KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 25

Hey everyone!! Finally my exams r over n I’m free from all burdens..Now I can continue my ff..M so sorry for making u all wait for more than a month..So now without wasting a second, let’s start episode 25..
RECAP- devakshi sangeet n Ruchika entry.

Episode 25
Bose house
All r tired after d sangeet n hv went to their respective rooms. Sona has changed into her night dress n was sitting on d bed, talking to Elena. Suddenly her phone rings. Before she can pick it up, Elena takes it.
E: ohh.. Jiju’s video call!!
S: Elena, give my phone..
E: no..Let me also talk to jiju..
S: no Elena, it’s bad manners..
E: oh plzz Shona, I’m not a kid dat u’ll scold me for bad manners..
Elena does VC wid Dev.
E: hi jiju (wid extra sweet smile)
D: hi Elena. (Dev fakes a smile. Elena too smiles. Dev wants to talk to Sonakshi but doesn’t speak in front of Elena as he feels awkward. Elena knows dis but still teases them.)
S: Elena, maa was calling u.. Go!!
E: I’ll go later, let me talk to jiju now..
D: no no..If maa is calling, it must be something important..We can talk later..U go n listen to maa..
E: wat jiju!! There’s a whole life to talk to Shona..Atleast before marriage u can talk to me..
D: no no..It’s not like dat..
E: oh c’mon jiju, it’s clear from your face dat both of u want me out of dis room right now..Ok I’m going..Enjoy!!
Elena leaves n Sona takes her mobile. Dev admires her.
S: Dev, wat r u looking at??
D: at your face..which, after 2 days, I’ll be seeing everytime..Before sleeping..After waking up..Day n night..But after 2 long days!!
S: Dev!! (Chuckles)
D: arey wat Dev!! Aren’t u restless like me??
S: Dev, even I want us to be together soon..But we can’t be dancing like dis..All will laugh..(giggles)
D: jst like u r laughing..(sad pout)
S: Dev.. (Dev turns his face away from d phone screen) aye Dev Babumoshay..Ami tumake bhalo pashe!!
D: I still can’t understand your Tumi Tumi n u started using new words..Now wats tumake??
Sona laughs hard at Dev’s way of saying tumake..Dev smiles seeing her laugh..Suddenly Elena comes back..
E: ok now dats all for today.. Shona has to sleep now.. Good night jiju..
D: but y Elena??Jst 5 mins more.
E: do u want your bride to hv dark circles?? No na..So she needs to hv proper sleep..So bye..N u also sleep..
D: ok..Bye..Good night
S: good night..
Dev cuts d video call..
S: wat is dis Elena!!
E: quiet..N just go to sleep.. Immediately!!
S: ok mam..(nodding like a kid)
Both laugh..

Next morning
Dixit House
All hv gathered in d hall for Dev’s haldi ceremony. Dev comes down wearing a yellow kurta n while salwar. He sits on a small wooden plank. Nani is d first one to apply haldi to Dev. She applies haldi on Dev’s cheeks, forehead n nose. Ishwari moves towards Dev to apply haldi. She takes some haldi on her hand n applies it on Dev’s cheeks n forehead. Mamiji comes wid her not-so-genuine smile n applies haldi on Dev’s face. NRN, Shraman n Twinj smirk at Dev. Dev gives a ‘what’ look. Shravan n Kunj hold Dev’s hands n NRN, Suman n Twinkle pour d entire haldi on Dev. Naniji, Ishwari n mamaji laugh. Dev runs behind each one of them n everyone apply haldi to each other too.
After all hv cleaned their faces, Ishwari asks Suman n Neha to go to Bose house to give them d shagun ki haldi.
I: Suman, u n Neha take dis haldi to Bose house..
Su n Ne: ok maa..
Twinkle, Riya, Nikki, Shravan n Kunj come.
Tw: maa, I also want to go..plzz maa, can I go??
I: ok beta, u also go wid them..
Ri: maa, if Twinkle bhabhi is going, then I’ll also go..
Ni: if Ria Di can go, then I’m not an exception..I can also go na maa..(before Ishwari cud say yes) thank u maa..
Ku: thank u maa..
I: y??
Ku: we’re also going na..
I: who said!!
Sh: maa, how can we let all ladies go alone..Someone shud be there to take care of them right..
Su: right right!! (Smirking)
RR: now if d whole gang is going, then take my Vicky along..But only if jiji permits..
Mamaji: no..Vicky won’t go to Bahu’s house..
I: bhaiya, if all kids r going, let Vicky also go..U go wid them Vicky..

Bose house
Dixits arrive wid d haldi. Asha n Bijoy greet them. Suman gives d haldi bowl to Asha.
Ni: aunty, where’s Sona bhabhi??
A: she’s coming..Elena has gone to bring her..
Asha calls out Elena. Elena gets Sona downstairs. Sona looks beautiful in a yellow Banarasi saree. Sona comes n sits on a plank. Nikki compliments her. Sona smiles brightly. First, Sona’s Dadi applies haldi on her cheeks. Then Asha applies haldi on her cheeks n forehead. Suman, Neha, twinkle, Riya, Nikki, Elena n Ruchika also apply haldi on Sona’s face. While Shravan n Kunj click their pictures. Then all apply haldi on each other’s cheeks. Vicky comes to Ruchika. She gives a ‘what’ look.
V: all r applying haldi to each other. Can I also apply haldi to u..As a start of out frndship..
Ru: I believe in keeping my circle small..n POSITIVE..So I’m not interested in anymore frnds..N to be specific..U!! Use your haldi wid your sister..
Ruchika walks away n applies haldi to NRN, Suman n Twinkle. Vicky looks on.
Su: ok Asha aunty, now we’ll take a leave. Lots of work is left.
Dixits leave.

Bose House
Sona is wearing a peacock green anarkali. D mehendi artist is applying mehendi on her hand. Elena n Ruchika r taking selfies. D mehendi artist asks d name of groom.
E: our jiju is devta (god) right Ruchika..
Ru: Yaa..He’s great..Our Sona’s devta..
So: shut up both of u..
Ru: ok ok..His name is..
E: aubhodro..
So: Elena!!
Ru: wat.. Aubhodro??
E: yes.. Actually..(she tells d entire story y Sona calls Dev Mr Aubhodro)
Ru: (giggling) nice name..Mr Devrath Aubhodro Dixit.. Hahaha
Sona asks Ruchika to shut up. D mehendi artist wires Dev’s name in Sona’s mehendi. Sona gets bored sitting idle. Elena n Ruchika notice dis. They go to a corner n discuss something n then wink at each other. Suddenly Saurabh Dada comes n mehendi laga k rakhna song from DDLJ plays. Saurabh, Elena n Ruchika dance n entertain Sona.

Next day evening
Dixit House
Ishwari comes to Dev’s room wid Suman n Twinkle. Shravan n Kunj r helping Dev get ready.
I: Dev, r u ready??
D: yes maa.
Ishwari does d nazar-na-lage action. Nikki n Ria take selfies wid Dev. They all come to d hall. Ishwari does Dev’s aarti n Suman makes him wear d sehra.
Sh: dulhe raja..U look like a king today..
I: my son is a king..
Ni: bhaiya, time for a selfie!!
Ne: Nikki, jst now u clicked selfies right..
Ni: but di, I want to capture every moment..
Tw: n post it in your Instagram story..Right??
Ni: obviously..Dats wat photos r meant for..
All laugh.
Radha Rani n Vicky r standing bit far away from everyone.
RR: laugh as much as u want..From tomorrow, u’ll forget d word happiness..Garib ki beti will take revenge of her n son’s insult..
V: but wat r u going to do mummy??
RR: jst wait n watch my son..
Ishwari calls them n they all go outside in d lawn. There is a well decorated horse. Dev sits on d horse n d baraat proceeds for Bose house wid a lot of show n pomp.

Bose House
Asha is walking towards Sona’s room.
A: Shona, r u..
She looks at Sona, dressed as a bride, n her eyes become watery. Elena n Ruchika r also there.
A: I can’t believe dat my little Shona has grown up..N now she’s getting married..Dat Shona who used to be wid me all day long..Is now leaving us..
Sona too cries.
So: maa!! I’m not leaving u..
Sona hugs Asha tightly. Both cry.
A: Ami tumake bhalo pashe..
So: Ami tumake double bhalo pashe..
E n Ru: Ami tumake thappad marbo..
A: y??
E: maashi, it took us two hours to do Sona’s makeup..N if u both continue crying like dis, it’ll get washed away in two minutes.
Ru: exactly, so plzz..No crying allowed.
E: yeah..I won’t cry even at Sona’s bidaai..
So: oh really..I know, u’ll cry d most.. So no drama..Ok
E: Sona!!
Elena hugs Sona. They call Ruchika too. Three of them hug. They hear d sound of drums n trumpets.
E: I think d baraat has come.
Ru: (sees through d window) yes, Dev Babu has come to take his paro.
Elena n Ruchika rush downstairs. They see Shraman, Twinj, NRN n Vicky dancing making a round. Bijoy, Asha n Saurabh stand at d entrance to welcome them. They welcome d Dixits n all get in after a couple of rituals. Dev sits in d mandap. D priest chants some mantras n asks Asha n Bijoy to call d bride. Elena n Ruchika go to get Sona down. They come back running.
A: wat happened?? Y r u both looking so tensed??
E: Sona..(breathing heavily)
D: wat happened to Sonakshi!? Is she fine??

So guys, how was it?? Plzz tell me your views..N I haven’t proof read it..So plzz ignore d errors..N I cudn’t provide d link for Dev’s attire, bcz I didn’t find any sherwani worth it..After all it shud suit our Dev Babu ?

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