My True Love an ff by Rena (Introduction)

So hi guys I am Rena an idea was floating in my mind and now I have written it

Shivaay sigh oberoi: a chocolate not in the collage and believes in true love and all the girls are behind him
Anika Singh raizaada: coming from raizaada family and has two brothers Arnav and sholk and has two bhabi khushi a s astha new to collage and has friend Malika and all the boys are melted and are behind anika after seeing her
So here goes the intro a d now the starting
Man:shivaay c’mon and say about ur true love
Some guys are sitting in the bike
Shivaay has been continuesly staring at a girl
Girl’s hair was playing in the wind her smile was perfect and she was a beauty queen
Mallika:anika (the girl is obviously anika)
Anika:Malika comon let’s go before that idiots come and say something again (some boys proposed anika)

Shivaay: her name is anika I have fallen for her sidh
Sidh what and he looks at anika of course I will fall for her but sidh loves Malika
Man:go propose her no has rejected I till now
Shivaay went to anika animal and suddenly stand in her front
Shivaay:um I am shivaay
Anika :Anika and was about to go but stamps her dupatta and was about to fall it shivaay holds her
She stands up and smile little and was about to go
Shivaay:anika I love u
All the collage girls were jealous
Anika:I don’t have time for pranks
Shivaay: no anika u are my true love and I was waiting for my true love and finally u I have enters in my life
Anika: idiot and she goes

Guys hope u liked it should I continue and plz comment

  1. ManyaPV5

    Fab intro. Update Next Part soon.

  2. Interesting…….. Waiting 4 nxt…….

  3. lovely!!!! pls upload soon

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