Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nandini comes out wiping her tears and Dhruv is standing there. Nandini says that sometimes I become shell because of Rishab. DHruv says that you nothing to explain and I will wait until you are ready. He says that you don’t have to worry as he will get better. Nandini says that you have a sixth sense as you always come when I am about to cry.
Manik is with Neunika and can’t believe that he can’t use his hand for a month. Neunika scolds him and says that this is not a joke while Manik says that don’t take the stress. She leaves saying that you are fine and you are not allowed to touch your guitar for a month. Manik is frustrated and kicks the pole in front of him. Dhruv comes and tells him to relax as patients cry and sleep when they are admitted. Manik says that now even you will make fun of me and he sits down. Manik sees Nandini and yells saying that will you just leave me alone while Dhruv stands up and says that I will be outside if you want me.
Harshad weeps and apologizes to Aliya saying that maybe I was very extreme. He says that I am a musician as well and I know the importance. Harshad says that I and Manik are childhood friends and music is everything to him. He says that I should not be excused and I deserve to be here and tells ALiya to leave. He sits down and tells Aliya go from here and promise him to not come here again. She is about say something when the inspector calls her saying that the time her time has ended.
Dhruv is walking by when he sees Nandini with Rishab. Nandini comes outside and asks if everything is Okay and DHruv explains that Manik expelled him from the room. Nandini proposes that someone should stay with him and he proposes her to go to him and decides to stay with RIshab. Nandini leaves and Dhruv enters Rishab’s room. Dhruv and RIshab both start to feel a headache and Rishab goes for water when Dhruv comes out. He calls the nurse and wonders why this always happens.
Nandini comes to Manik and sees him struggling with the sheet. She covers him up and he goes to sleep, she thanks the lord for keeping her promise. She silently turns around and leaves; Manik doesn’t notices anything and looks at the door. Outside Nandini remembers when Manik made coffee for her while Manik looks at his guitar and comes out of bed to get it.
Cabir is packing his stuff and his mother asks if he can live without him. Cabir says that I can’t live with you and says that I am not wrong. His mother asks of what she would say to his father and the world will mock her. Cabir says that we have talking for this for the past 7 years and there is no result. His mother requests him not to go but he leaves after hugging her. Dhruv gets a call from Aliya and they talk about Manik’s hand and Neunika doing something good.
Aliya says goodnight to him and Dhruv says that we are still friends. Aliya asks Dhruv that if he believes in second chances and Dhruv says that everyone should get one. Aliya says that do you feel when someone is getting punished you feel that it’s enough and If they have understood their mistake. Dhruv says that you are talking about Harshad, Aliya says that I feel bad when I see my brother behind bars but then I feel as if I am betraying you. Dhruv says that you are the strongest person I know and Harshad is your brother so you shouldn’t feel bad.
Aliya thanks him and he says that you can help me instead of thanking. He asks her something and ALiya says that at least when you are going to hit on a girl don’t call her sister. Aliya says that if you want a second chance than Nandini is also there, Dhruv says that he doesn’t wants to take that second chance with Nandini. Aliya says that she is going to sleep and they will meet tomorrow.
Nandini comes to Manik’s room and looks for him. She waits outside but he doesn’t come, she goes inside and sees that the guitar is not there. Manik is upstairs looking at the starts and is about to play. He reaches for the guitar when Nandini comes and stops him. She says that what is your problem and how could you walk out of there like this. Manik says that we are not playing hide and seek anymore.

Precap: Nandini is leaving and Manik says that he will never come for her if she leaves this time. Nandini comes running back and hugs him and they kiss.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nandini was doing too much. So, I thnk smhow it is gud. Now may b we will b able 2 c their swt fight & also the love story of mukti..

  2. if u remember they came together on diwali…so even here deyll b togetner on new party time..

  3. Bt, Sharmin u knw I thought that manan will b 2gether on my birthday as my bday is cming soon.If they will 2 gether on this day then it will b my 1 of d best bday gift.

  4. Toh fir god s mein prayer karunga ki fairy k b’day par manan jodi ko milaye..

  5. awww wens ur bday..

  6. fairy,i agreed manik has changed a lot,he bacame a better person now,but still when comes to love its not enuf,the reason he walked out from his love totally not acceptable,n again he fully involved with his love after dhruv moved on,,,love doesn’t work such a way,, he asked for forgiveness n he expected everything to be normal,,more over he never tried to made her smile!!

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