Badho Bahu 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji advises the girls not to make any mistake today. Don’t give him any chance to complain. He is very short tempered. Kamla ji says Malti and I will end up all matters related to wedding. She tells Pinki not to do everything by her soft hands. Let Komal do something too. Komal gives tea to Malti. Ladies leave.

Komal notices Pinki standing with a sad face. Pinki shares that she cannot cook. You win everyone’s heart daily by one thing or other, be it winning over thieves or by doing puja in morning. Komal reasons not everyone knows everything. I cannot do makeup like you. See how I work. Pinki says people will gossip that elder DIL of Ahlawat family does not know anything. Komal says we are not going to tell anyone anything. We will say we did it together. Pinki is relieved. Komal calls her her best friend.

Payal shouts for her MIL seeing the bucket of milk empty. Jamuna ji comes. Payal says you will ask for tea in some time. How will I make it? Jamuna ji advises her to do it herself then. Payal refuses to go to Madhuri (cow). Jamuna ji says I have a suggestion for you. A person needs an off when he words day and night. You work so hard day and night. I think you should take a few days off and go to your mother’s place. We both will be at peace then. Payal nods. Your suggestion is good but it isn’t so easy to throw me out of the house. I am not going anywhere. Jamuna ji tells her to then live and let live. Don’t irritate me. Payal says only my mother listens to me. She went to Mumbai and dint come to Badho’s wedding too. I couldn’t call you because of all preps. I should call her.

Pradhan ji comes. He complains why no one is welcoming him grandly. Ahlawat ji offers him hukkah which makes Pradhan ji happy. Raghubir ji adds that nothing will be amiss in looking after him. Kamla ji and Malti ji bring their respective DIL’s. They seek blessings of Pradhan ji. Kamla ji gives their introduction. Pradhan ji asks Raghubir ji why he got such a heavy looking DIL for his smart son and why such bride for Rana. Raghubir ji asks him about his DIL. Pradhan ji asks his son why his wife dint come. He says she isn’t keeping well these days so she is taking rest. Raghubir ji nods. Pradhan ji tells Raghubir ji not to give too much freedom to women. Everyone knows she is respected inside the house only. Raghubir ji calls the girls his daughters. They are the pride of my house too. Who can hide their pride under a veil? It is to be handled grandly. Pradhan ji nods. Kamla ji sends Pinki and Komal inside with a girl who came with Pradhan ji. Raghubir ji asks Malti ji to get tea and snacks for the guests. Kamla ji agrees.

Payal calls her mother. Her mother is mesmerised by Mumbai. It is a complete different place. Kids here are so different. I am not coming back. Payal makes a sad face. Her mother says I will come. How was Badho’s wedding? Payal says it happened finally. Her mother asks about the expenses. Payal says this is a good reminder. You come back. I will tell you everything face to face then. Her mother agrees. I have to go somewhere too. I will talk later. Payal is in thoughts.

Komal and Pinki bring Lovely to Lucky’s room. Pinki thinks Komal got busy in making friendship. I should win everyone’s heart outside. This fattie has made food already. She excuses herself. Komal and Lovely get talking. Lovely compliments Pinki on her beauty. Komal nods. She is my best friend before that. Luckily, she became my Jethani. I hope you too get lucky. What would you like to eat? Lovely asks for Moong Dal ka Halwa. Komal agrees to make it. I make really tasty halwa. I will just be back. Lovely looks around tensed.

Lucky is sitting all quiet while Rana and his friends are talking in background. Pradhan ji’s son (Vijay) joins them. Rana says we have heard a lot about you. No one can win from you in arm wrestling. Vijay over confidently says you have heard right. No one can win from me, be it one guy or three. Lucky’s friend praises Lucky. Vijay says anyone can win wrestling but this is real game. Real strength can be showcased here only. Lucky wont stand before me anytime. Lucky’s other friend too is positive Lucky will win over Vijay. Vijay accepts the challenge. Lucky and Vijay start a match of arm wrestling.

Komal is in kitchen. I forgot to ask Lovely about water. What am I doing? She turns but finds Malti there. What are you eating here leaving Lovely alone? She does not let Komal reply and cuts her mid sentence. She holds Komal’s hand angrily. Listen to one thing very clearly. I am neither your mother nor you are my DIL. Don’t call me Ma ji from today. You ruined my only son’s life. You are the eclipse of his life! We told you so many times to refuse for this marriage but you don’t listen to anyone. Komal gets sad. Malti ji tells her not to act. I know your true colours. Stay in your limits before me. She leaves from there. Komal is in tears. She takes water and halwa for Lovely and wipes her tears. She calms herself down and then heads to her room.

Vijay and Lucky are still in the same position. They both are holding their ground strongly. Vijay notices Lucky gaining an edge over himself. Vijay asks Lucky how marriage is going. You got married. Tell me how it feels. Is it sweet or salty? Lucky loses his concentration as he thinks of his wedding to Komal. Vijay begins to gain control. Rana and his friends shake Lucky out of his thoughts. Lucky sees Komal talking to someone.

Precap: Lovely tells Komal she has a boyfriend with whom she is going to Mumbai. Babu ji tortures me a lot. I only wish to spend my life happily and peacefully. I request you to help me. Please help. Lovely and Komal make a rope using bed sheets or clothes. Lovely runs away. Vijay notices her running away and shouts at Komal. You dint do the right thing!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Vijay discovers that Badho has helped Lovely elope and he informs everyone at home, causing Pradhanji to get angry. Meanwhile, the Alhawat family is shocked and angry at Badho.
    Episode – 54
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 23 Nov Set Alert
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    Badho is about to do the walk of shame when Lucky comes and provides her shade with his hands as she is walking.
    Episode – 55
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 24 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Lucky tells Badho that whatever he did was only for his father and not for her. Meanwhile, Kamla instigates Malti to inform Jamuna about all the things that is happening in their house
    Episode – 56
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 25 Nov Set Alert
    Raghuvir decides to send Lucky to a sports camp but Pinky tells Rana that he should go there instead of Lucky. Later, Rana challenges Lucky and says the one who wins in the ring will go to the camp.

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