Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The students have gathered to hear Nandini when Muktii comes and tells her that Navya has left. Manik comes and asks if she is Okay when Nandini says that I have to end what I have started. Nandini says that it’s a secret valet and no one will know but vote honestly. A boy comes and debates against her and when he insults her he receives a punch from Manik. Manik picks him up and says that if I want you want be able to talk or walk ever. Manik says that I want you all to vote and says to the boy that I am sure that you remember Radhika.
He says that she left college because she didn’t have a friend like Nandini. Manik further says that it is a matter of acceptance as incase of Navya it could have been anyone. Navya comes in the stage and says that Manik is right that I have friends

Like Nandini and Muktii. Friends who are ready to fight the world for us. Navya says that she accepts that she has made a mistake and accepts it in front of everyone. She says that the bigger mistake was that I had lack of awareness. She further says that learned to learn from my mistake but is it that big to destroy my life and career.

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Nandini then says to the crowd if they would save Navya. Soha standing at the back of the crowd throws something at Nandini and she gets hurt. Manik comes and grabs the same boy from the corner who says that I didn’t do it. The principle comes and says that I don’t want to hear anything and tells them to start the voting. Cabir says that we should start and everyone else follows them.
After the voting they are counted and everyone watches with intense and 450 “Yes” with 189 “No”. The Principle says that it was decided that power should rest in the hands of people and says to Navya to you are invited to my office to come back to the college. Eveyone else chants for Navya as well.
Later Nandini is sitting at the stairs tired when Manik comes and offers her a chocolate bar but doesn’t gives it to her. He sits down and you can only get it if we share it, Nandini agrees and he starts to eat the chocolate. He offers the other end to Nandini and then taunts her again saying that what did you think. He says that you thought that I would ask you to break it from your mouth. Manik says that how can you think of that as have you forgotten that we are just friends.
Nandini says that don’t tease me as I am only already tired. Nandini says that my head is paining when Manik gives her his chocolate as well. He sits behind her and starts to press her head and says that you are right. He says that you took such a big responsibility on yourself and you complete it. He says that I thought it was impossible but you did it. Nandini says that because you were there with me that’s why. Nandini then says that can I ask a question but then says that let it go. Manik says that you want to know about my vote and Nandini says that No. Manik says that I think that our best is yet to come in the future.
Soha walking by sees the two of them and gets jealous and leaves. She goes to call someone and starts to fantasize about Manik playing a guitar for her. Manik saying to her that you have to wait while Soha says that I can’t see you with her as you will get hurt. Manik says to her that get her out of my life.
Later at night Navya is with Nandini and says that I still can’t believe it as I was ready to go home. Nandini says that it was possible as you showed courage while Navya says that I have to face a lot after this. Nandini says that you can sleep as I have to make a schedule for the Fab5.
Manik is playing snookey with Cabir and says that you can take that job. Manik says that if you really want it when Cabir says that is her hand behind this. Manik says that she didn’t say anything and all that Navya thing and I was thinking… he pauses and then says forget it. Cabir is about to take the shot when Manik says that you will die with my hands one day when Cabir says that you will lose today.
Dhruv comes through the window when Aliya says that what are you doing. Dhruv says that I was checking how easy it is to get into you room and you should take care of yourself. Aliya says that you should take care of me and follow me everywhere. She goes into the bathroom to apply lenses when Dhruv comes in and says that you told me to follow you everywhere.
Manik calls Nandini and says that I need to talk about Cabir as it’s something important. Nandini comes out and Manik says that I told Cabir about taking that Job. Nandini says that you could have told me that inside when Manik says that the call would have ended and you would have to hang up on your friend. Nandini hangs of the call as she hears Navya call her.

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  1. Kavya

    Mr.Khuranna ask manik about the song and he says its not ready..Mr.khuranna angrily asks nandhini about it….Manik gets angry and he tell Khurana to not talk to nandhini like that ..Mr.khurana says u r fired. soha is also there

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    Shar in da precap mr.khurana asks abut deir album preparatn, maniks says 3 songs r still not,khurana cals manager aka nandu n raises his voice at her, manik gets angry n says don’t talk to her like dat.later khurana fires nandu

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  26. remix queen

    MTV India’s popular show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is grabbing many eyeballs and riding high with its success. The much loved youth oriented show is doing very well with its interesting storyline and is all set for more twist in the show.As per the ongoing track, Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini are (Niti Taylor) seen spending cozy time together and meanwhile Soha is on her way to keep them away from each other.In the forthcoming episodes, the viewers will get to see another plan hatched by Soha (Jasmine Avasia) to separate Manik and Nandini and instead he coming closer to her.Our source informs us, “The Fab 5 team will be going to Soha’s farm house where Nandini will quietly sneak into the house. The team will not be aware about her presence. Later in the party Soha will try to drug Manik to get him closer and will spike his drink. However, her plan will fail as Manik will not consume that drink.”Well, it’s an indeed another failure for Soha!Stay tune to this space for more updates.

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  57. Nutz

    In da precap: fab5’s new manager soha proposes dat since there’s lot of distractions in clg, they shud practice sumwhr else peacefully,offers her farm hse n eventually fab5 agrees to da idea

  58. Nutz

    It seems like fab5 r gng to soha’s farm-hse fr practice,guess we’ll see da new spoiler hppng der,u knw soha spikng manik’s drink n nandu reachng der…

  59. Nutz

    I missed out dis part.
    Mukti thinks dat maybe she was too harsh n rude on abhi, he doesn’t seem like dos othr guys.she calls him.abhi is in da locker-rum, he cancels her cal twice. Mukti says fine, u don’t wana talk den even i won’t

  60. Nutz

    Sana di manik’s was so angry….u knw wen khurana blames n fires nandu,manik even called him dumb as he cudn’t c dat nandu’s not at fault.nandu stps manik frm burstng out n aplzs n quilts,so sad.

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