Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded (3 shots)

Hum Saath Saath Hain..a family genre hindi film. The story of three brothers n their unbreakable bond. It’s my favourite movie n my madness is crossing limits day by day. So dis time, I’m here to show my craze for d movie. Some of u might hv seen d movie n would hv got bored. But I’m sure it won’t be boring if we add a spice to it. If we replace d actors wid our fav telly stars. So wanna know which tv actor will play which character, read below..

Vivek (Mohnish Behl) replaced by Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) of Ishqbaaaz. Both r serious, understanding n responsible.
Sadhna (Tabu) replaced by Ishana (Vrushika Mehta) of Ishqbaaaz. Although they hv no similarities, but I luv Ishana.
Prem (Salman Khan) replaced by my crush Devrath (Shaheer Sheikh) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Both r serious, don’t express their feelings. Although Dev does express now. Both r their mom’s favourite. Well dats not any advantage for Dev. N jst like d show, Dev’s mom’s love for him will form d story.
Preeti (Sonali Bendre) replaced by Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Both patli kamariyas, doctors. Whenever I see Preeti of HSSH, I remember Sonakshi.
Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) replaced by Aryan (Kinshuk Vaidya) of Ek Rishta Saajhedaari Ka. It’s a Rajshree Productions movie, how can we not add any Rajshree Productions serial actor in it’s ff remake!! Both are funny, easy going n cute.
Sapna (Karishma Kapoor) replaced by Saanchi (Shivya Pathania) of Ek Rishta Saajhedaari Ka. Both girls r perfect for a marwari girl’s character. Funny yet responsible.
Ramkishan (Alok Nath) replaced by Diwakar (Sooraj Thapar) of Ek Rishta Saajhedaari Ka. Although no one can play “babuji” better than “babuji” Diwakar would really suit dat character.
Mamta (Reema Lagoo) replaced by Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Both d moms love their sons Prem/Dev a lot, which will be d cause if everything. So if Dev is playing Prem, no one better than Ishwari can play his mom.
Sangeeta (Neelam Kothari) replaced by Neha (Cheshta Bhagat) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.
Anand (Mahesh Thakur) replaced by Ranveer (Arjun Aneja) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.
Vakil Sahab (Ajit Vacchani) replaced by Shakti (Siraj Mustafa Khan) of Ishqbaaaz. Both Shakti n Vakil Sahab, mamaji of d heroes, is a positive character n praises d togetherness of d family.
Mamiji (Himani Shivpuri) replaced by Pinki (Nikita Anand) of Ishqbaaaz. Both r funny characters n their English is jst..fab!! Lol..
Adarsh (Rajeev Verma) replaced by Tej (Mahesh Thakur) of Ishqbaaaz. He is not so mean in d ff.
Preetam (Satish Shah) replaced by Viren (Nitesh Pandey) of Ek Rishta Saajhedaari Ka. Bijoy was not fat na..N Preeti’s papa was a fat foodie.
Dharamraj (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) Sapna’s papa replaced by Ajit Gujral (Pawan Chopra) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. He can play a perfect bhadkau character who can brainwash anyone.
Shanti (Kunika) replaced by Radha (Alka Mogha) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Dis time garib ki beti will play a modern she will be ameer ki beti.
Mamta’s friend (Jayshree T) replaced by Roop (Vishavpreet Kaur) of Ishqbaaaz.
Mamta’s friend (Kalpana Iyer) replaced by Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) of Ishqbaaaz.
Anurag (Dilip Dhawan) replaced by Sushant (Waseem Mushtaq) of Ek Rishta Saajhedaari Ka.
Jyoti (Sheela Sharma) replaced by Priyanka (Sunayana Fozdar) of Ek Rishta Saajhedaari Ka.
Miss Rehana (Huma Khan) replaced by Tina (Anju Jadhav) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.
Anwar (Shakti Kapoor) replaced by Bunty (Mohit Sinha) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.
Durga Mausi (Shammi) replaced by Dadi of Ishqbaaaz. She’ll be called as Mausi ji.
Raghuveer (Dinesh Hingoo) Raghu kaka replaced by Mansoor (Junior Mahmood) of Ek Rishta Saajhedaari Ka.
Dr. Sen (Jatin Kanakia) replaced by Dr. Sinha (Hemant Choudhary) of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.
Khan Sahab (Achyut Potdar) replaced by the security head of d Oberoi mansion. Gid knows his name.
Raju replaced by Ayush.
Babloo replaced by Mohit.
Radhika replaced by Neeti.

So these were d character replacements. Now comes d introduction of d story.
Diwakar Singhania n his wife Ishwari hv four children, eldest son Omkara, younger to him Dev, n youngest son Aryan. Tej, Ishana’s father is Diwakar’s business friend. Viren, Sonakshi’s papa is Diwakar’s best friend. Mausi ji lives in Diwakar’s village. She is respected by everyone in d Singhania Family. Her son is Ajit, who has a daughter named Saanchi. She is Aryan’s love interest. Ajit always had a dream dat Saanchi gets married to Aryan n becomes d owner of 1/3rd share if d Singhania’s property. Dev has gone abroad for his studies. Omkara is not getting married due to some reason.
So dis was d introduction to my 3shots..yes, not ff but 3 shots. So would u all like to read it?? If yes, plzz let me know..

  1. Go ahead dear maximum characters are my favorite and hum saath saath hain was every green .. But let’s see is the story similar to it…
    Best of luck

    1. Aaru

      Yeah d story will be same..Thanx..

  2. Sat

    It is nice and please continue. Yeah, even I love hum Saath Saath Hain. Such a lovely film.
    Nd please of you have time, read and comment on my ff
    Ishqbaaz ff by Sat.

    1. Aaru

      It is a lovely film indeed..N can u send me d links if your ff’s episode..
      I too write an ff – KRPKAB Devakshi ff..

  3. Bhoomi

    OMG!!!!!! This is one of my fav movie ?….. I have watched it so many times… no you are replacing it with my 3 fav serials ?…. Awwwww….. Perfect one aaru ?…… I just cant wait for next one…. post very very soon…
    Fantastic job ??..

    1. Aaru

      Thanx is my fav film..everyday I scroll down my tv guide to see whether d movie will b coming on tv today or not..?? I’m jst crazy for it..

    2. Bhoomi

      Baapre…. U r very crazy lover of HSSH ?…..

    3. Aaru

      I actually am!!??

  4. Sooo gd dear…continuee plzz

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Tulasi..

  5. Manya

    Woho I too like the movie❤️❤️
    Post soon??
    Love love❣

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Manya..

  6. U know what vivah n HSsH both r in the list of my fvrt movies ….
    Whenever they r played on tv i surely watch even my sister taunts me that how many times u will watch….
    Continue it n post next soon…m waiting….lved it…

    1. Aaru

      My cousins too taunt me dat how many times will u watch dis film, u watch it daily..but I’m jst too crazy for d film..Thanx for commenting

  7. I didn’t like it….??…….but I loved it ???☺️☺️????????☺️????……seriously….its gonna be a hit movie…..made, produced, and written by aaru….??☺️???

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Maleeha..actually main dar gyi thi ye padh k ki u didn’t like it..but then I was relieved reading dat u luvd it..??

  8. Jasminerahul

    wow…interesting.i havent watched these shows.butsince its based on HSSH i’m interested.recently i too wrote a ss on HSSH

    1. Aaru

      Wow..plzz send d link of your ss

  9. This is my favorite movie as well. I have watched it innumerable times. I would love to read a different version of this beautiful family story. I don’t comment on a lot of ffs because I normally don’t like them, main reason being the written language an the content (too cheesy mostly). Your Introduction episode looks very promising. Keep up the good work. One question – 3 shots meaning it is a 3 episode series?

    1. Aaru

      Yes dear it’s a 3 episodes series..I will write d story in 3 parts..

  10. Yashfeen

    Aaru…its jst an osum superb n mind blowing intro…d way to have connected is jst perfect..I jst luv to watch ds movie for salman n hs role thou m nt salman fan bt still he jst jells well in ds character…n ds ff too m goona luk forwrd fr dat part wen dev vl fight fr d right of omkara frm hs mother…I hope ol remember tat serial tu tu main main…thr ishwari ws d DIL of reema lagoo n nw shes playing hr role in d ff…m very happy reading ds ff I dnt knw y…bt pleaze update soon..cnt wait..n ya one thng need to b appreciate d mst n tat is ur search for d original cast n name along wid d fiction name is great…..
    Loads of Luv….

    1. Aaru

      Haye!! Meri tarif mein itta bada comment..Thanx..ya I remember tu tu main main serial..

    2. Yashfeen

      Yr tarif ki baat ni hai…I beleive one shud b appreciated fr their wrk…n writing is great skill jisme main zero bata sannata hoon…toh jo acha likhta hai n jo acha connect kr skta hai characters ko to uski tareef toh banti hai..

    3. Aaru

      ??thanx dear..

  11. Hi Aaru, if you remember Tu Tu Main Main show then you must be 20 years or older. May I ask your age? Feel free to refuse. I am 40, by the way.

    1. Aaru

      Hey Archi..I’m not more than 20..I’m going to be 18 in November ending..

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  13. Yashfeen

    Heya…when r u gona post…i hate patience in ds cse too…m eagerly waiting.

    1. Aaru

      I’ll post soon..but till then hv “PATIENCE”

  14. Simplesweety1

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayayayaayayayayayay! Do U Know What!? I Love This Movie Madly! Abh Toh Maza Aayega ! And The Cast Is Perfect! And Do U Know What .. Meri Favourite Jodi Is Of Salman Khan And Sonali Bendre! And You Replaced Them By My Favouritest Jodi Of Television! Devakshi! YYYAYAYAYAYYAYAY! UPDATE SOON!

    1. Aaru

      Same pinch no returns..meri favorite Jodi bhi Salman Khan n Sonali Bendre h..Sonali ko bhi Sona bol sakte h right..Thanx dear for commenting..N main bhi bohot excited hoon likhne k liye..I mean devakshi ko prem n Preeti ki jagah imagine kr k hi main to excitement se Nach uthti hu..??

  15. DevSona

    Fantastic plot 😀 please post soon

    1. Aaru

      Thanx dear..N I’ll try to post as soon as my exams get over..luv u?

  16. Hey Aaru di!
    Unfortunately, it seems I haven’t heard of the movie??
    Yet, the plot seems wonderful and I’d definitely want to read it!
    Please do post the first part at the earliest!
    Love you!?????

    1. Aaru

      Thanx AnShIta..n I’m writing dis espclly for those who haven’t seen d dat they can know d story, imaging their favorite telly couples..

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