Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini comes out wiping her tears and Dhruv is standing there. Nandini says that sometimes I become shell because of Rishab. DHruv says that you nothing to explain and I will wait until you are ready. He says that you don’t have to worry as he will get better. Nandini says that you have a sixth sense as you always come when I am about to cry.
Manik is with Neunika and can’t believe that he can’t use his hand for a month. Neunika scolds him and says that this is not a joke while Manik says that don’t take the stress. She leaves saying that you are fine and you are not allowed to touch your guitar for a month. Manik is frustrated and kicks the pole in front of him. Dhruv comes and tells him to relax as patients cry and sleep when they are admitted. Manik says that now even you

will make fun of me and he sits down. Manik sees Nandini and yells saying that will you just leave me alone while Dhruv stands up and says that I will be outside if you want me.
Harshad weeps and apologizes to Aliya saying that maybe I was very extreme. He says that I am a musician as well and I know the importance. Harshad says that I and Manik are childhood friends and music is everything to him. He says that I should not be excused and I deserve to be here and tells ALiya to leave. He sits down and tells Aliya go from here and promise him to not come here again. She is about say something when the inspector calls her saying that the time her time has ended.
Dhruv is walking by when he sees Nandini with Rishab. Nandini comes outside and asks if everything is Okay and DHruv explains that Manik expelled him from the room. Nandini proposes that someone should stay with him and he proposes her to go to him and decides to stay with RIshab. Nandini leaves and Dhruv enters Rishab’s room. Dhruv and RIshab both start to feel a headache and Rishab goes for water when Dhruv comes out. He calls the nurse and wonders why this always happens.
Nandini comes to Manik and sees him struggling with the sheet. She covers him up and he goes to sleep, she thanks the lord for keeping her promise. She silently turns around and leaves; Manik doesn’t notices anything and looks at the door. Outside Nandini remembers when Manik made coffee for her while Manik looks at his guitar and comes out of bed to get it.
Cabir is packing his stuff and his mother asks if he can live without him. Cabir says that I can’t live with you and says that I am not wrong. His mother asks of what she would say to his father and the world will mock her. Cabir says that we have talking for this for the past 7 years and there is no result. His mother requests him not to go but he leaves after hugging her. Dhruv gets a call from Aliya and they talk about Manik’s hand and Neunika doing something good.
Aliya says goodnight to him and Dhruv says that we are still friends. Aliya asks Dhruv that if he believes in second chances and Dhruv says that everyone should get one. Aliya says that do you feel when someone is getting punished you feel that it’s enough and If they have understood their mistake. Dhruv says that you are talking about Harshad, Aliya says that I feel bad when I see my brother behind bars but then I feel as if I am betraying you. Dhruv says that you are the strongest person I know and Harshad is your brother so you shouldn’t feel bad.
Aliya thanks him and he says that you can help me instead of thanking. He asks her something and ALiya says that at least when you are going to hit on a girl don’t call her sister. Aliya says that if you want a second chance than Nandini is also there, Dhruv says that he doesn’t wants to take that second chance with Nandini. Aliya says that she is going to sleep and they will meet tomorrow.
Nandini comes to Manik’s room and looks for him. She waits outside but he doesn’t come, she goes inside and sees that the guitar is not there. Manik is upstairs looking at the starts and is about to play. He reaches for the guitar when Nandini comes and stops him. She says that what is your problem and how could you walk out of there like this. Manik says that we are not playing hide and seek anymore.

Precap: Nandini is leaving and Manik says that he will never come for her if she leaves this time. Nandini comes running back and hugs him and they kiss.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Prahasith

    I hope this Aiya isn’t as dumb as Alia Bhatt to believe Harshad 😛
    His main intention was to break Manik’s hand so that he wouldn’t be able to play misuc ever again. Now why is he crying? To get out from that jail!

  2. megha

    o god!~ i hope from tommorrow manan will be together again……..very exiceted for tommorrow episode….

  3. soundarya

    Lovely precap,,,, but please yaar,,, don’t make it to be a dream.,,,,please,,,plz,…… And harshad don’t act so smart, everyone knows who r u….and they never believe u…

  4. fairy

    Sry ,Suhash. I was talking 2 ur gf. It is ur personal matter. Actually I have a looooooot of times. I have nthng important 2 do. So………

  5. messi

    i lyk the way when nandini kissed on manik’s forehead n cheek n he takes a deep sigh of relief in inhallucinate condini….its one of best part of manan….:)

  6. fairy

    Lol, I don’t knw 2 day wht has happened 2 me. Whnevr I read any cmnts, I start 2 laugh. Bt now ,I m serious.

  7. fairy

    U r so funny ,Suhash. Ok we will not tlk abt love. Bt I thnk u shld 4 get abt these things & enjoy ur life. Just chilll……..

  8. fairy

    No,no how can Suhash will afraid of dark? U know guys in my home area thr is a light shop named SUHASH………… I m vry sry Suhash.ha ha ha …..pls don’t mind.

  9. Auhona

    Hi guys!! Fairy, megha,neha,suhash,caron and everyone else… Awsm ep…every night I see Manan dreamz…so ab aur dreams nahi chahiae….pls make the precap true!!

  10. qwert

    Wat abt dat poll of hottest chem????…..btw guyz yesterday was my b’day….n ya precap was osm….want dat manan now fight all evils together n not separate again due to any misunderstandings

  11. Auhona

    Guys i think thr wil be no memory loss part here..and the precap was jst fabulous!! And dhrulia be together fast!!

  12. fairy

    Suhash,if Neha don’t understand hindi, then how she watches kyy??( sry,on bhalf of u,Neha).sry Neha didi

  13. carron1112

    But I don’t understand hindi that much but I watch the show (but still I can understand easy hindi )

  14. fairy

    Actually I don’t know maaaany thing abt India. Whtevr I know I thnk it is enough. Bt in India thr r dfrnt lang in dfrnt states, as far as I know. Isn’t it? May b all the ppl of India can undstnd hindi.

  15. carron1112

    Fairy, mostly all the north indians are really familiar with hindi in india and half of south indians also know hindi n in india hindi is a important lang in every state and we learn this in school (it’s compulsory)

  16. SUHASH

    Thanq for comparing me with kabir…bt i m not a gay…very romantic hun..ha ha ha..thanq auhona,megha,ndha di fairy.

  17. soundarya

    Guys i think,,, that it doesn’t shows like a comment page,,,, it looks like an FB page. Just 4 fun….

  18. megha

    i m little confused suhash whether u r asking me y i didn’t hve dinnertill nw or u r telling tht u havn’t taken dinner till nw

  19. fairy

    Hey, guyz I m back. Suhash bro, sry,I will not come. I have had my dinner. I think 2 day the cmnt wil cross 300. Then this site will tell us to leave & cht smwhr. Ha ha

  20. megha

    yeah after sometime they will not tell us bt kick us
    no suhash i m not vegeterian n i lve chicken too bt mushroom fav.

  21. fairy

    Hey I m back too. I am not angry, megha. U guyz may b don’t blv that I don’t talk too much in my home. Bt c here I m talking like a talking machine. My teachers always say to me to talk more.

  22. megha

    ya neha di
    by the suhash nw neha di is also here so i m not alone n i don’t knw ghost cn also cmmnt here teely update hve given such privilage to ghost…hahhaha

  23. fairy

    U knw guys if any of my familiar c me here to talking too much, they will say” U can talk, we don’t know…..

  24. megha

    really fairy u r so silent i can’t stay silent for a moment my mother always say that no body cn talk more then u.is ur real name fairy

  25. fairy

    No,I think thr is no 1 whs real name is fairy. Actually sry megha I have sme pb 2 tell my name(bt my name is nice)

  26. OctoberBaby

    isn’t it clearly written that discussion should be made regarding the show only? sorry for the interference but it’s quite frustrating to see a few people chat rather than discussing about the show.

  27. Yes, octoberbaby,u r right. Actually I m so sorry 4 talking too useless things. Pls don’t mind. We will not talk anymote abt othr issue. So sorry

  28. First time harshad was crying in ky2 & precap is awesome guys so upcoming episode could be more interesting gud night all of ky2 fans**

  29. SUHASH

    Guyz an idea…write first..kyy rocks,manan rocks…nd talk next word abt our personal matter…bdw who d hell r u???octoberbaby..

  30. i think nandini vl kiss manik n say him sorry dat dey cant be togethr… n after that again the attitude showing n fights vl start btween manan… n again dey vl show thoda thoda love b!tween dem…

  31. fairy

    Yes, kuhu,I knw tht u want harshad out of jail. Bt I m not able 2 understand is he pretending or is he really wants 2 b gud???

  32. Auhona

    Hi guys…fairy, fairy’s brother(suhash),kuhu..n evry1 else….waiting curiously for the clock to become 6:30…can’t wait…

  33. fairy

    Bye suhash, Hi auhona!! Look I had told u that the cmnt will cross 300…..By d way I just can’t wait 2 c 2day’s epsd.

  34. fairy

    Auhona, it is vry difficult 2 me. Most of d manan song is nice. Whenever I hear any new manan song, I just start 2 download.

  35. vaishu

    but i personally feel that manik is not well enuf for nanthini.. would you all prefer to have some one like manik in your love life…he has to change first in order to have a girl like nantini. he realized his mistakes,its not enuf yaar,he has to act upon it!!

  36. SUHASH

    Guyz plz tell me why it happens??i luv my parents,my cousins,but woh jb samne hote hain..mera heartbeat normal reheta hai.but my g.f jab mera samne aati ha tab mera heartbeat kyon tezz ho jati hai..i dont know why my hrtbeat grows when she is infront of me…plz tell me guyz..

  37. fairy

    Suhash , I thnk u have got a big shock. May b u loved ur gf truly. By d way I thnk we r taking our cht on the other way.

  38. Auhona

    Thn I can’t say…ek kam karo, gor se notice karo ki sachme ur hartbeat increse or not…if yes then perhaps u r in love with her..

  39. SUHASH

    Yaa my hrtbeat increases…ek baat bolo parents ke samne aisa ni hota g.f ke samne aisa q hota hai..kya hum parents s pyar ni karte..

  40. fairy

    No. We all love our parents. Bt the feeling is dfrnt. The love 4 ur parents is dfrnt from the love 4 ur gf. Actually I do not knw many thng abt love.

  41. Auhona

    Suhash u r defnately in love….do smthing,go to ur gf and talk wid her…tell her dat u love her so much..if necessary show this coments as well…win her heart…do evrything she likes;-)

  42. fairy

    Hey, u guyz shld tell me that u knw bengali. So happy 2 knw that thr is sm1 of my language. I love bengali.

  43. fairy

    Suhash, I knw I m genious. I have never stood 3rd in my cls . I’ve always stood 1st or 2nd. ……… jst joking bt the infmtn is true. Hi neha di

  44. Auhona

    Wow guys! I Also know bengali language…as ami 2 yrs bangladesh e chilam…ami jantam na that so many of u here know bengali:-)

  45. fairy

    Hey sharmin. I m always wait 4 ur swt & funny talks. And don’t worry I don’t thnk that any of them r dreaming.

  46. kuhu

    what a stupid serial this kyy is!
    just bakwass
    dil dostii dance is much better
    stop watching this kyy and watch d3 instead
    and it is my ORDER

  47. kuhu

    why u ppl r still comenting here?
    go and comment on d3 w/u….that is much better serial than this idiotic bakwass

  48. sharmin

    i think some1 else is commenting frm her id…n fairy m back…sorry my net was givin a prob since yest…

  49. sharmin

    hahaha…seriously…waise i was thinking dat wen precap is good epi is nt as per expectation n i hope dat doesnt happen…ny1 here is done with college?i think im too old fr dis grp…lol

  50. Auhona

    Sharmin , age doesn’t matter in a family…and I am still in hope wid da precap…yaar bohot ro liya…ab to kuch achcha hona chahie na?

  51. SUHASH

    R u talking abt me sharmin…hi this iz paglu suhash,frm delhi,12 th cls..nd bro of my paglii sister fairy.

  52. Auhona

    Hmm…n guys, kuch notice kia? Udhar Manik pe kisses ki barish ho rahi hain…aur aaj yaha comments ki barish ho raha hain;-)

  53. sharmin

    actually yaa way too many comments fr me to catch up with the chat…hey suhash…i hope no1 is dreaming

  54. kuhu

    hey hey guys I have not commented like dt. that will be a fake kuhu. I m real kuhu n d proof is I can talk in bengali. Ami holam real kuhu r ami bangla pari.

  55. sharmin

    see if sum1 frm kyy is doin bakwaas der dat doesnt mean u do it here…hum toh nai kar rhe naa…n jo wahan kar rha hai u reply to dem der naa…yahan nonsense kyun kar rhe ho

  56. Auhona

    Sadda.h.r, we r not here to fight…aur jiski galti hai usse kaho na..yaha hame kyun pareshaan kar rahe ho yaar??we even dont know abt it…

  57. fairy

    Saddahaqrox, we r vry sorry abt that. Bt it is not right na , whn any does wrong, u shld do the same thng. We don’t knw who done this. All prsn doesn’t have same mind.

  58. kuhu

    suhash n my other frnds plz ignore fake kuhu. Ami bangla jani r j toder shathe bangla te kotha bolbe o holo real kuhu. So dont be confused guys.

  59. sharmin

    dw kuhu…we realised dat it wasnt u…n fake kuhu jus bcoz of the same name dnt think we cant recognise the real 1

  60. fairy

    Guyz pls don’t call me pagli. I jst get angry 2 hear these thngs. And Suhash who is mad evry1 know….. that’s u……I will c u later…… ha ha ha

  61. Auhona

    I’m here guys…and fairy ,I also heard about riya..why does she do these? Kya faida hai yar ye sab karke?:-)..! Really funny

  62. sharmin

    who is dis riya yaar…kal bhi same hua tha coz of her…i think i saw her name in the beginnin wale comments here wen i attempted to read the chat…bt was too long

  63. saddahaqrox

    maine socha tha ke main yahaan pe aake thoda tum logon se hi chat kar lu coz TU w/u pe koi ni hain n yahaan pe toh kuhu n mera usernames use ho ra hain!
    ok, I guess that wasn’t u coz main jitna tumko jaanti hun utna toh tum yeh sab kabhi ni kar sakti
    and guyz I know k u don’t know me ( im @well wisher frm shq w/u) but plz trust me I didn’t do the earlier cmmnt! I don’t even watch d3!\noopur

  64. Auhona

    Ok guys have to go,…fairy and sharmin…hope to talk in the evening…shayad kuch awsm hone wala hai…if yes, tonight comments will be more than these too….full ep. Ka reaction zarur precap se zyada hoga..:-)…;-)…OK, bye…

  65. fairy

    Oh!!! It is so complicated. 1 by 1 came & scold us then told I wasn’t tht. By d way ,the real saaddaha, r u frm shq??

  66. Auhona

    Sharmin,accrdng to me, the jungle .ep, the musicana opening nite ep and the ep. In which Manan danced together 4 raghavs B-day party…OK..bye;-)

  67. sharmin

    n auhona well surely have sumtin to talk bout after the epi…even if its nt as per expectation har epi is hatke..

  68. saddahaqrox

    ok guyz don’t trust me if u don’t want but im sayin the truth
    @kuhu tum to jaanti ho na mujhe? Then

  69. Thnk u fairy …ths iz ma frst tym nd ths is all bcuz of kyy im gng crazy i couldnt cntrl myself frm cmmntng cuz ds iz d bzt show ever just luv ds shw nd happy gng to make new frndz

  70. Auhona

    Ok guys for about 45mins are left…dam exited…lets see wat hapens…c u all in tonights updated page….BYE!!!;-)

  71. sharmin

    nandini tells manikk ki we cant b together ee bring pain to each other…den kal ka precap part comes dey hug n all n she says wd cnt b together n runs away…alia goes to meet harshad…woh sudhra nai hai…abhimanyu is related to nandini…nw break

  72. sharmin

    rishabh n manik ka discharge saath hota hai…manik nw ignoring nandini…abhimanyu ks droppin nandini n her fly home n goes to get his car utne mein mukti ki car thoda sa lagta hai usse wen hes walkin towards his car….nandu comes runnin to help n manik sees her n says lets go n puts his glass up

  73. sharmin

    cabir is bck…fab 5 gives him a welcome …nandini n manikk are thinkoin bout each other raat ko…n cbir cpmes to talk to manik..precap mein manik is singing alvidawala gaana colg mein n nandu hears n is cryin

  74. fairy

    Hi guyz, I m not happy to c 2day’s epsd. Wht is this?? Now Manik will ignore her & Nandini will undrsnd his love. Bt I have 2 say , Abhi don’t knw gud acting.

  75. fairy

    No, it’s ok. Yes, I have seen it.1st Manik was ignoring,after that nandini & now manik. When it will stop??

  76. sharmin

    haha sacchi…bt nandu needs it…yeh toh hona hi tha…dey will b together on new year…my gaurantee…

  77. sharmin

    itni jaldi mat jaa suhash…go bfre new year…dey will drag till den…pakka on new year dey will b together…

  78. fairy

    Nandini was doing too much. So, I thnk smhow it is gud. Now may b we will b able 2 c their swt fight & also the love story of mukti..

  79. fairy

    Bt, Sharmin u knw I thought that manan will b 2gether on my birthday as my bday is cming soon.If they will 2 gether on this day then it will b my 1 of d best bday gift.

  80. vaishu

    fairy,i agreed manik has changed a lot,he bacame a better person now,but still when comes to love its not enuf,the reason he walked out from his love totally not acceptable,n again he fully involved with his love after dhruv moved on,,,love doesn’t work such a way,, he asked for forgiveness n he expected everything to be normal,,more over he never tried to made her smile!!

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