Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-4)

Heyy guys this is sanskriti back again. Guysss thank you soo much for your good wishes for my results because of ur well wishes my score was sooooooooo good my score was. 450/470. Which is really a great score ( I think). And please comment on ff.
And here goes the update hope you will like it..
@basketball ground
All the people present were shocked with the new discovery that college biggest nerd is basketball champion….many of them didn’t believe it
“You idiot..!! Do you really think we are gonna believe your stupid stories” said one from the college popular girl gang who were here to see shivaay playing basket ball but were really baffled by anikas confession……
“Hey anika universe is gonna punish you for your lie…you just want to become famous in college so your playing these cheap tricks but these are not gonna work” said tia as loud as she can.
“Phuss!!Fuss!!phuss!!” Are the sounds of gossiping coming from all the corners of the grounds. All the people were accusing anika for telling lie to become famous in college.

Anika POV:
Anikaaa..!! What have u done. Why did I even come here .. Now I’m stuck with new problem in my life. I can hear that idiot tia talking sh*t about me. And all the gossiping sound. What to do now. How can I come out of this mess. Yes!! I better leave from here.. Yaa its the better idea..
POV ends

Anika starts leaving the place without paying attention to anyone.
Whereas shivaay was really sad. Though anika reacted to his plan but now she is leaving again. “Anika you are again running away from your problems.. You are again not caring about your self respect”thought shivaay.
Whereas anika started to leave the court then tia again started blaming anika
” see that stupid nerd she is just playing games with us to become famous in college. Did your parents teach only this for you?” Said tia. Shivaay was looking at anika helplessly. Then suddenly a girl came near tia and whispered something in her ear. Listening to it tia was super happy

” soo sorry anika I really didn’t know that you don’t have your parents then how can they teach you. You are a blo*dy orphan.” Said tia emphasising the new information which she had gained about anika.
The word orphan hit anika hard. Her blood was boiling with anger. She then couldn’t take it anymore.
Anika turned towards tia she was certainly far from tia but she just threw the book which is in her hand with great force towards tia. It directly went near Tia’s chin and hit hard. “Ahhhhhh!!!!!” Tia winced in pain.
Shivaay was shocked to core. Whereas anika started moving towards tia with a smirk on her face. She went near tia touched her chin ” ohh tia dear did it hit hard? I’m really sorry dear I really didn’t mean to hit you near your chin. I thought that book would directly hit your blo*dy mouth which was talking some sh*t about my parents and something.” Said anika with fake concern and anger in her voice.

Shivaay was shocked beyond limits to discover the dabang side of anika.
“And coming towards basketball do you really think after witnessing my shot on your chin still you have doubts about me playing game”said anika with smirk on her face. ” ohooo!! Just by one shot you cannot become a basket ball champion which your claiming to be” said ria whose is famously known as Tia’s right hand in college. ” first thing I’m not claiming to be a basket ball champion if you want proof for it then I can really prove it by playing a game with the oponent which you choose ” said anika. “We all know shivaay is the best basket ball.player in our college so I challenge you to play a game with shivaay and win over him” said tia still having her hands in her poor chin. ” I think your chin is still paining a lot. And coming to your challenge I’m ready for it.” Said anika.

Shivaay POV:
I saw anika throwing book towards tia her skills are really great.. As I saw anika giving back answers to tia I’m totally shocked. Is this really the anika which I know. I just heard that she will play a game with anyone. Heyy bhagwan please I wanna play a game with anika. I prayed to god so that I will be the lucky player to play a game with anika..My DABANG anika.
Yuhuuuuuu!!!!! Tia took my name..I’m gonna play a game with anika.yesss..!!!!
POV ends.

Anika enters the court takes away her glasses and throws them in ground. Removes her coat which she is wearing over her crop top Ties around her waist.
She Moves towards shivaay and directly looks into his eyes and says ” lets play a game.. Are you ready???”
Screen freezes on anika face having a smirk and shivaay face with multi expressions like happy frightened admiration and what not..
Okay guys the update is here enjoy it. And all types of chameli and champa accepted but please do comment and probably in next episode I will show the game between anika and shivaay. I will surely portray the game as good as possible. And the second thing which you will see in next episode is transformation in anika’s looks and all the college boys forming a line behind anika to have a date with her……
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