Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona and Ishwari select bedsheets and ask Dev which one he likes. He selects Sona’s selected bedsheets and says Sona’s selection is always best. Ishwari gets disheartened. Sona says she will change Dev’s room with bright colors and make it colorful. Dev continues paising Sona. Iswhari returns home sadly. Mamaji asks how was her outing, if she enjoyed icecream. Ishwari sits silently. Mamaji asksif she ate so much icecream that she got sore throat. Nikki comes and asks why did not she bring her choc icecream, sees bedsheets and says they are very pretty, how come she bought such bright colors while he gets only dull and simple colors. Ishwari says it is Sona’s selection. Mamai realizes why she is sad. Once Nikki leaves, he asks Ishwari she should

stop getting sad. Ishwari says she is not sad.

While dropping Sona home, Dev asks Sona to tell at least now those 3 words. She says I love you. He says it is you were right, he told her mom will like her and he knows his mom well. She says he should give some time for mom as it is difficult for her to adjust if someone enters life suddenly. He says mom is happy though and continues chatting and calling her khargosh, etc.

Ranveer’s bhabhi tells mom that they will find money somehow for her operation. Ranveer comes and says he has arranged money. Bhabi asks how. He says he is not buying flat and broker told he will return advance after deducting 5000 rs. Bhabhi says he does not have to do that, they will find money somehow for mom’s operation.

Ishwari selects jewelry and clothes for photo session. Radha wearing facepack and asks when is he coming. Ishwari says 10:30 a.m. Radha asks if she needs facepack. Ishwari says no, she is fine. Neha comes and hugs Ishwari. Ishwari gets happy. Radha says even she is here. Neha asks how is she. Radha says she is fine. Ishwari shows her pearl necklace and says she will wear this. Radha says she did not see her so excited before. Ishwari says after Dev’s papa left, they are clicking family pic for the first time, so she is very excited.

Sona tells Bejoy that she needs to talk something important. Bejoy reading newspapers says Kolkota municipal elections are happening, nothing is more imporant than that. Sona says she thought daughter’s wedding is more important for a father. Bejoy asks whose daughter’s marriage. She says his daughter’s marriage. He is surprised to hear that. Sona says she went out with Dev and Ishwari today and Ishwari accepted her. Bejoy gets very happy and says he will give this good news to Asha and surprise her.

Sona gets ready for job. Elena gives her gift pack. Sona asks who sent it. Elena jokes Tom Cruise and asks if she has any other boyfriend than Dev. Sona shies and opens gift to see hand written card. Elena asks what is written in it. Sona says she should not read it. She herself reads it. Dev calls and Sona says he does not know even to write poetry. He says he wrote what he felt like and asks her to reach home before 10:30.

Neha goes to her room and sees it same as she left, says mom has kept everything same except mirror. Radha says a lot has changed in this house. She asks what. Radha says Dev is in love. Neha is surprised and asks who is it, if Nikki and Ria know about it. Radha says whole house knows, even Radha knows. Neha asks who is it. Radha says nutritionist/Sona. Neha is more shocked and asks if mom is happy. Radha says yes. Neha then goes to Dev’s room and asks why did not he tell her. Dev asks about Sona. She says yes and asks if mom is happy. Dev says yes very much and says let us go down for photo session, even Sona will be part of their family photo, she does not know that. She thinks if mom does not know or Sona, she does not know how mom will react.

Family together pose for a photograph. Dev comes late with Neha. Ishwari asks where was he. He goes aside nd SMSes Sona to come soon. Sona is in auto. Neha asks Ria if situation is under control. Ria says until now yes. Sona comes and Dev asks her to join. Ishwari is shocked.

Precap: Ishwari says she needs one more photo. Dev says he will call Sona. Ishwari says when she did not mind Sona clicking pic with family, Sona should not mind when her family clicks pic without her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ishwari is behaving like dev gf

    1. Ha ha ha ,I also accept ishwari behaves dev gf

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev you should handle the problem of ishwari first dont be shown over confidence of your relationship until you get engaged with sona
    Because if you continously behave like this break up to paki & totur of sona from ur family side will start

  3. Chanpreet0815

    Yes shalini i agree with u. It is not like other serials.

  4. Chanpreet0815

    For dev only one word DUMBO
    dev was telling. Mere alaawa meri maa ko koi achi tarah se nhi samajh sakta h. Dev bht hi jyada overconfidence achi baat nhi h.

    1. Esme

      Hey chanpreet link of today’s sbs segment. https://youtu.be/2lPnU9vo6fE

      Let me know if it is working or not.

  5. Why ishwari ji attempt suicide this much possessive is not good for anyone and i hear the news after ishwari ji suicide dev and sona ka breakup hogi how sad.
    I think after dev and sona breakup one new entry is in sona’s life thats y the rumours around gurmeet is enter krpkab is it true guys

    1. Priya9876

      About gurmeet entry, I didn’t hear anything…

      1. hey priya is it true tht she will try to commit suicide???
        OMG…what the hell is she doing…baapre….darr lag raha mujhe ishwariji se

    2. Priya9876

      Yeah @shalini this is true…
      After committed suicide devna ka breakup?
      Everything is finished now…

  6. If she is taking pills to commit suicide , stupid Ishwari should take them enough and set the story straight! Atleast Sona will not get tortured mentally! Mamaji is the only sane person in that house and I hope he does something to make this control freak Ishwari realise her insane behaviour and bring back things to normal! Selfish Neha should be less concerned with Dev’s choice of Sona and concentrate in her own turbulent relationship with Ranbir. Apna samhalo, fir dusre taraf dekho Neha! Only has one goal in life, that is to extract and exploit her brother Dev.
    I am seriously loosing interest in this serial with the nasty turn of events! I thought it was a well balanced offbeat story. But it is the same saas bahu saga where Sona is slowly going to get tortured. Dumbo Dev its time to understand the situation and act. Sonas family is so cooperative and sweet! Lovely family! Dev’s is too complicated and mean. Hope Gurmeet enters the scene . It will be refreshing to see a new face! Ab boring ho gaya serial as it is stretching the same thing!

  7. Priya9876

    Finally dev ne rista tod Diya,, usne clearly keh Diya sona se Ki uske liye maa se badhkar kuch v nhi hai…
    Sona kitna ro rahi hai, nd sona k baba ne v keh Diya h….” Dev babu ko tere aansui Ki Kadar nhi hai..tujhe sb much bhulkar naye tarike se zindgi shuru karni chaiye….
    Gyus itbe sad moment pe mujhse to naa comment Ho paye Ga….
    Fir se waise hi wait karo 5 months tak…uhhh
    Only sona KO rote dekho….god Devakshi aiseee mujhse to naa dekha jaye Ga…? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Priya9876

      Rang me padd gya bhang….

      1. Chanpreet0815

        where u all read it plzz tell me also.
        or if u have link then plzz send to me

    2. Esme

      Dev Dev Dev I don’t know what to say after ur tis decision….I have completely understood onr thing today that having too much confidence is really very bad….I mean how he said ‘””mai apni maa ko bahot acche se janta hoon. “”” He was totally over confident at that time.
      Sona has a deep understanding as compared to Dev. I mean yeah dev is understanding bt sometimes acts totally DUMBO.

  8. Subhashini

    Sorry guys ,but I wish gurmeet or any other good actor will enter the show and sona family fix their marriage then only both dev and ishwari ji realizing sona’s importance

    1. I agree with you! Infact Gurmeet se Sona ki shaadi honee chahiye! Gurmeet ki character thoda gentle and understanding dikgaya jaay to logon ko bhi pasand ayegi! Dev Ishwari jodee ko thoda sikgana chahiye ki torture kya hotee hain and let them not take Sona for granted! Woh log Sona ke family ko insult kar rahe hai yeh bhi nahi dekga jata! Itni khubsoorat family milegee kaha Dev???

    2. Hii subhashini….. U. R frm telugu..???? Nd who z Gurmeet….????

      1. Subhashini

        Hi ganga,iam not Telugu iam tamil

      2. Subhashini

        Hi ganga,not telugu iam tamil and gurmeet is u saw geet or ramayan serial that hero and iam not confident about gurmeet i hear that is a rumours

      3. Hope it’s a rumor…. ?

    3. Priya9876

      Hey r u talking about Gurmeet Chaudhary????
      Lots of sadness in coming episodes yaarr…
      Don’t know how sona manage all these things…

  9. Seriously wat mother son bond is this.no understanding only obsession it’s better to hv no bonding…iss Puri Ramayan mein sona is d biggest sufferer for no mistake….actually ek galti Kari hai usne dev jaise Dumbo se pyar Jo karti hai..dev always behave in a lil excess ya toh sona sona only .nahi toh chod Diya usko….disgusting storyline lost all interest…and some how feeling so bad for sona…and her family is adorable and much closer to reality unlike dev’s

  10. Guyz theres a new promo and news:
    Ishji yo commit sucide as she Cant be a Good mom.
    I am not sure Why but just saw promo on insta

  11. Sona should actually get married to a nice guy whosoever that new enteant is! Gurmeet will really be good to watch! She should torture Dev now because she knows his true colours! He is a whimsical guy not sure of his love ! What is the point in being love with a guy cannot respect his Love! Really Dev has become unacceptable to many of us because of his confused mind! I wonder if he knows what he wants becoz he has been controlled by his control freak overpossessive mother. Ishwari and Dev should both be taught a lesson by Sona’s family by getting an even more competant groom for Sona!

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Such a bad new. Firr toh ham shaheer ko bhi nhi dekh payenge.writers plzz don’t do it

      1. Priya9876

        Prit, Maine link post Kar Diya hai..

  12. I saw SBS today’s segment……poor sonakshi is crying ?…… I’m feeling very sad for dat…. ??

  13. Subhashini

    Thank u blink and i agree with ur point

  14. Devga

    Hi all my cool devakshi Frnds…. I am late …

    But thank god i cant c todays episode…. How rude are those words frm a mother? (precap ) ……. Infact at a POINT she was like wow my son is thinkin abt himself also and is changing and giving tym for himself…. But now wer has tht caring mother gone wen she cant tolerate her son being Happy in a different feeling in life….. He is experiencing life frm different angle aftr 26yrs being on the same business man 24×7 work style….
    He is learning to smile….
    Learning to speak soothingly…..
    Learning to apologise…..
    Learning to get a gud makeovr of himself….
    Learning to b romantic…..
    Learning to keep the opposite gender happy (othr than mom’s happiness)..
    Learning to live life for himself…….

    For fans sake grow up ishwari ji…..
    Ur son is now grwn up tht he has right to live his life the way he wants….. But y r u Stil comparing the 10 yr old dev wid 26 yr old….. He has done enough and has sacrificed enough for his family so let him enjoy his love life rather hurting him……

    And i am not against ishwari ji but Stil y sooo much immaturity…. Comparing childhood and youth…..

    Sry folks aftr yrs i hv blabbered so much on tu…. Thank u for baring this…. Now i accept both positive and negative re view on my comment….

  15. Devga

    Waaat suicide?????! Oh god….. Did she forget tht she is in the stage to teach othrs to b mature but she herself needs lots of counselling

  16. Even dat Neel lakotiya is a better option then dev

    1. I completely agree with u Sona

    2. Priya9876

      No yaar

  17. Priya9876

    I know dev break up karke bahut badi galti Ki hai….but guys think about it jitna sona suffer karegi same dev v suffer karega….
    Aisa to nhi hai Ki dev KO bahut khusi hogi sona se alag hokar….
    Bahut muskil Hone walaa hai fans k li

    1. I agree with u
      And serial Mai sirf positive dekhayege with no twist and turns toh Maza kaise ayega

    2. Subhashini

      Ok priya sorry i just feeling of sona thats y iam telling that i also love dev and sona very much

      1. Priya9876

        hey why u said sorry?????
        sorry but i did’nt understand…

  18. Priya9876

    I know dev break up karke bahut badi galti Ki hai….but guys think about it jitna sona suffer karegi same dev v suffer karega….
    Aisa to nhi hai Ki dev KO bahut khusi hogi sona se alag hokar….
    Bahut muskil Hone walaa hai fans k liye devakshi ko iss tarh deknaa….

    1. Devga


    2. arey yaar…..aisa thodi hota h
      feeling likely to cry…

  19. I like sona n dev

  20. Priya agar ye baat hai to usko pyar bhi Ma ke permission leke karna chahiye tha! Kisiko itna khwab dikhana nahi chahiye aur phir beech raaste chod dena thik nahee! Agar ma itni pyari hai to pyar vyar bhul jana tha ya to permission leke age badna tha! Itna practical banda yeh kyun
    nahi socha??? Pyar jab ho jata hain to uskee kadar bhi karni chahiye ! Itna dukh pouchana nahi chahiye.
    Dev ko dukh hota to Sona ko refuse nahi karta! A

    1. Priya9876

      But dev KO ye v to pata nhi tha na Ki sudden uski maa aisi change Ho jayegi…use nhi pata tha Ki uski khusi jisme hai, usse uski maa except nhi karegi…agar pata hota to definitely wo propose karne se pehle naa Ki permission leta…

  21. Esme

    Guys link of today’s sbs segment. https://youtu.be/2lPnU9vo6fE

    Let me know if it is working or not.

  22. Ishji Ki possesiveness To an extend Thik hai par ab dev ne bata Diya hai toh she should be Happy for her son
    And agar dev appni ma se itna pyaar karta hai aur unhae itna samaj ta hai toh shayad sona ke Barey Mai bataney ke baad bhi woh apni mom Ki pasand select kar ta
    And agar soy sona se itna pyaar kar ta hai toh uski baat samaj ta and ushe aise Nahi chodta.

  23. Ye dev ka character kafi anxious hai
    Abhi do mahine pehle woh raat ko bhi kaam karta tha ab ekdum nulla
    and whether u all like it or not maa ki bedsheet use pasand karni thi ya dono ki
    but sona seems understanding woh family photo mein bhi nhi aana chahti thi

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