Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini comes to the college and finds Manik playing his guitar but he is unable to concentrate. Nandini comes in and asks of what wrong and he explains his problem saying that I was practicing. Nandini says that you have been practicing for 1 hour and Manik replies saying that I am trying to impress by cranky band manager. Nandini asks of how he got up so early and Manik says that I wasn’t able to sleep asshe didn’t let me. He asks her to see sleep in his and Nandini steps back at the right time ad says that I also have to work.
She leaves her diary on the table and Manik goes to check it out. On seeing Nandini runs after him and demands it back. She gets up on a chair but falls down and hurts Manik’s hand. She apologizes to him and asks if he is Okay. Manik turns around and says

that I am fine and starts to read it again saying that I am fine. In the struggle Nandini falls on Manik and yet tells him to give the diary back. While on the floor Manik says that you are right as I don’t need to read this diary. Manik asks her to kiss him when she stands up and he laughs.

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Cabir and Muktii are arguing about the new timing, Abhymanu comes out a room and meets all of them. He tells that he has quit and it’s his last day, he gives his wishes to all of them. Cabir asks of what happened and asks if Muktii did anything and then cranks a joke. Without answering Abhymanu leaves and when they ask Muktii she says that I don’t care.
After taunting Nandini Manik keeps on reading the diary. He keeps the diary in front of him and tells Nandini to listen to him. Nandini starts to sing as well and so does Manik reading from the diary. On the other hand Navya comes to her room and finds hers stuff out of place. She asks the roommate of who did it and she accepts that she did it. The warden comes in asking if she has left when Navya says that she has been allowed to come to the college. The warden says that the same rules don’t apply to the hostel and you have to leave in 5 minutes.
The Fab5 has gathered and Manik is still singing and Dhruv says that it is amazing. Cabir says that you should always come alone to the college. Aliya says that it is really beautiful when Nandini says that her friend wrote it. ALiya says that I know all his friends when Cabir says that who cares as the song is great. Cabir asks Muktii and she is frustrated and angry and leaves the rom. Manik asks of what happened to her and Cabir says that she is sick.
Outside Muktii wonders if she is reason Abhymanu is leaving the college. She calls him several times but he cancels the call and leaves. Cabir and Manik are disgussing the tone when Manik looks around and says that where is Muktii. Soha and Mr.Khurana come and says that I want to listen to the songs that you have got ready as I don’t have much time. Manik says that the song is not ready but we have an awesome melody ready.
He gets up and scolds them and says that Soha was right as you are not working. Nandini says that we are on the right path and the songs will be ready in the week. Mr.Khurana scolds her as well saying that I thought you were a responsible person but you are useless. Manik comes in the way and says that don’t speak to her like that and says that it is not a machine. Manik says that it needs time and I thought you would be understanding of that.
Mr.Khurana says that what did you just say to me when Soha backs them saying that we would work harder from now as there is no point in arguing. He agrees but says that Nandini is fired. Manik says that you can’t fire her like that when Soha asks why not. Soha says that dad has a point and if there was someone else than her than the situation would be different. Mr.Khurana says that my album is not being progressed and they get into an argument and Manik says that if you fire Nandini than the Fab5 won’t…..
Nandini tells him to keep quiet and says that I will talk to him. Nandini says that there was an emergency as well but we have been late most of the time by Soha and her ideas. Nandini says that you don’t have to fire me as I quit. Nandini says to Manik and says that it was my responsibility and I failed. Mr.Khurana leaves saying that I want three songs in three days and no ifs or buts. He makes Soha the new band manager.

Precap: Soha says that I have great idea and says that you should come to my farm house to practice and stay away from college, everyone agrees to her idea and so does Manik.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    My day was good swan.
    Soha is so wicked, she must hv instigated mr.khurana against nandini n dat’s why mr.khurana fired her.
    Manik was soo angry today,when is he gona realize soha’s evil intentions??when!!!

  2. Nutz

    Just stand that soha, but now she’s bcum the new manager of fab5,n fab5 will hv to do as she says…so irritating!

  3. aswini achu

    Fairy bst frinds may fi8
    but their bond is tight
    they may stay apart
    but always close to heart 🙂

  4. fairy

    Ha ha ha..ashwini…really l cnt 4get d talking wid u suhash n me…..really it was so funny……ha ha….music strted …let’s strt d f8……

  5. aswini achu

    Niks I am aswini frm tamilnadu am in 12th std. Commerce stream above all am crazily madly deeply in love with PARTH THE GREAT SAMTHAAN

  6. fairy

    Ashwini..u remmbr suhash hd asked u wht is d full frm of kyy?….ha ha ha……l cnt stp laughng 2 recall ths…..

  7. fairy

    Aww..ashu..dnt wry…u ll get better mrk nxt tm….stdy hard….my bst wishes is always wid u……cn l call u ashu??? If u dnt mind……

  8. aswini achu

    Ha lekin is janam me bhi ham sis he hai.ham dono pyar karenge usko parr oh kisko pyar karega? Nandhu hai kya?

  9. Fairy Angel plz give d important news or info. abut bangladesh dat no body know’s becoz my mam has given us a project abut our neighborhood country ani1 soo i think abut u n said to mam dat i choose bangladesh n none of my frends take bangladesh soo my frend tell me dat d u lose dis project becoz u can’t collect info. abut bangladesh ….den i n mu frend hav a bat of 1000rupees

  10. aswini achu

    Ek secret bathaungi meri life me monster manik jaisa ek ladka abhi tak nahi hai lekin monster ke tarah ek ladka hai meri class meh . I used to cal him monster. And manik jaisa doosra ladka hai lekin mere clas nahi .oh ladka kafi manik ko resemble kartha hai

  11. aswini achu

    Fairy problem is tt he is nt my frind I hav never ever talked to him .he is already in relationship wth another girl

  12. aswini achu

    Ya niks same mnth hifii .am just slowly learning Hindi though I am studying hindi as 2nd lang its still difficult cos am residing on non hindi speaking state

  13. fairy

    Shit yaar..ashu…chnce missed….lol…..kitna bara chnce tha manik jaisa boy se frndshp karne ka…….my hindi is horrible thn u….

  14. i doesn’t know ani thing but i know dat ki pehle india or bd ek hi the or joo biggest delta h vo aadha bd me n or aadha india me but uska joo jyada fertile land h voo bd me h vahhaan cotton jyada n but cotton factory kam h or yahan cotton kam factory jyada h ehsha h thoda thoda pata h

  15. aswini achu

    Fairy bt daily we ised 2 stare each other nt less thn a min. I wl say to myself tt my manik is wth alya soon he wl cme to me lol

  16. fairy

    Yes, ss..l m f9..
    Ashu….dw thnk abt manan 1st relatn….hatred…thn frndshp…..
    Niku…l thnk u knw vry less……..

  17. Nutz

    Hi every1! Hi niks, fairy, aswini, ss n others!
    Nice project niks, fairy help her na…give her some info fairy dat only bd ppl knw

  18. aswini achu

    Bt fairy my bst frind behaves lil monster manik though I am nt lucky 2 tlk wth manik thank god I atleast hav a feind lik monster who is always obsessive

  19. fairy

    Hi qwert….
    Niku, in bd thr is a beautiful sea beach named cox’s bazar whch is d longest beach in d wrld……

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    Nutz..meri yaar……l ll call u tui..ok….
    Tui o plz help kor…niku to bd somporke onk kom jane….hlp kor na……

  21. fairy

    Bye ss..gud n8…
    Niku…in Bd lots of historical plces like……mynamati, mahashtangar,paharpur,sonargaon…etc……….l dnt thnk tht ths info ll help u…jst told it…..

  22. Nutz

    Gud n8 ss. see u tmrw.
    Niku plz tell in details abut ur project n exactly wat r u wantng?liberatn history,industial,natural environment,location, condition,political cond.,resources….etc wat r u lukng fr?
    N exactly hw large dis project wrk is suppose to be…tell me in details

  23. fairy

    Niku….l m ready 2 tell jst wait…unabl 2 undrstnd wht ll l tell or wht nt……l m helpng u…jst wait….

  24. hiii ananya hw ru n nutz i wanna know all d things dat u hav written n d project is to be of 50 pages but i hav already done 45 pages 50 pages in written n 50 pages wid pics …
    spp pics n 45 pages i have done but u hav to help me in rest

  25. vaishu

    guyz i hv a doubt,,,y fab5 need a manager? they r adults rite,,n they know everything bout music,,above all y they need to practice at soha’s farm house,,manik has farm house tooo:)

  26. fairy

    Ok guyz…l m tellng frm 1971….our freedom war last fr 9 mnths n bcm indepndent in 16 dec, 1971 n hs strted 26 march ,1971…….Bangabandu sheikh mujibur rahman is our nation’s fathr…..thr r 64 dstrict n d main cities r 7 they r .dhaka,khulna,rajshahi,rongpur,chittagong,sylhet,barishal…
    Kaji nazrul islam is our national poet.
    Sylhet’s tea is vry famous….it import 2 mnt cntry…
    wait guyz…

  27. fairy

    Hi caaron….
    Niku… sundarbon’s 62 % is in bd’s sd……..
    The shoping mall jamuna future park id 3rd biggest shopping mall in d wrld…..useless info it was…ha ha…..

  28. fairy

    Bd hs soo mny rivers ..tht’s why it is called d mother cntry of river…….
    The ganga hs entered in bd n named padma……

  29. ananya once u hav send ur pic to me wid ur frend n u has written dat d fairer one is me kya vo tumne hi send kiya tha actually vo mere chotu bhai ne delete kar diya h plz send me again naa pl………

  30. Nutz

    Hi vaishu n carron!
    Aswini r u leavng,why r u talkng abut missng every1,stay wd us n u won’t miss us.
    Nice info fairy,carry on

  31. sry ananya dat was not send by u it’s send by vaishu jiii n plz sry ananya n send ur pic too mee n tanx vaishu 4 sending ur pic to me again

  32. Nutz

    Well der’s a mental assylum in Pabna which is the largest mental assylum in Asia.
    Bd exports mainly tea, leather,jute, clothes…etc

  33. kya soch or kaha alvida ….
    baatein kuch ankahi sii …..
    le chale le chale hawaa jaha vahhan chale…
    maula maula mere maula man matwal q huwa huwa mere maula …..
    jeena jeena maine sikha humdum…..all songs i hav

  34. fairy

    guyz bye gud n8..hv a swt dream…
    nutz l hv 4got d assylam info coz l m a level 5 mntal patient…ha ha ….byeeeee

  35. fairy

    Guyz…if any1 cm aftr my gn tell a hi frm my sd…who want 2 tk d rspnsblty…she ll b rewarded..d reward is u hv 2 go 4 hv a cup of coffee wid a mntl patnt nmed fairy…ha ha..bye

  36. carron

    Guys I know tht this is a site only 4 kyy ..but u know wht pls don’t b mad at me or take me in a negative way but I just wanted 2 tell tht 4 me I don’t have a special liking 4 any hindi serial actor except 4 param singh , n tht too i only admire him I luv his acting !!! Though I luv kyy more 🙂

  37. carron

    The day we met frozen I hold my breath r8 from the start i knewww tht i found the home 4 my heart beats fast … i luv this song !!!!

  38. werewolf

    vampy yesterday euphie went to sleep after chatting only for 10 min said she wanted to learn for maths test

  39. carron

    Monkey I am gonna kill u if u ppl start the game once more ..arey yaar my lectures have no impact on u or wht !?? If u start the game ppl will start leaving n trust me I will be the first one to leave …

  40. vaishu

    annu well said,,twilight family,,supposed to b enemies ,,surprisingly they r close hr,,kyy reli unites every one:)

  41. see one combination guys sam bhai is my bro n aswini sis is my sister m aap dono se pichle janam me aalag ho gai thi lekin ab mil gai hu hahahaha

  42. fairy

    Tmrw headline of d news paper..

  43. carron

    One step closer…..i have dies everyday waiting 4 u ..darling don’t be afraid I have loved u 4 a thousand years n 4 a thousand more …..

  44. fairy

    No no nt ppl all d ghst want punshmnt….vam n wlf bware ..l m cmng 2 kill u bth n eat……clse d door n window tht l cnt cm in ur house

  45. vaishu

    annu i remember da joke on endward in twilight,, he lives in a forest,he doesn’t eat ppl ,he sparkles so he is obviously a FAIRY,,haha

  46. carron

    Heart beats fast colors n promises ..how 2 b brave how can i luv when I am afraid ,2 fall ,but watching u stand alone all of my doudoubts suddenly goes away somehow….

  47. sanaya

    today manik was angry at soha..,n in precap the way he askd soha abt tym..seems lyk he z upto smthng..i think he ll himslf take nandu to the farm house..hidng frm evry1

  48. Nutz

    Ooo….it’s disturbing too, NOW i saw the whole comment.u knw befre they weren’t posting my comments,it’s so irritating,i’m burstng out anger r8 nw,hpe they atleast post this1.

    Vaishu,yes i hv seen 2dy epi n fairy u hv heard news r8,it’s bitterng cold over here n i’m shiverng. Can u believe i hv been tryng 2 write dis since dat tym u guys askd but it was postng, can u gues my condition, hw annoyng it is!

  49. guyz is im invisible …….im crying 1st mera big bro mujse vaat nahi kar raha 2nd meri sis mujse baat nahi kar rahi 3rd mere frendz mujse baat nahi kar rahe ……… 🙁

  50. carron

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  51. Nutz

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    I’ll talk wd u al later.
    Gud n8 n bye

  52. werewolf

    A lion comes across two 
men, one reading and the other 
writing. The beast pounces on and devours the reader but ignores the writer. Why? Because, as everyone knows, a writer cramps while a reader digests.

  53. carron

    Soo bad Na nutz di take ur on space n improve ur mood n pls come soon when u feel gud n u should come 🙂 bye 4 now

    • saammyy bhaiya Saturday ko hamdono ne mil ke jise naraz kiya tha uska kya maine usse kafi msgs bheje but he didn’t reply ….

  54. werewolf

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  56. werewolf

    am i invisibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  57. carron

    No laura unfortunately u r totally visible, our bad luck :(….
    i am just joking yaar but u r visible …

  58. Vampire

    Mein kya help karu niku. Mere toh koi bhi nahi reply karta hai. Just kiddng.
    Bro ne mera bhi kisi mail ka reply nahi kiya hai. Wat 2 do??

  59. carron

    Sry shar di got schl tmrw i will come at afternoon
    Congo di !!!! We need treat 🙂 anyway gud n8 n sweet dreams !!!

  60. carron

    No u r not!! N In fact u r soo clearly visible !!! Pls stop asking these kind of question guys !!! We all r visible n 2 everyone is talking wid everyone !!! It’s just tht many of us r there n it takes time 4 us 2 see each others cmnts ….

  61. Vampire

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  62. werewolf

    Three cheers 4 sammy n Laura !! Hip hip Hurray !!! Hip hip Hurray! ! Hip hip Hurray !! N 1 for me the great !!! Hip hip Hurray !!!
    Three cheers 4 sammy n Laura !! Hip hip Hurray !!! Hip hip Hurray! ! Hip hip Hurray !! N 1 for me the great !!! Hip hip Hurray !!!

  63. carron

    Sry sry sry sry I saw the 2 cmnt but read abv as abv itself n not above ha ha ha ..
    i am so sry sammy really sry I told u ppl na I am so stupid !!

  64. carron

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    I am sooo stupid hoo aaahhhhh come on everyone sing wid me ..
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  65. werewolf

    I am sooo stupid ya ya la la aaa
    I am sooo stupid hoo aaahhhhh come on everyone sing wid me ..
    i am sooo stupid la la aaahhhhh

  66. werewolf

    I am sooo stupid ya ya la la aaa
    I am sooo stupid hoo aaahhhhh come on everyone sing wid me ..
    i am sooo stupid la la aaahhhhh……….

  67. Vampire

    U have never hurt me kela. So don’t say. U wasted ur sry.
    Haha thats the talent. I wrote bt it gave message u already said it..

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