KULDHARA by soumya & lasya (Episode 01)

Episode: 1

it was a silent morning!! naira sits sadly thinking about gayu,her sister!
“gayu di! why did you leave us? what did we do? come back soon!”
and she gets disturbed as Ms.AKSHARA,her mother call her!
and their conversation is as follows!

heylo ma! she lifts up the call!
heylo naira!how are you and karthik?
we are fine ma! how are you all?
we are fine as well! naira, you know today it’s gayu’s birthday! as always i called you to give the invitation !
ma! i don’t need any invitation! i and karthik will come there soon and decorate gayu di’s room…and we will celebrate!
hm… nothing more than that naira! she is obviously not with us! at least celebrating in her room makes me feel that she is with me!
ma! dont worry! where ever she is she will be happy and she will be thinking about us!
and ma! bye now!! i’ll get ready now!!
okay naira! inform to karthik as well!!
okay ma ! bye love you!
love you too beta ! bye!
and there by they both end their call!
who was on phone Naira? karthik, her husband questioned her!
it was ma! karthik… she invited to Gayu di’s birthday party!!!
oh… he replied!
huh! Gayu! she was his best friend… in fact she was a girl more than a girl friend to him! but she left him!
karthik… get ready soon! we have to go there and decorate her room!
okay naira i will!
both of them get ready and proceed their way to singhania mansion, Naira’s maternal house!!!
and soon they reach there
Radhey krishna! naira and karthik gave their greetings to everyone!
Enlightened singhania’s, maheshwaries and agarwals greet them in return!

how are you all? karthik asked them!
we are fine!! they gave their reply!
ma! where is naksh bhai! keerthi bhabi? yashbhai, rose bhabi? ananya di , ranveer jiju? kuhu and mishti?
naira! they are in Gayu’s room!
oh they started decorating before i come? very mean of them! we will go there… come on karthik!
they both went to gayu’s room and saw keesh, rosh, ranya, kuhu and mishti peering a letter!
heylo everyone…kaira wished them
but they ignored them!
irritated naira goes and pulls the letter out!
everybody see them and wish them!
now tell me! what’s in this that you all sank in this forgetting the world?
naira! this is Gayu’s letter.. we found it while cleaning it! naksh replied!
gayu’s letter? what’s in it? karthik asked with curiosity!
read it out bhai! naira insisted!
and the letter is!
hey! My lovely cousins!
i know, we are planning to go to some trip…. but we are unaware of the place!! but i have an idea! let’s go to Kuldhara village! it will be fun… if we cousins go there! i had a great wish of going to kuldhara bhavan! please… let’s go!!

thats all!
kuldhara bhavan!! yes!! gayu di told me about this but as that being a haunted place i said no and we went to the resort and there we lost her!! said naira sniffing a little!
naira! chill… so i think we have to go there now! for the sake of gayu! where ever she is she will feel happy if we all go there!! assured ANANAYA!
yes i agree! karthik shook his hand with ananya!
yes i too… one by one all of them agreed!
but… are you sure? naira asked in doubt!
yes we are ! they replied!
okay then…. after celebrating her birthday here… we go there! naira shook her hand with others!
so we will go there tomorrow! i mean we will start our journey tomorrow? asked keerthi!
yes everybody agreed!
but look… don’t say to elders that we are going to kuldhara because they will worry! we will say them that we are going some where else! Yash suggested!
okay yash bhayya ! now we will decorate the room! Mishti poked him!
they decorate the room and call Elders there and celebrate GAYU’S BIRTHDAY!!!!

precap: all the cousins go to KULDHARA,a believed haunted village!



  1. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Awesome chppy.
    lLoved it as always your work and now this is combo so much love for u two my sisters.
    Thanks for surprise.
    Can’t wait for next.


    Oh wow interesting ff….
    Loved it because iss ff me saari family involve hai specially all cousins…..
    Great work lasya di and somya…..
    Waiting for the next…..

  3. |Registered Member

    yeh horror tha?????? par best tha
    mind blowing
    and sweet

  4. Chanya


    |Registered Member

    Awesome..looking so interesting…loved it..eagerly waiting for the next part..brilliant work somu and lasya di..love u both…

  5. Rahul96


    |Registered Member

    Tum dono ko kuldhara ke alawa koi aur jagah nhi Mila 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁. But it was awesome !!

  6. [email protected]

    Horror one! Cool nic thoughts
    You manage all genres family mystery and now horror type impressed good keep going

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