Balika Vadhu 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nimboli rushing to Kamli’s room and informs her about the tight security at home. She says how will Gopal bhaisaa enter. Kamli says I am worried thinking about it. She says Gopal came that day and wonders how he will protect and take her from here. Nimboli says he has promised you and will not let you marry Pushkar. Kamli asks her to go. Ganga recalls Ratan Singh’s tortures and thinks she can’t let even Ratan Singh’s shadow fall on her Mannu. She sees Mannu going and stops him. Mannu says he is going to school. Ganga asks him to come home straight from school. Mannu thinks if Maa saa guess that he is going to meet Pooja after school. Ganga gets emotional and hugs him. Mannu asks what happened. Ganga says nothing and asks him to go.

Anandi says I realized that Ratan Singh never tried to meet Mannu and has fulfilled the promised. She says Mannu is part of his life. I felt that he is repenting. Jagya says if I see from Ratan Singh’s perspective then it is right, but Mannu don’t know anything. I don’t know what will be Mannu’s reaction. I am trying to convince Ganga to tell the truth to Mannu, but Ganga didn’t want him to know anything about Ratan Singh. Dadisaa asks them to think wise.

Gopal is in his shop and sees Nimboli coming, but she is other girl. He thinks to send his message through Nimboli. He gets an idea and packs the shoes. He goes. Pooja and Mannu are having Pani Puri on road side stall. Mannu tells her that Maa saa asked him to come home fast. He sees Anandi going in her car and tells Pooja. Anandi stops her car and asks what you are doing here alone. Mannu says he is waiting for his friend. Pooja hides. Anandi leaves. Pooja tells you will never have any problem because of me. Anandi comes to the hospital to meet Ganga. She tells that she don’t want to hurt her and apologizes. Ganga says I can’t let Mannu meet Ratan Singh under any circumstances.

Abhi and Shivam come home from school. Shivam hugs her. Dadisaa asks them to be happy always. Shivam asks her to give chocolate. Dadisaa gives him chocolate. She asks Abhi to take chocolate. Abhi refuses and says I doesn’t like it. Shivam takes his chocolates. Abhi says you doesn’t love me and was giving me forcibly. Anandi hears that and is shocked. She asks Shivam to change his clothes. Dadisaa tells that Abhi is her own blood and acts as if she is a stranger. She says she gets hurt hearing his words. Anandi says everyone knows that you don’t differentiate among the kids. Dadisaa says I hope Abhi clears the misunderstandings from heart.

Shivam tells Anandi that Abhi behaves same in the school. Abhi complains to Ganga and calls Shivam as dramebaaz. Ganga says she doesn’t want to hear anything. Anandi asks him to solve the issue. Ganga asks Abhi to solve the problem himself and do not bother her. Abhi says okay. Shivam promises not to complain to her. Ganga thinks she is worried. Anandi thinks what to reply to Ratan Singh and his mum.

Gopal comes to Akhiraj Singh’s house and calls Nimboli. He asks her to do something as he wants to talk to Kamli. Akhiraj and Kundan see Gopal with Nimboli. Kundan identifies him and grabs his collar. He threatens him to stay away from his wife. Akhiraj Singh asks what are you doing? Gopal says I brought replacement shoes. Akhiraj says he already got it. Kundan asks him to leave. Gopal leaves. Kundan threatens Nimboli and asks if you meets him again then I will break your legs. He tells Akhiraj that he doesn’t like Gopal. Nimboli thinks Gopal wants to give some message to Kamli and wonders what?

Nimboli tells Kamli that Gopal came to meet her. Gopal gets caught by the security at gun point. Disa gets in Devi avatar and tries to apply mehendi on her face. She looks in the mirror while Chagani looks in shock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ds serial is so boring…can’t tolerate it

  2. Really going worst… When u ppl make anadi n nandini meet together….??? Dono till where this serial goes 🙁

  3. I want kundan and nimboli to hv a relationship..

  4. shutup dhivya..
    behave prpperly
    she is small,dnt u have sense,,,
    u idiot shameless rat

  5. if u dntknow sit quite nikhilesh
    y do u come here
    when we get to know we will tell u

    1. If balika vadhu is going against child marriage they should show… Abt how a child is suffering of these relationship too…

  6. Oh really… Thanks a ton john…. Seems u attached with this serial much more than others….so reacting vigorously….

  7. s
    so what
    do u have any issues?
    if s,put them on ua head
    else do ua work

  8. nos
    itsnt not d way u think
    jus go wid d flow
    dnt try 2 use ua brain vch u dnt have/ havent used since ages

  9. no
    itsnt not d way u think
    jus go wid d flow
    dnt try 2 use ua brain vch u dnt have/ havent used since ages

  10. Guys anyone plz comment the meaning of the quote which come daily at the end… Plz I want to know that meaning too… This man who writes updates will never update that even I comment daily… So plz anyone help me daily in explaining this quote. Thank you

    1. Wht notes??☺☺

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