Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Cabir leaves in the car while his mother wipes her tears as he does. Later at Nandin’s house Navya is with her when her aunt tells Nandini that I am making the dish in exactly the way you said. Nandini explains to Navya about her aunt’s cooking method being a little risky. As she says it her aunt mixes the pasta with the lady finger. They start to talk when Nandini receives a gift which is from Manik. Nandini runs with the gift upstairs while Soha thanks the man who did the job for her.
In a moment Manik arrives as well and Nandini comes down scared that it might be him. She opens the door and Manik asks her on how she is. Nandini says that what are you doing here and Manik says that friends visit each other’s house. Her aunt asks of who it is, when Manik comes in as well though

Nandini tells him to go away. Her aunt is very happy to see Manik and he greets her as well. Her aunt asks for whom the bag belongs to when Manik says that these belong to Navya as she forgot to bring her things from the hostel. Nandini says that since you have given her the stuff so thank you and goodnight.

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Manik is about to leave and turns around when her aunt signals Nandini to stop him. Manik himself turns around and says that something good is cooking as I can smell it. He says that I am very hungry and asks if a magical dish is cooking. Her aunt gets very happy to say him that and tells him to sit and explains the dish. She leaves to get the dish while Navya thanks Manik for doing all of this. Manik says that it was Nandini’s plan to do this and Navya leaves to put the bags.
Nandini asks of when did she say it and Manik says that should I tell the truth. Manik stands up when Nandini’s aunt brings the dish and tells him to sit down. Soha is also peaking from the window while Nandin laughs secretly. Manik can’t eat the dish while Nandini says that it is very nice and says that now the greatness will come. Manik gets hiccups and her aunt says that I will get milk which will make the hiccups go away. She stops and then leaves to get the milk from neighbors. Nandini asks Manik if he is Okay, Navya also comes down and goes in the kitchen to make something to help Manik. Manik says that he needs to lie down and Nandini tells him to come with her.
Muktii is at a hotel and asks if Abhymanu has come yet. The receptionist replies saying that he has not come yet. Abhymanu on the other hand is at a hospital and is being treated. Muktii calls him on his cell while he can’t answer as he is in pain.After trying several times Muktii leaves and Abhymanu gets the strength to check his phone. The doctor comes and says to him that the reports are not looking good. Abhymanu says that how will I manage so much happiness.
On the other hand Nandini is thinking of what to do when Manik says that try to divert my attention. Nandini starts to think of how she should do that and starts to slap him. Manik says that what are you doing when Nandini says that you told me to divert your attention. Manik says that don’t take advantage when Nandini says that I need to talk to you now.
Manik tells her to scare me when Nandini says that you were right that we can’t be friends. Manik keeps on getting hiccups and says that I know that you are just saying this to divert me. Nandini says that I really mean it and kisses his face. Manik is about to kiss Nandini when she backs up and he asks her of what happened. Nandini says that you are cured and when Manik gets his hiccups back and says that it is not cured. Nandini says that my work is done friend and gets up, while Manik says that I still have the hiccups.
Navya comes with the a drink and tells Manik to drink it as it will cure the hiccups. Manik stands up and says that it is cured and I don’t need it. Navya goes down as she is called by Nandini’s aunt and Manik throws the drink away. Manik then says to Nandini that I just came to meet you when Nandini realizes that the hiccups were a way to talk to her. Nandini’s aunt comes with the milk while Manik says that Nandini has cured me.
Nandini’s aunt asks of what the method is and Manik says that tell your aunt. Manik says that I am about to leave when Nandini’s aunt says that I have prepared some sweet for you. She goes down while Manik begs Nandini to help him as he can’t take any more of it. Nandini says that you came here and did so much so a little punishment is necessary. Manik says that I am not going down and puts his head down on a table.
Manik then gets up and says that unless it is you want me to spend the entire night here. Nandini comes to him when Manik asks of what this is. Nandini says that how do you know as you have sent it. Manik says that he hasn’t as this is not his writing and takes the gift outside. Nandini asks of what he is doing when Manik says that I know Harshad has sent this. He tells Nandini to step back while Nandini tells him to not open it. Manik says that I want to know to the extent he can go and he opens the gift. Soha is also standing behind and watches Manik take the bear out of the box.

Precap: Nandini says to the Principle that a lot of students are doing than why only Navya is expelled. He tells her to get out while Nandini says that I can prove it to you.

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    Ashwini..l hv missed d precap…it was shar’s updt..
    precap mein nandu is telli princi dat y expel navya we dis is sumtin every1 in colg does…n cabir is tellin fab 5 dat to save navya nandu is gonna openly talk to colg about s**…

  3. Nutz

    But fairy…i think, kyy only doesn’t want gain popularity through manan romance but also wants to help in creating social awareness.
    I mean, first bringng da gay topic n now this, i appreciate it

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  17. brinds

    people who are unable to watch here is the written update full :
    Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th January 2015 Written Episode:
    it started with Cabir talking to Manik about swear he made. Cabir doubts if it had a catch. Manik tells him that yes there was a catch. He tells him how Nandini wants us to be friends and he had no other option other than play along. Cabir says when he thinks Nandini can’t impress him more, she comes up with something. He adds how he never saw Manik with no option before.
    Navya and Nandini accompany Chachi while cooking. Nandini tries to make sure that Navya gets sane food by telling Chachi to follow a pasta recipe. But Chachi does introduce ‘bhindi’ in pasta. Nandini receives a gift through courier which Soha sent on Manik’s name. Manik arrives Nandini’s house to see her. He brings a few cloths for Navya to make this an excuse to visit Nandini. Nandini tries to make Manik leave but then he stays saying he wanna have Chachi’s magical dish. Navya thanks Manik for bringing dresses. Manik puts entire credit on Nandini saying it was her idea. Nandini asks him later that she didn’t ask him to bring any cloths. Manik tells her if he should tell everyone truth that he has come to see his friend. Chachi makes Manik eat Bhindi pasta. Manik eats it but starts to have hiccups. Chachi runs to get milk from neighborhood. Navya runs to make some soup. Nandini asks what she can do to stop it. Manik tells he wanna lie down. Nandini takes him to her room. Manik asks her to divert his attention. Nandini starts tapping his face. Manik stops her. Nandini says she wanna talk to him about something. Manik asks her not to scare him. She tells him how she thinks they cannot be friends. Manik freaks out more and asks iif they cannot be friends even. Nandini completes her sentence that she thinks they are more than friends. Manik doesn’t believe her and says she is saying all this to divert his mind. Nandini assures him that she isn’t lying. She cups his face and kisses his forehead. She then kisses her on cheek. She advances to kiss him but then stops saying he is cured. Manik again starts to act of having hiccups. He says he isn’t cured. Nandini asks him to stop acting. Navya interrupts with soup. Manik tells how he is fine. Nandini enjoys it. Navya leaves. Manik tells Nandini how he set this act and almost had her. Nandini punches him in anger. Chachi comes up with milk. Manik says he should leave. Chachi says hr cannot as she has made some sweet dish. Manik pleeds Nandini to save him. Nandini says he has to get some punishment for this fun. Manik sits down on chair saying he won’t leave. He asks Nandini to help him unless she doesn’t want him to spend entire night in her room. Manik noticed gift which Soha sent on his name. Manik says he hasn’t sent any gift. He takes it outside. He asks Nandini to stay away. Nandini asks Manik not to open it as it can hurt him too. Manik opens it and finds a teddy bear in it.
    Soha watches it all.
    Precap: Nandini talking about Navya’s matter to Principal and tells about secret ballot. Cabir in shock tells fab5 that Nandini will talk openly in college about s*x

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    Manik wants unique friendship but she prefers to have traditional friendship with no kiss or intimate moments. Soha’s crush on Manik has become obsession and she is trying to harm Nandini and have failed on two occasions with Manik making a hero entry to protect Nandini on the former instance.Nandini and Manik are just friends though going through unspoken love journey and re-defining friendship by going to suggest Dosti Pyaar Hai [Friendship is love] which is another way to say Pyaar Dosti hai…oha’s crush on Manik has become obsession and she is trying to harm Nandini and have failed on two occasions with Manik making a hero entry to protect Nandini on the former instance. Nandini understands about Soha’s obsessive intentions towards Manik and asks him to be careful. Soha is unable to manage Fab 5 and her plans doesn’t suit them but still took the charge in her control from Nandini. Manik is oblivious of Soha’s intentions and needs some starting point to understand them. After Navya’s expose of Harshad by her Halla Bol attitude led to heNavya’s college S.P.A.C.E principal goes on to expel her by thinking about the reputation and puts the college as victim because of her deeds.

  50. remix queen

    to help Navya since unjust was meted out at her and even taunts. Manik prepares to take help from his mom Nyonika to re-instate Navya back in college with respect. At Mukti’s end, she is going on a dinner date with Abhimanyu after learning the importance of gratitude and happiness from him. He cheers her up time and again but Mukti is oblivious to the fact of his death approaching nearer as he suffers from cancer. Will Mukti comes to know of Abhimanyu’s life truth ?A recent big development in Yaariaan is actor Abhishek Malik

  51. remix queen

    Nandini confess their love without saying I Love to You to each other in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.They gave just friend tag to their relationship and tells that Friendship is love which is another way to say Love is friendship.Nandini refuses Manik for any intimate momentsManik is in love with Nandini and wants to kiss her for making their friendship cum relationship unique.But sweet girl Nandini stops him by telling that their relationship will be tradition where no kiss and no close moment between them.However, both Manik and Nandini feel difficult to continue their traditional friendship.

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