Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 31

Pyar to hona hi tha2 part 31
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It was a lady.
Kumud thought:I have seen this lady somewhere.Very familiar face.But I can’t understand who she is.
Suddenly she remembered seeing Shilpa’s photograph.Kumud got shocked and stared at Kumud.
Shilpa: Don’t be scared Kumud.I am not any ghost.
Kum:You are Rudraji’s ex-wife Shilpa.Right?
Saras was shocked:What?
Shilpa:I was not dead.I am alive.
Kum:But Rudraji told me that you are…
Shilpa:Yes.That’s what he thought so.But the truth was different.
Flash back…
Shilpa gave birth to a baby boy.But the baby boy was a still baby.Rudra was shattered.He cried looking at the still baby.
Dr:Calm down Mr.Rudra Kapoor.If you lose your strength like this how will Shilpa bear it?
R:Doctor…please do something.Shilpa became pregnant after treatment.She suffered a lot due to my mother’s taunts of not producing a baby.If my mother comes to know that the baby is no more again she will taunt Shilpa.
Dr:But what can I do?
Suddenly they heard a nurse shouting at a street lady.
Dr:Nurse…what are you doing?You are shouting at a lady who just delivered a baby a few hours ago.
Nurse:She deserves it doctor.This woman is heartless.First of all she gave birth to a fatherless baby and now she tried to put the baby in the dustbin and run away.
They were shocked.
Dr:How can a mother be so cruel?We agree that you did’nt want a baby.But still you were forced to give birth to a baby.You have become a mother.But no feelings for your baby?How disgusting!
Rudra:There are many people who are craving for a baby,but they don’t get a baby.But cheap women like you get babies easily and you all are throwing them mercilessly.
That lady cried:I live on street.No safety in my life.People are doing as they please with women like me.So I myself is not sure who my baby’s father is.Then how can I keep a baby with me?You all tell.
Rudra:Is killing an option?If you don’t want the baby just run away leaving the baby here.I will look after the baby.
That lady walked off silently while the doctor stared at Rudra unbelievingly.
Dr:Mr.Rudra…did you really mean what you said?
R:Yes Doctor.We want a baby.But we lost our baby.I don’t want Shilpa to get affected by this bitter truth.So I will own this baby as ours and Shilpa and my mother will also accept him.
Dr:But what if Shilpa and your mother find out the truth?
R:Please promise me Dr that you will keep it confidential.
Dr:Ok…as I understand your condition I will keep it as a secret.
R:Thank you so much Dr.
But Shilpa’s father Raghav over heard this with anger.

Rudra sat near Shilpa showing her the baby which was sleeping peacefully in his arms:Shilpa…look at our baby.

She looked at her baby happily:My baby for whom I waited for months.
She could’nt hold the baby as her hands were shivering.But she kissed his forehead emotionally.
S:Rudra,name him Shiv as I believe that Lord Shiv only gave me a husband like you.
Rudra became emotional:Shilpa!
Tears filled her eyes.
Tears were rolling down while her eyes were blinking.Suddenly her eyes stopped blinking.Rudra got tensed:Shilpa!
He held her hand and found it motionless.He cried loudly:Shilpaaaaaaaaaa.
Slowly Shilpa opened her eyes:Rudra…I am here only.I got tired and sleepy.So I closed my eyes.
Rudra held her hand emotionally:Shilpa,I got scared that I lost you.
Shi:No Rudra.I will never leave you.
Suddenly Raghav entered:Shilpa,do you want to live with this liar?
Raghav:This is not your baby Shilpa.This is a street lady’s baby.Your baby is no more.
Shilpa was shocked.She looked at Rudra.
Rudra cried silently.
Shilpa was shattered.She shed tears.
Then she stared at Rudra:How could you cheat me Rudra?I believed you and married you against my family’s wish and you cheated me?
Rudra:No Shilpa.That was not my intention.I just wanted you to be happy.
Shi:I lost my baby.I lost my Shiv.I want to see my baby.
Raghav took her to the baby she delivered.Shilpa cried holding the baby.
Raghav:Come Shilpa…since you understood Rudra’s true colour come with me.
Shilpa looked at Rudra.
Rudra was shocked:What are you saying?How can you take Shilpa away from me?You can’t do that to me.
Shil:I will go with my dad Rudra.I have lost my faith in you.
Rudra was shattered.
He cried:Please don’t go Shilpa.
Raghav:You can’t stop me from taking her with me.
The doctor:But Shilpa is not fit enough to leave the hospital after a complicated delivery.
Raghav:Don’t tell me when to take my daughter.I will take care with me and will give her full care.
Raghav took Shilpa with him in a wheel chair.Rudra cried calling her:Shilpa….Shilpa…don’t go.You promised me now that you will never leave me.
His words pricked her heart.Tears rolled down her cheeks.

She tried to turn back.She was in tears.
Raghav:Don’t get melted by his fake tears Shilpa.
She controlled herself not to go back to Rudra.
Rudra did not leave Shiv as he did not want his mother Indra Rani to know the truth.He made her believe that Shilpa and he broke up due to personal reasons.Indra Rani kept talking ill of Shilpa,but Rudra was happy that she did’nt talk rubbish about her for not able to produce a baby.

After a month…..
Rudra started living for Shiv.He found happiness an relief in Shiv.

Shilpa regretted moving away from Rudra.She realized that she can’t live without Rudra.
She started packing luggage.
Raghav:Why are you packing your luggage?
Shi:I am going back to Rudra.
Raghav was shocked:But why?He cheated you with that baby.

Shi:But now I understand that Rudra can’t cheat me purposefully.He must have done it only for my good health.And that baby has no fault.Poor baby.I will love him like my own son.He must be God’s gift to us.
Raghav held her hand tight:I say you will not go back.
Shilpa was shocked.


Shilpa:My dad was always against my relationship with Rudra as he was a handicap.His anger increased when Rudra came up with someone else’s baby as ours.He did’nt want me to bring up someone else’s baby.But since I had decided to go back to Rudra to stop our union he played a dirty game.He sent a wrong message to Rudra that I died in an accident .He threatened Rudra that if he comes to do the last rites Shiv will be harmed.So poor Rudra did’nt come here to see my body.Dad threatened him not to come,because he knew that if Rudra had come to see my body he would realize that I was not dead.

Kumud and Saras were shocked.

Kusum was walking off the room.Suddenly she slipped.She got scared.But she fell in Kabir’s arms.

She extended her hand and touched his face.Realizing where his face was located she looked at his face with her blind eyes where as Kabir looked at her soulful eyes deeply.

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan

Kab:Seeing the way you look at me I did’nt feel that you don’t see me.Your eyes are actually fixed on me.I can feel your emotions.

Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan

Kus:Because I actually see you with my heart Kabir.My eyes have no sight,but it has soul.The soul which always sees you.
He smiled.

Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan

Kab:Kusum…before this also once you were about to fall down.You can’t repeat this always as our baby is there in you.
Kusum smiled:But I was always safe in your arms.

Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan

Kab:That’s true.But if you repeat it I will give you severe punishment.
Kus:Punishment?Will you be able to punish your Kusum?
Kabir smiled naughtily:Why not?A punishment is a must.
Kusum became nervous :What punishment?
Kab:The punishment is ..I won’t wait to make you pregnant again.
She blushed.He smiled naughtily seeing her blush.

Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan– JODI BREAKERS

Arnav took Khushi for shopping.
A:I am sorry Khushi.I took you to shop the wedding lehenga for Lavanya and hurt you.

But this time I brought you here to shop the wedding lehenga for you…only for you.

She smiled.
A:You select which lehenga you want.
K:I look the most beautiful in your eyes.So only you know what looks the best on me.So you choose Arnav.
A:Are you sure?
K:Yes.I trust your selection.After all I am also your selection.
He smiled pulling her cheek.
He looked at my lehengas and finally he selected the most beautiful lehenga.Khushi was thrilled.Suddenly seeing the price tag her face became dull.
A:Don’t look at the price tag.You are ASR’s woman.Don’t forget that.

K:But I prefer to remain as a simple girl.

A:I don’t have any objection.But on our wedding you will wear this as I want you to be the best bride in this world.Remember you only gave me the permission to choose the lehenga of my choice for you.So chill..

Slowly she smiled.

Kumud:Truth is strange.
Suddenly they heard a voice from inside:Truth is stranger than fiction.
Saras and Kumud:This voice…
A man came from inside.
Saras and Kumud were shocked.

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