Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev comes home from office and gets very happy seeing swinger not in room and his clothes in order in cupboard. Sona comes and says she did not know he is so disciplines. Dev thinks she thinks he did all this. He apologizes and says he was getting used to swinger. She says if it is in room or in garden does not matter, it is in house, that is all matters.

Mamaji asks Ishwari to find his Sunil Gavaskar’s autograph as he has challenged his friend that he has gone. She says she has only 2 hands, let her search. She finds Dev’s birthday certificate and smiles. Mamaji says he remembers she was so excited after Dev was born and did not let anyone see her. She says Dev was so cute, he made her maa from Ishwari. Dev was born at 12:03 a.m. Mamaji says she

performs Dev’s arthi at 6 a.m., this time she should thinking different.

Sona tells Dev that he calls her rabbit, but maa was jumping like rabbit in excitement, she is very excited about his birthday. Dev says maa gets him gift every birthday and always celebrates her birthday. Sona says this birthday also, they will spend whole day with maa, but night after 12 a.m., it is only them. Dev agrees and they both smile.

Ishwari tells Mamaji that he gave a good idea, even she will surprise Dev by performing his aarti at 12:03 a.m.

Vicky stops Elena near her college and tries to speak. She ignores him and says she has moved on and even he should stop pestering her. He fumes in anger.

Next morning, Dev gets ready for office and says any girl will fall for him. Sona tightens his te. He says he will tell his wife selected the dress. Sona says she is very happy that he became indepent and not like before whe he used to call maa for everything. Dev feels guilty. He goes out. Sona tells Radha that Dev has changed for good. Radha yells nothing has changed, she should go and check in Ishwari’s room.

Ishwari irons Dev’s shirt and Dev says he was in a hurry for office. Ishwari says so what, he can take her help any time. Dev asks not to inform Sona. He turns and sees Sona standing. Sona leaves angrily. Dev runs behind her and tries to convince her. She shouts he will not change at all, he would have taken her help. Dev says it is women’s work. She asks if clothes know gender and talks in bengali. He asks to speak in the language he knows and says he is not a chauvanist, but like others, he has some weakness, he cannot do all this. She yells he will be mamma’s boy always. Ishwari enters and asks what is mamma’s boy. Dev says nothing.

Precap: Radha tells Ishwari that she is preparing halwa for Dev, but Sona did not prepare food. Ishwari says so what. Radha says she must have planned something big, already she has taken over this house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Harshita Singh

    Hiiiii……guyzzz i m a big fan of KRPKAB n devakshi…i wanna join u all

    1. Priya9876

      Harshita welcome….. keep commenting…..n enjoy…

  2. gud episode .
    but this radha rani ewwwww hate her …!!!!
    hpe u all rmbr me frnds !!!!

  3. Aaj ka episode was good
    I will not say bahut accha but sehne laayak tha
    Ishwari raat ko pooja karegi and sona and dev will be together that night
    Matlab unki raat spoil hone wali hai
    Oh nno…..
    Yeh nahi Ho sakta

    Mamaji aapne to dev ko surprise dene ke chakkar mein uski raat hi bigad di

  4. Anyways guys…
    Can u tell me that how to become a registered member
    Cuz I want to join this fan club as a permanent person
    Please help me

    1. Priya9876

      Hey…top of the page therz option of Menu ( menu ki baju me 3 lines honge waha pe click karo n then u see a register option….. Click on register n full fill all the criterias n get registered member….???

  5. Harshita Singh

    Kya yaar bday ke din bhi jhagda……..seriously…….

  6. Priya9876

    Oyeee….hoyee…!! Hoyeeee…..!!!
    Koi to ROK lo…hayee ye white shirt?????

    Shaheer pe ye white shirt,, shirt nhi rehti ÇFL ka kaam karti hai….jaise kisi ne face pe 100wt ka ÇFL???? jala dala ho….

    Jitni shine ???????? nhi hiti itni iss bande k face pe hoti hai….?????
    #Killerlook …..???

    1. Manya

      Haan and tie ke saath toh aur ache lag rahe the❤❤???

      1. Priya9876

        Ufff ouch mattt kitne ache lag rah the????
        Bilkul diterjent adv k liye ready..?????
        Devu diterjent….

    2. Sneha1

      Priya… Itotally agree .. surf excel wale Dev ko endorsement k liye lifetime book kr lenge…
      “Surf excel………………..Chamkaye white shirt aisi ki chamak sirf shirt pr nahi.. chehre pr nazar aaye..”.
      Yaar kuch bhi keh lo… bande k looks totally killer hai…

      1. Priya9876

        Waooo….yaar….u r ossam…
        “Surf excel………………..Chamkaye white shirt aisi ki chamak sirf shirt pr nahi.. chehre pr nazar aaye..”.????????????????????

        Akdom perfect for him??????

    3. Sneha1

      But yaar.. isse achhe pre marriage track tha.. atleast sona dev ko shirt change krte dekhkar blush to krti thi… ab to dev itna handsome lagta hai.. aur sona use ek hug bhi nahi krti.. jaise uski shirt kharab ho jayegi.. sona k paas aane se..
      Chote chote romantic moments dikhana chahiye CVs ko… Jaise Dev admiring Sona when she wore something good and luking gorgeous.. or Sona teasing Dev …

      1. Priya9876

        Sachiii avi to aise scenes or jyada aane chaiye…..but kaha hum fans. Ki aisi kismat????

        Real Life is also heaven before marriage ,,,, n in serial too….????

        Massori ki kasam WO din v kya din the jab waise scenes aate the…???

  7. Rumours that the show will soon be shut to be replaced by bajorao..:(

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Hi guys i m back now am become registered member please add me on ur fan club grp because im now i had no idea about chatting system

  9. Harshita Singh

    Hello…..i m harshita n i want 2 join ur fan club…..hope u all dont mind…….

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    Hate this radharani maker olease do me onw favour ishwari or whether radharani should give holiday trip for few days so we can enjoy our devakshi romance without disturbing anyone
    For ishwari kuch halwa ishwarike aise bhi on dev

  11. Manya

    Jab ishwari ne kaha ki usne pata nhi kitne punye kiye honge ki usse dev jaisa beta mila hai
    I was like
    Aur dev babu ne kitne paap kiye hai jo teri jaisi maa mili hai ??
    Haina guys??
    Plzzzzzzz guys apni ladaai solve kar lo and date par chale jaao bcoz bahut dino se devakshi scene nhi aaya and uss ishwari ki bezti bhi nhi hui
    But @eri and junee di i know ki dev babu galat and spna sahi hai?but……… devakshi?
    Yaar koi batao ki vicky elena se pyaar karta hai ya phir…………..abhi bhi waisa hi hai???
    Plzzzz batao i am really confused about this??

    1. Priya9876

      No dear no pyar shyar at all….fake love ….also u can see pyar k jaal me FASA kar apna badla pura karna …..

  12. Gud episode

  13. Like seriously guys Shaheer was looking dam hot in his white shirt and black tie, I was like ki agar mein sonakshi ki Jagah hoti then I would have definitely lip locked him and created a romantic environment

    1. Priya9876

      Ohhh…ur write…????? bdw mai v aisa karti…

  14. Ngkrishnakumari

    Vickey did not love elinae just doung acting

  15. Priya9876

    Typical husband wife ke jhagde….?????
    Tumne ne ye nhi kiya…WO nhi kiya…mujhse jhut kyu bola…jor se baat mat karo…. This that….blaa…bla..bla…..
    Maje…aye aaj to….
    Aap nikle wahi mumaas boy????

  16. Priya9876

    Oooo….!!!! God .. Fed up wid this Halwaa. …again n againnnn…..
    Nothing special in his B’day……wahiii Halwa…. Acha hai ishwari ek teer se do nishane laga leti hai….shop k liye v Halwa n dev ko Mumm’s boy banye rakhne k liye v Halwa….huhhhh…!!!!!

  17. Priya9876

    Hey guys Mr devrath dixit k liye Ab him fans ko hi kuch achi dishes banai hongi….. Ab mata Ji to one n only Halwa banayengi……. .n wifey Ji ko kuch aata nhi. To devu babu kya karenge….unhe aise to nhi choodd skte naaa……

    To chali sab log decide karo kaun kya banane wala hai??????

    Mai soch rahi hu ???

    1. Manya

      ???woh bhi chocolate wala?

  18. Priya9876

    Hey guys Mr devrath dixit k liye Ab him fans ko hi kuch achi dishes banai hongi….. Ab mata Ji to one n only Halwa banayengi……. .n wifey Ji ko kuch aata nhi. To devu babu kya karenge….unhe aise to nhi choodd skte naaa……

    To chali sab log decide karo kaun kya banane wala hai??????

    Mai soch rahi hu dev babu ka B’day cake banau n cake ka shape hoga ??? ….?? maja aa jayega…Fir to.

  19. Junee

    Good morning all KRPKAB ians!☀️☀️??❤️❤️

    Todays episode was much better than last days. Interesting the fight has started as Sona has caught him red handed! He should have declared much earlier that he has taken his mother’s help atleast that wouldn’t lead to this misunderstanding. Anyways my Sona will surely forgive him again i know . Ishwari’s character is slowly turning towards a non conflicting one I think which is a healthy trend. But GKB is the evil and horrible one at that house! Her son is also equally filthy like her. I hope Elena doesn’t fall into that trap . Vicky Elena scenes are just repulsive to me. Why cant they show him a little decent? Anyways lets see how the birthday celebrations go and waiting for Ayaan and his parents role in this serial.

  20. Junee

    I still strongly feel that the Makers should get a another chatacter like Ritvik for Sonakshi! He will be the ” professional partner”. They should show the new modern day concept of a conflict between ” Life partner” and ” Professional partner” which actually is there for all professional women! The professional partner is just a person with whom a work understanding grooms and a life partner usually is a little jealous about that though there might be no relationship with the professional one! These are new concepts in the real world which this serial has the scope to explore!!!

  21. Junee

    I don’t think the Makers bother to do a bit of reading! Few days back TOI supplement had dealt with this issue ” professional partner” and a ” life partner ” both are crucial in a working woman’s life and both have different roles to play each contributing to her success!! But Makers will only deal with old concepts! Wake up and show these concepts and elements of life! I am sure your trp will soar again!

  22. Harshita Singh

    Dev aur sona kuch jyada hi jhagda karte hain….o god !!!! pata nhi aaj kya hoga……devakshi ki raat hi spoil ho gayi………..and i liked ur idea Junee about proffesional partner……..

  23. Akanksha bhardwaj

    I hv a feeling…k ishwari nd poori family raat ko jaynge dev k room me….bt room me koi hoga hi nhi…:-D….sb ko surprise mill jayga…nd tb chid jaynge devakshi se…nd specially sona se…

  24. Sneha1

    Atleast a better episode…
    I like the small inferences we can withdraw from the incidences shown in KRPKAB..
    the swing is just a symbol of adjustment a newly married couple has to go through… it may hurt in beginning but a person has to learn to deal with it… They are showing both sides… Dev incompetency to deal witht he change.. n sona over enthusiasm to bring change in Dev’s life…
    so taking the swing out of room but keep it in garden someway show the middle way to bring gradual changes in someone’s life….
    On the same hand , they are showing that Dev wants to change his habits but finding it difficult to change in one go.. thats what he has told impateintly to sona when she was angry on him due to telling a lie… Hiding truth is not the solution to any problem and open communication is the key of every successful relationship… so i hope that CV will show internal conflicts and self realisation of both Dev n Sona after this discussion…
    Hope to see something good in future episodes..

    1. Junee

      I like the way you have interpreted Sneha!

  25. Subhashini

    Oh oh wat an handsome shaheer,kya ishwari nae halwa bochkar bada kiya dev ko itna halwa ka episode birthday also halwa
    This time also dev is wrong and he is hurted sona but wat this time he ask sorry first or as usual sona asking sorry,this is not fair

  26. Sona.. please don’t overreact for a silly issue like this.. agreed that dev did mistake by hiding but don’t yell at him every time. He is not a roadside school boy but a respected entrepreneur please..you are also equal and nothing less to him.. all I’m telling is stop been like your farther.. mold little n stop been practical and lecturingall the time.. rather take it light.. chill…

  27. It is unfortunate that Dev lied to Sonakshi. He should be more honest with his wife. But she made a statement yesterday about wanting new traditions with Dev; something they both could share together which only she would understand. So I take it Sonakshi is jealous of the relationship Dev shares with Ishwari and wants to create her own space which is normal for every new wife. But I put it to the makers that Sonakshi can create her new traditions without disrupting the ones Ishwari already has and her not being able to decipher that is her biggest downfall.
    Ishwari derives pleasure from helping Dev and being his mother. Trying to stop her in the name of making Dev do his work was ‘foolish’ like I said and uncalled for. I believe she can do better and will do better. There are so many other traditions her and Dev can start that’ll be just the two of them and I support them.
    Her calling her husband mama’s boy was uncalled for and if Ishwari should tell GKB or Neha, it’ll brew another war in the Dixit house.
    Patiently waiting for the birthday sequence.

  28. Harshita Singh

    Guyzz……i saw a promo of krpkab……dev sona se bahut darra hua hai and sona ke room me enter krte hi…….dev took a pillow and said to sona – “sonakshi…ye lo…iss pillow se jitna marna hai maaro….apna saara gussa nikal fo mujhe marke”
    DEV was lukng so handsome and cuye in this scene……..so swt

    1. Manya

      Can u post the link plzzz

  29. Harshita Singh


  30. Priya9876

    Finally a kissi on chick??
    ? sona kamaal kar ditta??

    1. Manya

      Jaldi jaldi aaye yeh scene??

      1. Priya9876

        I think it will be to tomorrow

  31. Dev in whit shirt…. ufffff soooo handsome. Mai pagal ho jaungi. I just love him and sonakshi too.????
    And this radha rani ….idiot….wanna kill her. Plz writers make this radha rani go away ….stupid??

  32. Harshita Singh

    todays episode was….main kya kahu…..dev sona ke saath aisa kaise kar sakta hai …. ….how can he ditch her???………subah subah hi kaha tha -“sona aaj se hum jhagda nhi karenge”
    But i m sure kal phir jhagda hoga

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