Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Abhi walking up and asking where is he. Tanu says he is in his flat and asks why did he drink so much. He says this world is ruthless and nobody can be believed. She asks if someone told him something. He reminisces Pragya telling she does not love him. He asks him to rest. He continues shouting same.

Pragya on the other side tells Aaliya that she did not know her words would affect Abhi so much. Aaliya asks what did she tell him that Abhi panicked so much. Pragya says she will tell her everything but she should take her to Abhi first. Aaliya takes Pragya to Abhi’s flat and they see Abhi sleeping on Tanu’s lap. Pragya thinks she should not become emotional and hides. Aaliya says Abhi that Pragya bhabhi has come. He restlessly asks where is she.

Aaliya goes to bring her, but Pragya signals to go back. Aaliya says she did not come. Abhi angrily says he does not want to hear Pragya’s name again. Pragya leaves sadly. Abhi tells Tanu to go from there. Aaliya takes her out.

Akash in his room tries to call Rachna, but she does not pick his call. He thinks she still does not understand his feelings and thinks he is lying. He will meet her one last time and if she does not accept him, he will marry the girl Abhi and Daadi like.

Pragya sadly reaches home to Bulbul’s room and starts crying. Abhi in his room panics and cries. Do pal ruka khawabon ka karwaan..song… plays from background. Daadi sees Abhi sadly looking at sky from balcony and asks if he trying to see Pragya in moon. He says he is not. She says she knows he is missing, but does not want to accept due to his ego. They both must have fought, so Pragya went to her mom’s house in lieu of meeting Bulbul. She says this house is incomplete without Pragya and requests him to bring Pragya back for her if not his sake. He asks her to stop crying and says he will bring her back tomorrow. She asks to promise her. He promises and asks her to go and rest. Daadi happily leaves. He looks at moon and reminisces Dadi’s words.

In the morning, Abhi gets ready to bring back Pragya. Daasi taunt him that prince is going to bring his princess and asks to bring her in palaquin. Daadi asks her not to taunt her grandson. Purab comes and asks Daadi where is Abhi going. She says he is going to bring back Pragya. Purab taunts Abhi that he forgot friend in Pragya’s love, says he came yesterday to meet them, but did not see them both. He asks what did Pragya tell when he proposed her. Abhi reminisces Pragya telling she does not love him and thinks he should not tell. He tells Purab he will talk to him later as he has to go to Pragya’s house. He thinks he cannot face Pragya again and should think something.

Pragya brings milk for Bulbul and asks her why is she not taking care of herself. Bulbul asks how is jiju and if she spoke to him. Pragya reminisces taking Bulbul for checkup and asks doc how is her condition. Doc says Bulbul’s condition is good and her fracture is healing well, but she cannot handle emitions well, so she should hide it from her. She comes out of flashback. Bulbul asks again where is jiju. She say he has gone out. Just then Abhi enters room. Bulbul says Pragya she can directly meet Abhi. Abhi enters and says he came to meet her. Bulbul asks Pragya if she is not jealous. Abhi asks Bulbul to get up as they have to go out and play hockey with colony children. Bulbul jokes if he wants to play under table football with Pragya. Abhi and Pragya feel embarrassed.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she does not know what happened, Purab was telling Abhi is going to propose Pragya. Tanu is shocked to hear that and asks why did not she inform her. Aaliya says she thought she will feel bad. Tanu says she is feeling more bad now and says how will she show her face people. Aaliya asks what does she mean. Tanu says she means she told her parents that Abhi loves her and will marry her soon. Aaliya says she will go and meet Pragya in lieu of meeting Bulbul and asks Tanu to relax until she comes back. Tanu thinks if Abhi does not love he and will not marry, she will become unmarried mother, so she should get her child aborted.

Precap: Abhi tells Pragya he will free her from their relationship soon, till then she has to act normal.

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      • j.k.kerona

        Yes you are right we are watching mainly for abhi and pragya .They are love birds we can’t separate them .

      • DeeDee


  1. Divya Rampaul

    This serial is soooo much crap like most others. I wish the writer would start to make some shows that depicted real life a little more. In reality these days women are much stronger and not so stupid. I find it insulting the way these shows either make women out to be weak and stupid or wicked, backstabbing and evil. There are many good strong indian women in society today time to start showing such

    • Chrissy

      This is going down the very same Path as Pavitra Rishta…. That was a Big Failure and this will be TOO!!!

    • Jenny

      You are sure right. Imagine in the beginning of the show, they had prag as a professor what happen there, instead abhi sister and Tanu I find is plenty smarter than her. Why prag don’t come up straight and tell abhi what Tanu told her, then we can see what unfold from there.

  2. Totally rubbish…..old type story …pls bring something new yaar..if abhi know about the truth wat abt him reaction something like tat…how can she sacrifice her love for some stupid tanu…rubbish…suresh drama and kiddnapping drama also same more than one month…this also gng like same way…utterrrrr floppppp…..pls writter bring something new …we r all waiting for guuuuddddd episode..

  3. pragya

    Pragya defends Tanu and fights with Abhi. She does not know the truth and blames Abhi for Tanu’s pregnancy. She scolds him by her taunts, and does not give him time to understand. He sits thinking on what context is she giving this lecture. He asks what is she saying, and she does not stop her nonstop verbal firing on him. Abhi gets clueless and leaves silently, making her feel its his mistake and she gets more angry on him.

  4. aprilangel

    Omg pragga how dumb can you be, you take tanu word for it just like that knowing how scheming she and Aalyia can be, this show is becoming so boring

  5. sharmi

    I would deal with Pragya and Abhi’s nonsensical comedy but it’s pretty stupid when someone is blasting a person and they are totally clueless as to the reason…what about just get to the damn point and tell him that Tanu is pregnant…I hate these show that have the actors assuming the other knows what the hell they are talking about…

  6. j.k.kerona

    But for sure abhi is not father for that child another new character going to enter ,abhi purab and bulbul will find solution for this hopefully.

  7. Sarika

    Very borrrriiiinnnnngggggg serial …..I hate this serial nowadays … I hate u Tanu..????

  8. Kt

    Why would anyone believe Tanu?
    Complete nonsense. For an educated teacher, Pragya is portrayed as a dumb person. She should at least tell Abhi about Tanu and let him sort her out.

  9. Parveen

    Shabbir what shabby roles do u take up bhai
    There’s a limit for some emotional hathyachaar but dis time it’s your
    your much
    Better take the reins into ur hand
    Enough of the distance
    Abdi and pragya rather the director should streamline the situation

  10. salini

    Wat bullshit drama is this..is this serial going to end on a note that arranged marriage is unsuccessful

  11. nicole

    Abhi & pragya will not get divorced ..as in sth will happen that thy don’t …
    and as for Tanu … shez pregnant tho…but not with Abhi’s child …
    btw stupid of pragya to think that Abhi knows about Tanu’s pregnancy … in which she didn’t know that Abhi was happy because he would finally propose to her and now Pragya herself ruined it for her .. Stupid girl, why did she even think that … ughh hate this serial..

  12. Why should they separate???? I means thats stupid…. Pragya should never agree to that… Let’s wait band see what will happen… And hope for the best and Tanu should abort that baby soon….

  13. rosy

    I stopped watching the serial 1 week and am just reading daily updates I will watch again when abhi n pragya will b together .

  14. john

    so what shld i do now rosy?
    put graland on ua face?
    no 1 is interested 2 knw whthr u stoped/stil watching d show

  15. this is totaly nonsense! how can abhi and pragya divorce?? and if they do, there is no point of watching da programme coz they r the ones which make us watch the programme!!! i simply hate da idea of the divorce!!!!!

  16. If pragya just tells abhi about what Tanu said then both of them can come up with a solution she’s just proving herself wrong in front of others and getting arrogant ugh

  17. Enough writers plz cant abhi n pragya jst hve that normal cute marriage life?we wanna see them get so close to each other that we feel their love on air…those really romantic moments of two people very deeply n crazily inlove f***k Tanu! She jst a hmewrecker i jst hate the though of her being pragnant!!,,,aaaarrrrrrgh!

  18. critique

    This is the time for the woman to assert the value of character. If she so loves that man, then it must be for some virtues right? For example, his generosity, his faithfulness to people that he loves, his kindness to her parents and family, and so on. But, when he has been doing intimate things with someone else, despite the marriage, then it is important for her to step up and tell him a piece of her mind. Otherwise, what is the point of going to such pains to portray an ideal person in Pragya? An ideal woman would definitely explain that what Abhi did was wrong. So that he can understand. Otherwise what sort of message does this serial send, if any.

  19. nishu gowda

    U people pragya is a emotional from first also.that type persons take the same decision.
    Tanu is going abort the baby without letting know to pragya and this news comes out in the time of pragya and abhis divorce.
    But one bad thing is pragya wants to become bad in the eyes of dadi.this is not fair

  20. ishvi

    Oh tanu s really pregnant huh. ..I thought she s jus telling tat to make them separate. ..seems some twist but old type….

  21. shyni

    bore yar prya should say the truth to abi that tanu is pregenath It not looking nice they should seprate.If they are separete i wont watch this serial

  22. yamu

    i think we should stop watching the serials its tooooo boring. once the TRP rating is down then automatically the serial will be nice

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