Santoshi Maa 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya teaching the kids and making excuse of Santoshi’s bad throat. Amar’s son says she was fine when she spoke to you. Dhairya asks him to study. Ujwal comes and asks Dhairya to come, they have to meet Amar. Dhairya says I have meeting, be careful the kids should not know your intelligence. He goes. She thinks he trapped me in this and going to do the deal which she should not. Amar’s son asks Santoshi to explain poetry. Dhairya hopes Santoshi manages. Ujwal asks Dhairya to come. Santoshi asks the kids to give their introduction. She asks the girl to explain meaning of the poetry, so that she can know what she studied. Devi Paulmi says till when will you get saved Santoshi, there will be many times when kids insult you.

Amar’s son asks Santoshi to teach something which they can show to their mothers. Santoshi worries. She says I will tell a story of Shravan Kumar, write it in english and I will check. She thinks to stop Dhairya. Dhairya says we will final this deal today. Santoshi says I think you should not buy that company. He asks her to shut up, you manage your work, I m going for meeting. He leaves.

Gaumata says why is Dhairya behaving like this, he has love in heart and behaving bad. Santoshi Maa says yes right, many women have to bear this, the day Santoshi speaks up, Dhairya will regret, any other woman would have not bear such injustice. Kaki asks Santoshi to understand, don’t stop Dhairya for everything, he is getting irritated, look after your health and baby, take care. Santoshi cries and says when Dhairya was little and did mischief, what did you do. Kaki says we have to explain kids and also scold if needed.

Santoshi asks what should a wife do, I have sworn to support him and show right path. Kaki says yes, but we are here in this house because of him, take care. She goes. Santoshi worries. She goes back to kids. Amar’s son asks her about the spelling. She manages somehow again. Amar’s son gets doubt and thinks madam does not know anything. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi, Dhairya and his mum are not supporting you, this boy will make a joke of you now.

Amar’s son asks Santoshi to give them homework. Santoshi says yes, and gets tensed. Kaka comes and says you are teaching kids here, their parents came to take them. She thinks I got saved and asks all kids to come. Amar’s son thinks she does not know anything, I will bring this truth out so that I can skip the classes. Santoshi talks to all the parents and says kids are smart. Madhu and Ankur look on. Madhu says I thought she will get trapped, but she is saved. Amar’s son asks her to give homework. All kids give their books. Devi Paulmi says this boy is doing great work.

Lady asks Santoshi what happened, kids are waiting. Santoshi says I can’t write, I don’t know english. Madhu and Ankur smile. Amar’s son says I knew this, madam is liar. All kids call her liar. Lady stops them and asks Santoshi why did you lie. Santoshi says I did not lie, it was misunderstanding. Lady scolds her. Kaka asks them to stop it. Santoshi says let it be, its my mistake. Devi paulmi laughs. Santoshi Maa thinks this day had to come, Santoshi is bearing this even if its not her fault. The ladies scold Santoshi and leave with kids. Santoshi cries.

Kaka tells Amar’s son that Santoshi did not lie, you trapped her, go. Amar’s son says you are old, I will tell everyone that madam is liar. Kaka asks him to just leave. Santoshi cries. Kaki consoles her. Santoshi says Amar’s car did not come and goes to look for him. She sees him in the middle of the roads. She gets worried and calls him. He thinks madam is coming to punish me and runs. She sees a speeding car and pushes him. The man asks can’t you manage your son. She says sorry. She tells the boy that his wound will get fine. She does aid to him.

Amar’s son Rinku cries. Kaka and Kaki look on. Santoshi takes care of him. She asks Rinku to put phone on speaker. Dhairya asks Santoshi what did you do, you can’t even one boy, what respect will I have infront of Amar, you will be illiterate always. Rinku hears all this. She cries. Rinku thinks Santoshi goes to learn english, I think uncle trapped her. Amar calls Santoshi and says sorry, driver did not come. Santoshi says no problem, I m coming to drop him, I will ask Rinku about the class.

Devi Paulmi says there will be many hurdles for Santoshi. Dhairya asks Santoshi to stop puja and scolds her for ruining her reputation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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