Kaisi Yeh Kahani (SNS, YHM, TPK, Swaragini) Episode 5


Episode 5:

Recap: Ishita meeting Arjun and seeing Raman…. Gopi, Meera and Vidya harassed and new entries introduced….

The episode starts at college, Thapki was about to go forward but Bihaan holds her hand and whispers “You shouldn’t interfere…it’s between them two.”
Thapki jerks her hand and looks on.
Ragini: Do something….
Sanskaar then stands up and glares at Armaan, Armaan laughs.
Armaan: What? Other than glare?
Sanskaar: Achcha…what can I do..huh?
Sanskaar takes his glasses off and throws them on the floor. Armaan smiles and moves a little back. Sanskaar then opens his shirt buttons, all the girls look on. He takes his shirt off, Ragini, Thapki and Vidya look away, they then look up and sees him wearing a while t-shirt.
Sanskaar: What can I do?
Armaan: Haa…
Laksh, Bihaan, Adi and Shravan smile.
Laksh: What can he do?
Sanskaar looks at Laksh,
Shravan: Don’t underestimate my brother Haa!
Adi: Obvio, he can do what you haven’t imagined.
Bihaan: Naa, I don’t agree.
Laksh: Really?
Laksh and Bihaan walk up to Armaan and turns towards Sanskaar.
Sharavn and Adi walk near Sanskaar. Meera smiles and Swara, Vidya, Ragini, Swara and Thapki look on confused.

Sanskaar moves towards Armaan,
Sanskaar: Kuch Zyada Nahi Ho Gaya? (Isn’t it too much?)
Armaan smiles,
Sanskaar: You kicked me?
Sanskaar moves his hand to punch Armaan but hugs him instead.
Armaan: Man…where was you?
Sanskaar: I had to go, it was an emergency but now I came back with Dad and Bade Papa.
Laksh: How’s your Daadi?
Sanskaar breaks the hug, they all shake hands.
Sanskaar: Daadi’s fine now.
Shravan: You said you was going for 10 days but you went for a month.
Bihaan: Had you gone to get married? (Nudges him) Shaadi…Ladki??
Sanskaar looks at Bihaan.
Laksh: Naah…he would’ve invited us, or did you secretly?
Adi: Where is Bhabhi?
Armaan: Come on guys..leave Sanky alone. He just came back.
Laksh: Nice entry?
Swara, Ragini, Thapki and Vidya get confused.
Sanskaar: Thanks…I would’ve done better… If Armaan didn’t kick me.
Shravan: You’re still the same…anyways a good news.
Sanskaar: What?
Laksh: Doosi is leaving.
Sanskaar: What?!
Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan and Adi nod yes.
Sanskaar smiles in excitement,
Sanskaar: Say the truth.
Shravan: Yes, that Buddha is leaving.
Sanskaar: Yes!!
Sanskaar feels extremely happy.

Swara to Meera: What’s this?
Meera: This is their everyday…I mean Sanskaar and Armaans play…
Laksh: So you knew?
Armaan: Sanky coming and Armaan not knowing..? Naah, impossible mate.
Shravan: Nice shock…
Sanskaar: How?
Armaan: I have people..but because of you I had to burn in this hot weather, shall we go in?
They nod and head in, Bihaan stops and walks to the girls.
Bihaan: Anyways don’t worry, we’re friends…this is our game and Sanskaar and innocent? Come if you want the lecture room Haa?
They get surprised and nod.
Bihaan then leaves and Meera nods yes and tells them that Armaan and Sanskaar joke but they’re friends and all of them are best friends and ask Adi.

Scene shifts to the hotel, Arjun takes rest and Raman remembers seeing Ishita.
Raman sees Arjun resting and look on, In his head: I will never let Ishita near you…
It goes into a flashback, 15 years ago:
Ishita and Raman are in the same college and have been college friends, Raman starts liking Ishita, he never expressed his feelings, she was wild and brave, he was brave and out going, Ishita is Tamil and Raman is Punjabi, their Mums never used to get along with each other, Toshiji and Amma always fight and Raman and Ishita were neighbours, one day Raman was about to propose to Ishita but he saw Ishita with another boy, he backed off as he had assumed she likes him, just then Ishita introduced Mani as her friend and Raman got happy, Toshiji never liked Ishita and didn’t want Raman to hang around with her. The next day Raman proposes to Ishita who got shocked, she later smiled and accepted his proposal, then both shared a hug and spent time together and made love. After few days Toshiji finds out that they love each other and gets angry, Raman tells her that he wants to marry her but Toshiji never agrees, one day Raman and his Dad brought proposal to Ishita and Amma and Appa agreed. Raman had said that he will go far away from her if she doesn’t accept them, then Toshiji accepted Ishita and Raman and Ishita got married and Ishita finds out she’s pregnant, Toshiji takes care of her but 8 months later Toshiji talks to Raman, he ignores her. Raman then finds Ishita with Mani and takes the wrong meaning out of their talks and position, he then gets angry and punches Mani and kicks Ishita out.
Then Raman gets angry and sits down,
Raman: You didn’t do right by betraying me Ishita….I had loved you heartily and you..!
Raman angrily gets up and leaves from Arjuns room, Arjun hears that and thinks who’s Ishita and why did Papa get angry, he then remembers him saying Adi.

Scene shifts to Raman coming out from the hotel, he sits in his car and starts driving, Amaya gets ready and Gopi comes in,
Gopi: You should be taking rest….
Amaya: I feel better now, I need fresh air and….and I only have sore throat.
Gopi: Okay be in the garden, don’t go out of that space Haa? And if you’re cold then come back in, I’ll leave the front door open and if the….
Amaya: Haa Kaaki Maa, don’t worry, I’m just here outside, any ways it’s a sunny day, don’t worry…
Gopi touches her cheeks and nods, Amaya then goes out and sits in the garden and texts someone.
Raman parks his car and gets out, he says “I hope Mr Modi is at this address, this would be a great opportunity to get this contract” Raman then gets his phone out and starts messaging and walking, he then bumps into Amaya,
Amaya: Sorry Uncle….
Raman gets angry and nods no and heads to Mr Modis house, Amaya sees him leaving and looks on, h knocks in the house that’s next 2 houses away from hers,
Amaya: He lives here? But I never seen him and that house is empty…
Just then someone opens the door and Raman enters and Amaya looks on.
(Note that they live in a society type….houses next to them but not joined…like compound…)

Then it shifts inside that house, Raman sits on the sofa,
Servant: Malik must be coming.
Raman nods and the servant leaves to get snack and Drinks. Just then a man comes down and sits on the sofa opposite Raman,
Man: Welcome Mr Bhalla…how can we help you?
Raman: Hello, how are you Mr Modi? Well…I’m here to talk about the meeting.
Man: Call me Jigar…
Yes that man is none other than Jigar.
Raman: Okay Jigar….you can call me…
Jigs: Raman…
Raman: Yes…
Jigs: Bhai must be coming, would you like any drinks? And Bhai told me about you.
Raman looks on confused, just then a man enters while talking on the phone, wearing black suit with glasses, Raman looks up and gets shocked, the man is shown and its none other than Ahem.
Ahem: I’ll talk to you late Mr Khanna.
Ahem disconnects the call and sits down on the Sofa.
Ahem: So Raman, how you been?
Raman: Ahem….you?
Jigar smiles and Raman stands up in shock, Ahem nods,
Raman: I thought you….
Raman gets happy, Ahem stands up and Raman hugs him. Ahem hugs him back,
Ahem: So…are you here business wise of friendship?
Raman breaks the hug,
Raman: Forget business, I have to chose friendship today.
Ahem doesn’t smile and makes Raman sit,
Raman: How do you know I was in Kolkata?
Ahem: I keep count of every of my clients, I couldn’t believe you were one of the and when I found out you were in Kolkata, I made my PA phone you.
Raman: Good, anyways how’s Bhabhi…and…?
Ahem: They’re gone.
Raman: Meaning?
It goes into flashback that Kokila found Ahem and regrets saying stuff to Gopi, she tries searching but she couldn’t, Ahem goes in coma and last year he finds out about Gopi and his daughters, flashback ends and Raman looks at him.
Ahem: Anyways tell about your wife…kids?
Raman: What shall I tell you?
Raman tells him about Ishita and Arjun…Ahem looks on and nods,
Ahem: I still can’t believe Ishita did this and I knew you two would get married…the whole college saw that.
Raman: But she changed her form like a serpent! She was two faced.
Ahem: Time changed so quick….
Raman: I still remember when we were 12 years old
Ahem and Raman think.

(Raman and Ahem were childhood best friends….they went to the same college and after college was finished, Ahem went away but Raman and him kept in contact, then after that Ishra got married and Raman was shocked after he found out Ahem was dead and is now happy)

The scene shifts to the clinic, Ishita can’t get over the fact that she saw Raman, she can’t concentrate so she decides to go home and her boss gives her permission, she then leaves.

The scene then shifts to the college, all the student are sitting in the hall, including Vidya, Meera, Swara, Thapki and Ragini, Mr D’suza starts speaking in the stage, Just then Armaan gets pushed in, all look at him, Mr D’suza stops speaking and looks at him, he then checks the time on his watch and nods no,
Armaan: Sorry Sir….
Armaan then looks around for space, Laksh giggles while coming in, he then goes quiet, Armaan sees a place next to Meera and rushes there before Laksh does, Laksh glares at him and Armaan jumps on the seat.
Mr D: Where’s the others?
Shravan and Adi come in while arguing,
Shravan: No…I didn’t!
Adi: Yes…you did, I know you helped them.
Shravan: Just shut up and find a seat.
Mr D’suza looks down and nods no, Laksh looks around and sees a space and sits there, he looks next to him and sees Thapki, she looks away, Armaans on the other end.
Shravan pushes Adi and Adi lands on a seat,
Adi: Thanks.
Shravan looks around: Everyone hijacked the good seats, uh….
Mr D’suza: You can sits here Mr Shravan Suryavanshi….
Shravan: Nah…I’m fine thanks.
Shravan sees a space next to Adi, he tells Adi to move up, Adi nods no,
Shravan: Move..!
Adi: No…you sit there.
Shravan slaps Adi on the head and sits on the next seat near him.
Mr D’suza waits.
Armaan: Sir you can start.
Mr D: No! There’s two more left…where are they?
Thapki, Vidya and Ragini nod no and look on disappointed at their behaviour.
Just when Mr D’suza was about to start, Sanskaar gets pushed in and falls, Buhaan then comes there, Sanskaar gets up and pushes Bihaan.
Mr D: ENOUGH! You’re 10 minuets late and if you don’t sit down we are kicking you out!!
Bihaan and Sanskaar chuckle and rush to find seats, Bihaan tells Laksh to Stand up, Laksh nods no and stretches his legs out and makes it comfortable.
Sanskaar looks around, he sees Armaan, Laksh, Adi and Shravan seated.
Sanskaar: Saalon ne seats mein pehle hi daka mardiya! (They already robbed the seats) you could’ve saved us some!
Armaan: Soz, told you to make a entry with me but you was like…..
Sanskaar: Whatever….
Bihaan then sits on Laksh lap,
Laksh: Aah! Saale, how much do you eat.
Thapki looks on disgusted.
Sanskaar laughs seeing Laksh and Bihaan.
Bihaan: You could’ve got up…
Mr D’suza looks on disgusted and irritated.
Sanskaar then walks up to Armaan,
Armaan: You planning to sit on me?
Sanskaar: No…Meera…could you please stand up.
Meera: Y…?
Armaan: Why shall she stand up?
Sanskaar: What’s it to you?
Meera stands up, all continue looking at them, Sanskaar then sits on her seat, he then holds her hand and makes her sit in Armaans lap, Armaan looks on, she looks on awkwardly.
Sanskaar: If you want to you can sit here…
Armaan: One minute… Stand up.
Meera stands up, Armaan sits properly and moves a little back, he moves the resting place up and makes Meera sit in between, all look at them. Mr D’suza nods no and starts speaking.
Armaan: If you want you can lean back, anyways who wants to hear his lectures.
Meera nods okay. Swara, Thapki, Vidya and Ragini look on.
Meera then glares at everybody, they turn around and start paying attention to D’suza. Ragini was next to Meera but now Sanskaar is, she nods no and ignores him. Meera moves a little back, she then takes her earphones out and puts them in, it’s connected to her small little iPod, she leans back and starts listening to music, Armaan looks on, he then takes a strawberry lolly and starts eating it. Armaan then takes one ear phone out from her ear and puts it in his ears,
Meera (quietly): What the hell?
Armaan enjoys the music and Meera smiles and nods no, she then starts eating his lolly, he tries taking it away but she grabs his hand and starts sucking it, Sanskaar smiles seeing this and Mr D’suza gets distracted by that scene and says random stuff which makes everyone laugh.

Sanskaar looks the other way and notices Ragini, she tries her best not to look there, Sanskaar also smiles and moves back and puts his feet up on the seat in front, Ragini wonders why that person hasn’t said anything. Shravan and Adi are behind him, Shravan throws stuff from the back while hiding, Mr D’suza starts his speech about how he doesn’t want to go and he has to, and about how he spent 25 years in this college as a principle and teacher.
Shravan whispers: When will this Doosi leave…while leaving he’s paka(cooking) us.
Adi: Allow him, it’s his last day, look there….(pointing at Armaan and Meera)
Shravan: Saala, he’s enjoying while leaving us to rot.
Shravan sees Sanskaar, he then gives him stuff. Sanskaar tries to throw it but Ragini looks at him and stops, Ragini glares at him and he lets out smile, Ragini innocently nods no and Sanskaar smiles and nods okay. Ragini looks away.
Thapki keeps on hearing some sounds and looks there, she keeps feeling digested, Laksh sees her looking and smiles,
Laksh whispers: Sorry….mind us…this stupid Bihaan wouldn’t let me sit in peace, can you please tell him to get off.
Bihaan whispers: Mind him…if he’s poisoning you then ignore him…
Laksh punches Bihaan, he makes a sound, some people look back, he lets out a smile, Vidya looks there and nods her head no. Suddenly Bihaans eyes catch Armaan,
Bihaan: Look, that Saala is having fun.
Laksh: Let us see?
Bihaan looks back and sees Shravan behind and smiles, Laksh pushes Bihaan and peaks at the other end and sees Armaan and nods his head.
Laksh: That Kamina….
He moves back,
Shravan whispers: Having fun there ey?
Bihaan: Yes…so fun…
Laksh: Haa so fun…me here suffering is fun now?
Shravan: We have space at the back here. (Pointing at the seat behind Swara)
Laksh also turns around while struggling, he then sees a girl there and nods no.
Bihaan: I ain’t moving.
Laksh then lets out a sigh: Okay, stand up.
Bihaan stands up, Laksh gets up and goes there, Mr D’suza looks on. He sits down and Bihaan sits down and smiles. Swara realises Laksh is behind her and looks on.
Laksh smiles at that girl and she ignores him.

The scene shifts to Ishita reaching home, she sees Gopi cooking,
Ishita: How’s Ammu?
Gopi: She said she’s feeling better now…
Amaya then comes in and sees Ishita,
Amaya: Ammaa…you here?
Ishita: Haa, I had gone for a part time. How you feeling?
Amaya: Better than before.
Gopi sees Ishita and realises she’s upset.
Amaya: I’m going inside…
Ishita nods and Amaya goes.
Gopi: Are you okay?
Ishita: Haa, I’ve fine..what’s happen?
Gopi: You don’t seem happy…
Ishita tries to hide her tears but Gopi confronts her,
Ishita: He’s here.
Gopi: Who?
Ishita: Raman…
Ishita gets shocked, Amaya is listening from behind, she turns her recorder on and starts recording.
Ishita starts telling her and a flashback is shown.
Toshiji never expected Ishita as her Bahu, she only wanted to separate them, she didn’t try to kill Ishitas child but always said to her that she’s faking so Raman can stay here and you’re not worthy of being the daughter in law of Bhallas. One day Toshiji planned with Mani, he agreed as Toshiji told him that Raman abuses Ishita and she’s insecure and not safe with him, as a friend Mani agreed to help and then that incident happened as Toshiji planned this evil conspiracy against Ishra, Raman believe his Mother and kicked Ishita out.
End of FB.
Gopi, Amaya are shocked while Ishita is in tears.
Ishita: I met him today and he has a son….Arjun….
Gopi: How old is Arjun?
Ishita: I think around 15…why?
Gopi: I think Arjun is your son.
Ishita gets shocked: How..?
Gopi: Think about it, Arjun is 15 and be called Raman his Dad and…you gave birth to triplets but you were told that one of them died and…..
Ishita thinks and realises,
Ishita: So…so Arjun might be my son?
Gopi: Not might! He IS your son….the only way is to confront him or Raman.
Ishita thinks and looks on, Amaya stops the recorder.
Amaya to her self: I need to find out who Raman Bhalla is…let me do one thing…I’ll google him.
Amaya takes her phone and googles Raman Bhalla and clicks on the images, the images were displaying slowly but as soon as Ramans pictures were about to turn on, her battery dies and she gets shocked.
Amaya: What the hell?! Did the battery had to die now!
She looks at the computer that’s outside,
Amaya: The computer will take ages to load….now what.

Then the scene shifts to Raman and Ahem, they are talking,
Raman: Now lets shift to business, so Mr Modi…
Ahem: Sure…so Mr Bhalla…what would you like to present?
Raman: I would like to present…
Raman starts presenting his work, Ahem and Jigar get impressed.

Scene shifts to the college, all are bored, Armaan and Meera are listen to music and enjoy.
Mr D: I would like to introduce you to your new principle…
Then a man enters, behind him is a woman, she smiles and nods, she takes the microphone,
Lady: Hello students…I am your new principle…My name is Mrs Sengupta.
Mrs Sengupta then catches Armaan and Meera,
Mrs Sengupta: You two! (Pointing at Armaan and Meera)
Sanskaar nudges Armaan and tells him to look. Shravan and Adi look on. Armaan and Meera look there, Meera takes the ear phones out.
Mrs S: Stand up!
She stands up.
Mrs S: You too!
Armaan stands up while Bihaan, Lakh, Shravan and Adi look on. Sanskaar gets shocked.
Mrs S: If you do not know how to behave then get out!
All get shocked.
Meera: Ma…
Mrs S: Get Out!!
Meera and Armaan look on shocked, Meera and Armaan walk out. After leaving the room Meera gets angry,
Meera: How dare she?! Ugh! How can she shout at me like that in front of everyone?
Armaan: The new principle…?
Just then Bihaan and Thapki come out, Thapki has tears in her eyes. Armaan looks back.
Bihaan: OMG…stupid principle, she sent us out!
Armaan: What happened?
Meera sees Thapki.
Meera: What happened?
Thapki glares at Bihaan,
Thapki: Ask him!
Thapki leaves and Meera looks at Bihaan.
Bihaan: No! Please say I’m dreaming…I don’t want this principle…she’s bare strict… I prefer Doosi over her anytime…
Meera: I know…she shouted at me…idiot! Stupid cow! I wish her face turns black.
Armaan gets shocked,
Armaan: Woah…calm down! You changed bare Meera…I remember our last meeting.
Meera remembers.
Meera: Haa, you always used to bully and harass me…in school and now..now why have you changed?
Armaan: Just…I don’t know actuall…
Bihaan: He…
Before Bihaan speaks…
Armaan: Why did she send you out?
Bihaan tells her and it goes into a flashback. Shravan calls him, Bihaan looks back, then Thapki tells him to hush. He looks at her, she glares at him, then the principle catches them and assumes that they were talking, she then shouts at them and sends them out. End of Flashback.

Bihaan: Now who’s turn is it? Shravans? I hate her.
Armaan: I’ll prefer Doosi…she’s bare tight…
Bihaan: Poor Thapki… Because of me she got shouted at…let me go talk to her.
Bihaan then leaves and searches for Thapki. Meera starts walking. Armaan walks with her, they start talking.
Bihaan sees Thapki sitting down and tears are rolling down her eyes.
He goes and sits on the other end of the bench.
She notices him and wipes her tears.
Thapki: Wh..what are you doing h..here?!
Bihaan: I..I came here to apologise..
Thapki: Not wanted..!
Bihaan moves closer and faces towards her,
Bihaan: Thapu…I’m sorry…
Thapki looks at him: Thapu?
Bihaan: Do you forgive me?
Thapki: Just leave please…
Bihaan: Say you forgave me…
Thapki: No!
Thapki stands up but Bihaan holds her hand, he pulls her closer and she comes close and places one of her hand on his chest, they share an eye-lock. Bihaan smiles,
Bihaan: You’re so sweet Thapki…
Thapki breaks the eye-lock and stands straight,
Thapki: Please…I don’t want to talk to you…
Bihaan gets on his knees and holds his ears.
Bihaan: Sorry…because of me you got shouted at… Sorry… Please forgive me…I promise I won’t repeat it…
Thapki looks at him and thinks, she then nods yes.
Thapki: Okay…I forgive you.
Thapki leaves and Bihaan smiles,
Bihaan: I…I think I like you Thapki… I will make you my friend…

Scene shifts to Gopi going up the terrace with clothes in her hand, she starts putting them up in the wire, Ahem comes at the door step, but before she could look down, she puts a cloth in between. She then feels a connection. Ahem also feels a connection. Raman shakes hands and heads out. Ahem goes in and Gopi looks down. Amaya comes out, she then thinks to go to the neighbours house, but she sees the newspaper man opposite the compounds and thinks to ask him…she then bumps into Raman again.
Raman: What the hell?!
Amaya: Kya Uncle? I guess I’m destined to bump into you…Anyways sorry…
Raman angrily nods no, Amaya looks there and gets shocked, Raman walks forward.
Amaya: Oh No! That man went…now where am I going to search for Raman Bhalla…?! Shit!
Raman stops and turns around, Amaya bangs her phone on her hands and thinks,
Raman in his head: Why does she want me?
Raman decides to ask her so he goes towards her,
Raman: You just said someone’s name..?
Amaya: Name…?
She realises: Oh yes…do you know anyone called Raman Bhalla?
Raman: Why?
Amaya: Just…I need to find that man…
Raman: May I know the reason why?
Amaya: Do you know him or not?
Raman: Yes I do…
Amaya: Show me a pic…
Raman: First tell me…
Amaya: First Pic!
Raman: Tell!
Amaya: Pic!
Raman: Then no pic!
Amaya: And no tell!
Just then Ishita comes out,
Ishita: Ammu…
Ishita gets shocked to see Raman with Amaya…Raman also looks there and gets angry.
Amaya bites her tongue and says: Oh no…Amma? Uncle…please don’t tell Amma I was asking for Raman Bhalla…
Raman gets double shocked, Ishita comes there,
Ishita: Amaya…what are you doing here?! You shouldn’t be talking to strangers…now go inside!
Raman looks at her, just then Ruhi comes in,
Amaya: Amma…
Ishita: Go in!
Ishita sees Ruhi, Ruhi walks up there.
Ruhi: What happened Amma? Is everything okay?
Ishita: Haa Ruhi…take Ammu in…
Ruhi nods and takes Amaya, Ishita and Raman look at each other, Gopi watches this from the terrace.
Raman gets shocked and says: Ruhi…?

Precap: Raman finds out Ruhi and Ammu are his daughters…he also realises what Toshiji had done…Gopi and Ahem meet through Meera… Vidya gets shocked to see Ahem and Jigar… Arjun gets lost… Amaya and Ruhi find a pic of Raman Bhalla… Adi to see Raman… Raman, Ishita and Adi to team up to find Arjun… Gopi shocked to see Sanskaar…

Thank you for liking….thank you for commenting, no harsh comments please….love you all….I hope you enjoy today’s episode. I tried to make ShravanJi look cool because I want Vidya and his story to be nice…just hope you like it..I will reveal my name on the last Epi…till then enjoy…

Adi – 22…he is Ishitas biological son. (Adi from YHM)

Ruhi – 15….she is Ishitas biological daughter and Amaya’s twin…they’re fraternal twin…they don’t look like each other. (Ruhi/Ruhaan from YHM)

Amaya – 15…she is Ishitas biological daughter…Ruhis twin…they don’t look alike…(Bhavika Sharma….Riya from Parvarish season 2)

Meera – 20….Gopis daughter…(Meera from SNS)

Arjun – Good and funny boy, Ramans son. He gets on his nerves sumtimes. (Young Ashoka from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat)

Swara – A sweet and bubbly girl, Raginis sister and Meeras friend (Swara from Swaragini)

Ragini – A innocent and sweet girl, Swaras sister, Thapki and Vidyas friend. (Ragini from Swaragini)

Thapki – An adorable and innocent girl, Vidya and Raginis friend. (Thapki from Thapki Pyaar ki)

Bihaan – A cool, caring and daring guy…Laksh, Adi, Armaan, Shravan and Sanskaars friend..(Bihaan from TPK)

Shravan – A cool, daring, fun and a guy with attitude…Friends with Laksh, Bihaan, Adi, Armaan and Sanskaar. (Shravan from SNS…opposite from the original Shravan)

Armaan – A cool, fun, daring, hot and caring guy…friends with Laksh, Sanskaar, Bihaan, Adi, Meera and Shravan. (Armaan Malik, a singer)

Laksh – A cool, hot, fun, daring and caring guy….friends with Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan, Adi, Meera and Sanskaar. (Laksh from Swaragini)

Thank you ?

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    1. Thanks Tara and absolutely right,.

  8. Sorry for not mentioning everyone but I will update on 21st May or earlier till then enjoy….

  9. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    My girl is rocking, at least I know who you’re aha, love you~Nusz

    1. Thanks Nusz….love you too, only you know who I am??

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