasbir calls Sumit a big fool. Dolly asks Sumit to worry, he will get a child soon. Sumit leaves.

Sumit comes to yoga class and meets Maya. She asks how did he come early. He says surprise, we will go to have golgappas. She says we have class. Rocky comes and asks them are they ready for class. Sumit asks Maya to bunk her class. Maya greets and hugs Rocky. Sumit gets jealous. Rocky asks him does he want to join class. Sumit asks can’t I? Maya says he is my husband Sumit. Rocky asks Sumit to join them. Sumit gets angry. Maya asks him to go home. Sumit asks why, do you have any problem. She says no, but can you do yoga. He says look at me now and removes jacket. He wears jacket back seeing Rocky’s biceps. Rocky shows them yoga steps. Maya asks Sumit to go, if he does not like.

Sumit loses balance and moves Maya. Rocky shows more Asan. He asks them to maintain balance. He holds Maya and Sumit fumes. He falls over the other girl and guy. He gets up and says next Asan.

Sumit and Maya come home. She says she is not hungry. He says we will try romance. She refuses and she is in not in a mood, kids will come now. He teases about Rocky and gets angry. He scolds her that she is going to yoga class to stare at Rocky, and she is using Sumit at home. She says what, your mind is going nuts, you are an idiot. He says you know I m right, what if I do this with you. She asks don’t you smile seeing heroines on tv.

She asks who is cheater, you or me. He says that’s just imagination and this is real, something is really cooking here. She says its from your mind, why is this tough for you to understand, I stay fit by yoga and get romantic with you, my heart gets peace. He asks why is she shouting then. She says Rocky is just my teacher, nothing else.

Maya asks could you not bear if I was in good mood for one week. He says I feel like an idiot. She says you are my idiot and hugs him. He romances and she laughs.

Maya practices yoga. Sumit comes and says I came to say sorry to Rocky. Maya says so sweet, but Rocky is not taking class now. A lady yoga instructor comes and Sumit stares at her. He says Maya, you said right, heart gets peace by yoga. Maya says Sumit…..

Rajneesh and Simran’s parents meet. Rajneesh comes from bathroom without shirt and Simran’s parents get shocked. Simran covers up Rajneesh and sends him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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