KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 24

Hey guys, Aaru here. I know I’m vry late. Sorry for dat. But my tests r going on from so many days, on alternative days. It’s my +2 boards dis yr. But I have an easy chapter’s test on Friday, so I thought of writing dis episode n ending your wait.

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RECAP: Sonakshi along wid all d Dixit youngsters convinces Nani to stay wid them permanently.

Episode 24
Bose house
Sona n Elena are sleeping. Asha comes to wake them up.
A: shona, Elena..wake up both of u. Shona..u nvr sleep till late, atleast u wake up.
S:(sleepy voice) maa, let me sleep. Otherwise, I’ll get dark circles. I’ll look vry ugly in my wedding.
Elena gets up immediately. She has a shocked face.
E: maashi plzz pinch me. M I dreaming!? R my ears alright!?
A: Elena, did u hear d same wat I heard!? Shona, worried about dark circles!!
S: maa..Elena..Don’t overreact. It’s my sangeet tonight. So, I jst thought I shud look better than everyday. Jst dat.. Nothing much..
E: it’s OK Shona. All dis is allowed when it’s your wedding.
Asha, Elena n Sona smile n hug.

Dixit House
All r busy in their works. Ishwari in d preparations, Radha Rani in her drama, mamaji in helping Ishwari, Neha n Ria arranging all their requirements for d sangeet n Nikki was busy cribbing about her dress.
Ni: maa..Maa
I: wat happened Nikki?? Y r u shouting??
Ni: maa, I’m not getting my dupatta. Where is it?
I: it’s in your Almirah. See again.
Ni: no maa it’s not there. My dupatta..I had got it made from d designer only for bhaiya’s sangeet. Maa, wat I will wear..
She continues her cribbing when Suman n Twinkle comes.
Su: Nikki, here’s your dupatta. U left it in my room, when u came to show me your dress.
Ishwari hits her forehead wid her palm.
Tw: Nikki, did u rehearse your dance performance?
Ni: oh no bhabhi, I forgot!! Thanx for reminding me. N u both also come n rehearse your dance.
Nikki rushes to her room. Twinkle n Suman also go to Nikki’s room.
Jst then Dev comes down from his room, wearing his formal clothes.
I: Dev, where r u going?
D: office..

Nikki, Suman, Twinkle, Neha, Ria, Shravan n Kunj come out of their rooms n say “OFFICE!!” Dev is amused to see them like dat. so shocking about it!! I go there everyday..(stammers)
Sh: but everyday is not your sangeet.
D: but today I have a vry important meeting.
Is: I’ll call Tina n tell her to cancel d meeting. U’ll not go to office.
D: no maa, don’t call Tina..I mean..Umm..She doesn’t know abt dis meeting. I have to go maa, try n understand.
Ku: wats d matter bhaiya, y r u so eager to go to office?
Kunj n Shravan drag Dev to a side n fire questions at him. Dev tells them his reason of going to office. Shravan n Kunj signal him dat they’re wid him. Suman n Twinkle notice dis.
Sh: maa, let him go, he’ll come back by d lunch time. Right Dev.
Dev nods in yes, but Ishwari still does not seem convinced.
Ku: maa, we’ll go wid bhaiya n bring him back home on time. Is dat alright wid u?
Is: OK, go to office.
Kunj, Shravan n Dev leave for office. All get busy in their works again. Suman n Twinkle look at each other.
Su: Twinkle, don’t u feel something is fishy.
Tw: bhabhi, not fishy..I think something is sharky.
Dev’s office
Dixit brothers enter Dev’s cabin n see two girls already present there.
Girl 1: hello Mr Dev. I’m Anushka n she’s Kavya. Tina man called us to TEACH U DANCE.
D: yes, n they’re my brother’s..
Sh: I’m Shravan. Dev’s younger brother. ?
Ku: N I’m Kunj, Dev’s youngest brother. I’m single. ?
Someone shouts “oh really!!” All turn towards d door n find Suman n Twinkle there, anger reflecting on their faces. Shravan n Kunj were like..??
Sh: Suman, u here!! U shud hv been at home.
Su: y, so dat u cud enjoy your singles!!
Ku: it’s not like dat bhabhi..
Tw: u don’t say a word Kunj..Who r these girls..For whom you’re single??
Ku: but baby..
Tw:(interrupts Kunj) I’m not your baby.
The couples keep fighting. Finally Dev stops the fight.
D: arey, stop it. Suman bhabhi, Twinkle..Actually these girls are..umm..They’re here to teach me dance..For sangeet..
Tw n Su: dance..N u!!
D: yes, I wanted to surprise Sonakshi, by dancing g on SRK songs. She used to praise SRK so I thought..
Su: aww..So sweet..
Tw: Dev bhai, can u plzz teach such cute things to your brother too..He nvr does any such cute gesture..Boring!!
D: no..Plzz don’t say like dis for my brother.
Sh: see, it was not our fault. Now u both go home n we’ll come wid Dev.
Su: oh..OK..Kunj, who will dance?
Ku: wat a silly question bhabhi!! Ofcourse Dev bhai.
Tw: then who will stay in office?
Ku: ofcourse, Dev bhai.
Su n Tw: then wat will u both do here?? Will u make pickle here!!
Sh n Ku: OK.. We’re also coming home wid u.
Su n Tw: good.. bye Dev/Dev bhai.

All d guests n d Dixit family hv gathered in d hall of Dixit house. All r waiting for Bose family to arrive. Soon d Boses arrive. Dev is mesmerised seeing his Sona. But, someone else is also lattoo on a girl from d bride’s side. Whoz he, u’ll know if u read further..
Sona’s outfit:
Dev’s outfit:
D sangeet ceremony starts. Sona’s frnd, Ruchika is d anchor. Ruchika is played by Tridha Chaudhry, freedom from Dehleez?.
Ru: good evening everyone! Welcome to my best friend Sonakshi n Dev’s sangeet. So, before d first performance, I want to ask u all something. Who is d best companion of a girl in her in-laws house? Who accompanied her to d parlour, shopping mall n everywhere?
All shout, sister-in-law.
Ru: exactly, so d first performance of d evening is by Sona’s beautiful, sweet n cute sisters-in-law.
NRN dance on Goonji angna mein shehnayi from movie Life Partner. After their performance, Ruchika comes back on stage.
Ru: so, after dis beautiful performance by NRN, I hv another question. Wat to do, my mom wants me to get married, so jst thought of taking some tips. So, who is d partner in crime of a girl in her in-laws house?
All shout, brother-in-law.
Ru: so d next performance is by Sona’s brothers-in-law n their wives.
Shraman n Twinj dance on dhik tana dhik tana from movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. After d performance, Ruchika comes back on d stage.
Ru: OK, after two performances from d groom’s side, now we’ll hv a fabulous performance from bride’s side, by her mom n dad, Asha aunty n Bijoy uncle.
Asha n Bijoy dance on d song Kabira from movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. After their performance, Ruchika comes back on the stage.
Ru: so after dis amazing n emotional performance by Asha aunty n Bijoy uncle, d next performance will be of..
Suddenly, d music starts n song Palat from movie Main Tera Hero plays. Vicky comes on d stage n dances around Ruchika. (So u all might hv understood who was mesmerized n by whom ?) Ruchika does not even look at Vicky. She tries to go down, but Vicky dances blocking her way. Finally, d music stops.
Ru: so now, as d music has stopped, will u plzz step down n let others perform.
Vicky steps down. He winks at Ruchika.
Ru: thank u, so d next performance is by d one who has pampered Sona d most. Saurabh Dada.
Saurabh performs on d song Maahi Ve from movie Kal Ho Na Ho. After d performance, Ruchika comes back on the stage. Dev makes an excuse n leaves.
Ru: Sona, I hv a surprise for u!! Wanna see??
Sona nods in yes. D lights go off. Spotlight falls on d stage n there stands Dev wid a mandolin in his hands. Sona is super shocked to see him like dat. Dev sings d song Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam from d iconic movie DDLJ. (Not actually sings, but jst lip sync) Then he puts d mandolin down, gets Sona on d stage n they dance on d song Zaalima from movie Raees. Sona was super happy. Her happiness glowing on her face. D stops.
Ru: oh no..Song ended yaar shit!! Such a cute surprise..N d last performance of d evening..By mamaji, mamiji n Ishwari aunty. N most importantly our super Nani.
Nani comes n dances on Kya Kehna song from movie Kya Kehna. Mamaji, mamiji n Ishwari join her. Later, NRN, Shraman, Devakshi n Twinj also join them. The screen freezes on d happy faces of d family.

PRECAP: Devakshi mehendi n haldi ceremony..N maybe wedding too..

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