Sadda Haq 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu’s phone has charged only 0%. Sanyu is shocked. Kabir says this is what you have been working for since so long? Randhir smiles. Sanyu looks at her phone in disbelief. kabir says Randhir, angry young man whats your score? He picks randhir’s phone. Kabir says 40% not bad. Kabir says I thought there would be a tough competition and it will be difficult for me to judge but sadly I was wrong. This winner of this task is.. Vardhan says just a minute kabir. you need to know their hard work. Kabir says this philosophy doesn’t include in student performance. Vardhan says you can apply it anywhere if you know how to. SAnyu connects her phone again. Kabir says now can you please excuse me? Kabir says all right the winner is.. sanyu says sir one minute, SAnyu says you can check my project again, actually I made wrong connections so there were incorrect readings, so please check again once. kabir says okay show me. Kabir checks sanyu’s phone and says 40% really? SAnyu heaves a sigh of relief. Kabir says the winners are sanyu and randhir. Everyone claps for them. Vardhan says both of you shake hands, show your sporting spirit. SAnyu and randhir are reluctant but they shake hand. Vardhan leaves. Kabir says you internship is starting from tomorrow. I hope you show the same dedication there. Good luck. Parth congratulates sanyu. Parth says why was your charger showing 0%? Sanyu says I connected some wrong wires. They leave., sanyua nd randhir are alone in lab. Ishika comes and says hi randhir, how was competition. it was tied I heard? Randhir says yeah due to some people. randhir says why you look so surprised? She says I will surprise you, your internship is starting tomorrow you deserve a treat.

Sanyu is siting and working on her laptop she says I am so excited for tomorrow. thank God my project worked, Randhir has found my alternative. he doesn’t understand that hate ruins everything, we from tomorrow everything will be new. Except for my dream of working in papa’s company.

jiggy follows a girl. yoyo stops her and says where are you going? Jiggy leaves. Parth comes to vidushi and says I have bought you some dresses for your internship. Vidsuhi says I am going to try it. Parth says okay I am going out. Vidushi says are you really that shy? stay in the room and keep your face in opposite direction. Parth shuts the door. Vidushi takes off her clothes and wears the dress. she says please tie the back buttons. parth says you look so good. rana comes in and says whats going on here? Vidushi hides behind parth. parth says you are not dean here this is not your business. Rana says this surely is. Rana everyone has feelings but the cctv camera will speak it all. These cameras will have to show. parth grabs his collar. rana says control kashap. For you, I wont watch your private film and wont let anyone watch it. I was just kidding, go and play your game. He leaves. Vidushi says parth I am scared he will tell everyone. Parth says I wont let anything happen to you. I will handle him. She hugs him.

Scene 2
Sanyu is looking for a dress and says I have to look perfect.
Its my impression. She recalls when randhir insulted her about her dress. randhir comes and says no matter what you wear your dad wont accept you. He is just tempting you. sanyu says I will start my new life. Randhir says its a new mistake you will regret going against me. Sanyu says go to your ishika when she looks up randhir isn’t there.

Ankit gives a list to manager and says 5 interns will join. He says I don’t allow girls in the floor you took a girl for internship. Agarwal says yes I have to teach her. manager says oh let her come. who is she? Agarwal says my daughter.

Jiggy takes some more drugs. he goes in corridor and grasps a girl by force. She says what are you doing to me? She says leave me please. Please help. Parth listens to the voice. Parth goes there he sees the door locked. Parth says who is in there. Parth break the door and saves the girl. He says jiggy what are you doing? how can you do this shameful act? Randhir comes and says why are you hitting jiggy parth have you gone mad? Parth ask what he was doing with this girl after locking the store room. Randhir is shocked. DSnyu, nikil and everyone come. Randhir says why you did this? Rana comes and says whats happening here? He stops randhir and parth. THe girl says he took me here forcefully and locked the store. Parth says yes I saw him. sanyu says yeah why can she lie? rana says yeah she might be lying or taking revenge and if you wear such clothes at night guys will do this with you. randhir says what the hell are you saying? parth says how can you blame the girl. Rana says you always clap from two hands. sanyu says without helping her you are blaming her. Rana says I am not her security guard. your safety is in your hands. and you start wearing sensible clothes. vardhan comes and says stop it. randhir says jiggy took this girl. the girl says I will file a complaint against him. vardhan takes the girl with him. Jiggy’s head hurts. Randhir says take jiggy parth they take him to room. Randhir says until he is conscious he wont come out. yoyo says don’t worry I wont let him. jiggy gets up and says mummy. Yoyo says this is what you mummy will know as well. jiggy says I didn’t do it deliberately. I am sorry. yoyon says no one is going to apologize you. You have ruined name of FIte and your parents. I would have died if I was at your place. jiggy says I need water, he is crying.

Randhir says to parth thank God you came there on time. they see yoyo, yoyo says I went to bring water for him. I wanted to slap him. They go to the room, its locked from inside and curtains are down. They knock and says jggy open the door.
Randhir break the door/ When they go in, they are dazed t see jiggy has hung up himself and is dead. They try to take him down. Parth says this cant happen. All guys come in. Yoyo sits and cries. Rana comes and so does kabir they are both bewildered. Kabir says to rana inform cops. Rana goes out and smiles. Kabir asks the staff to take all students out. They are all crying. Jiggy writes on wall I am sorry. Someone goes to cctv room takes the disk and burn it.

Nikil says what will happen will college be sealed? Vardhan comes in with sanyu and vidushi and says where is jignesh? And what are they all doing here? Kabir says vardhan jiggy has killed himself. Vardhan says what? Sanyu and vidushi are shocked as well. sanyu says he cant do this. She goes out, kabir says you cant go there, sanyu says I wanna see him. kabir says that room is sealed and no one can go there until cops come. Police comes in, vardhan and kabir go with them in the room. They take pictures of dead bodies. Kabir says as much as I know he was a nice guy. vardhan says he tried to molest a girl but he was never like that. I have been with him for many years. Jiggy was one of best students. he was part of dream team and was friendly, no one had issues with him. He was extremely intelligent. I don’t know what made him do all this. Doctor says he is drug overdosed. Vardahn says no he was never like that. someone must have forced him to take drugs. Inspector says we have to investigate and we need to find how drugs came here. Show us cctv footage. Rana takes them to cctv room.

Rana plays the footage. inspector says it 2 months ago. Rana says yes I am playing it. He puts in disk but nothing plays it show error. Rana says there is footage in server. I think someone stole it. Inspector says you are that irresponsible? rana says I just joined two days ago. THe students here are thugs, I will find who brought drugs. inspector says find our whom jiggy was with in his last time. Rana says yes I will. I don’t need any footage.

All students are in ground. Vardhan and kabir come. Kabir says we have informed his parents and sent the body to lab. There has been a packet of drugs in jiggy’s pocket. This might me drug overdose case. SAnyu says he couldn’t even touch cigarettes. Kabir says cops see what has happened. Parth says I don’t believe he can do drugs, kabir says yeah someone might have given it to him. Kabir says if any of you have given him drugs and know anything about it do let us know. Confes it right now. sanyu says we will do all we can. Vardhan says all you can do is to focus on your life. they all say please cancel the internship, vardhan says shut up and you have to go there. Rana comes and grabs yoyo. He says you have given him drugs? yoyo says I have not done anything. Rana says you were with him in his last hours. We will investigate your rooms and if we find drugs there you will be in jail. Vardhan and kabir leave. Sanyu leaves in tears.

Yoyo says to inspector I have not done anything. Cops search the rooms. Randhir sees sanyu crying in corridor. sanyu says how can you be so emotionless. Randhir says I don’t show my emotions. sanyu says he was your roommate. Randhir says he could never drug it.but he should have faced it. this is not the way.

Precap-sanyu is in Agarwal’s company. Agarwal says tell sanyu that she is not made for here. Renuka says if you are not serious why have you come here? Randhir says my dream is to destroy your dreams. I will ruin your company.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Yippe I am first

  2. Spoilter of the week
    Mon- Sanyukta is competing on the final task , If she complete this task successfully, it will lead to her being able to intern at the factory.

    Tue- Under the influence of drug, Jiggi ends up making a dratic choice.

    Wed- Sanyukta finally manages to reach the place of her dream, her father’s company.

    Thurs- Sanyukta fails to lift the tools at the factory & is mocked by the foreman.

    Fri- Randhir ignores Sanyukta & contiues being rude to her

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