Jodha Akbar 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jodha is feeding piegoens, she says to moti that jalal is angry these days, i thought to ask forgiveness from jalal about pushing him, jalal says to maham that i dont know whether there was trust between us, how can i ask her when she wants to hide it. jodha says to moti that i will tell jalal that i have developed feelings for him, moti says go and tell him right now, jalal says to maham that i cant doubt her but her hiding this thing is eating me inside.
in court, maham informs jalal that adham won war and he has come with money, jalal says we lost peer and i know bahudur is alive so he can attack malwa so we should decide new minister of malwa, he says its abdullah, adham fumes, jalal says i believe on atgah’s choice, abdullah says i will never disappoint you, jalal says

to adham to see some other states which have problems of war, jalal leave, adham is angry and looks at maham.

Scene 2
adham’s men says that atgah is behind all this and why your mom didnt say anything, maham says i dont have right to talk infront of jalal, adham says i win wars, i brought money but they give ministry to others, jalal is only following atgah, he says to maham that jalal only think you as child care taker, you just him your milk so he gave you ministry, you are just a servant, adham says i am out of limit so just go, she ask shahab to make adham understand, he says adham is right, adham says now i am in open war with jalal, he says if you are my mother then just dont come in my way, i will not leave atgah, he walk like jalal’s shadow, i will kill him, maham says i wanna talk to you alone, all leaves. maham says i will not suggest anything i only promise you that i will give you throne of dehli, adham says for that i have to kill jalal, maham says without killing him i will win it for you, just five me time, adham says i am fed up of your time, he says enough now, i dont believe you, he leaves. maham cries and says i have to snatch dehli throne from jalal and have to give it to adham, i have to play my game now. she wipes her tears.

Scene 3
ruks comes to maham and says i came to give you shock about jalal and jodha, she says jalal and jodha are distanced, hoshiyar informed me, maham says she is under jodha, ruks says she is loyal to me only, she is with jodha just to give me updates, maham says you are great, maham says you get to know whom jodha is meeting, ruks says i dont care but just want jodha to keep meeting him so jalal have doubt, maham says now i will give you shock. maham tells ruks that whom jodha use to meet in night is a rajvanshi who is in palace right now. ruks says its impossible, how he can enter palace, maham says he is in harem , ruks says outsider, a man is in harem, maham says last shock is that he is disguise of eunuch and working under bakshi, his name is dilawar, he came for jodah’s love, ruks says we will tell jalal, he will throw jodha out, maham says have patience, she says jodha can say that she doesnt know abut him, she says when jodha will be having love talk with him then we will make jalal see it, it will be good to catch her red handed, ruks ask how will you do that, maham says so listen to my new plan, She tells her plan which is muted.

Scene 4
dilawar is in bakshi’s room, she is sleeping, dilawar thinks that jalal have doubt on me have to find that man otherwise there will be no use of this risk, sharif comes and says my wife is sleeping, he says her resting is good for me, he ask dilawar to bring his coat, she brings it and make him wear it, he says when bakshi wakes up tell her that came. he leaves. bandhi informs dilawar that you are being called by maham.
maham says to artist that today is your test you have to make a potrait which i will tell you, she tells her som ething in mute, dilawar comes there, maham says from today you will be serving ruks not bakshi, she says i have appointed another bandhi for bakshi so you go to ruks, suja thinks that when jalal was asking question she was also there so she have doubt on me. he leaves. maham says to artist to make painting of her, she ask why you want painting of eunuch? maham says how dare you question me, do your work.

Scene 5
ruks says i have taken jewelry give this to bakshi and salima, bandhi ask about jodha, ruks says i didnt said her name so how dare you questioned me. dilawar comes there, ruks thinks that he is that rajvanshi whom jodha meet in night, she says i wanted to meet you, i mean i listened that you are good worker, she says i am tired massage my feet, she thinks if he is rajvanshi then he will never touch it, suja thinks that i will die but will never touch feet of mughal.

PRECAP- maham shows painting of dilawar with beard and mustache to jalal, he remembers jodha meeting same man, maham says he is same man whom jodha meets in night.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Though it takes a lot of time…we hv more to read…n gud eng today…n most important no jallu..or abbreviations..thx fr update tanthya..

  2. Somethin i dnt understnd..if suja is a like woman..then hw cn jalal recognise him…though he didnt saw his face when suja was with jo…???n jo…wat the hell…she didnt recognie her bro..but ja havin seen suja merely culd recognise him??? Somethin is fishy!!!!

  3. lahari

    Fine anael…….[email protected] shree

    • dimple

      i agree and looking vey ugly but atleast jodha will leave agra and something good will happen

  4. Ya me too…some peop r sayin tht the new entry of shenaaz i goin to drift jo n ja apart..wat fo u think guys??

    • dimple

      @anael no he is only going to wipe her tears with his lips that all not really have a lip-lock

  5. Yes i know but still it seems to be fake..n i think this sequence wont happen now…u no theres a lot of drama to happen…frm mauritius…

    • ray

      me too i like her too but what happens if she quits the show and they replace her when she leaves agra

  6. Raj

    hey!!! ray…don’t say that yaar…then jalal is in great difficulties… find out jodha?!!!

  7. Hey shradda…hw r u ?? Wnted to get an info frm u if u hv time..well hv heard abut chemical engineering institute in mumbai or somethin like tht

  8. @ray…there hv been so much rumours yaar..but if she is changed…ill protest fr her to come back…i cnnt imagine someone else being jodha…do u think its goin to happen ray??

      • ray

        no i dont think so bc why would she leave after she does a love scene with him she would leave before

      • Yadhushree

        Day before yesterday sumana commented dat paridhì aka jodha is never gona quit jodha akbar show

  9. ray

    @anael i hope it doesnt happen and im with u i will protest for her to come back. i think it might happen unless if ekta kapoor is the director again

  10. shraddha

    @anael I’m fine! Well, dear I don’t have any idea about that. Better ask someone from that place.
    @Yadhu What I had said yesterday, I only know that much dear!

  11. Raj

    hi!!!!! lil sister.shraddha.anael.ray.
    nd where is pari??????just hv seen 27th mar comments by a.b.c….maybe someone jokingly do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey ray today i watched my 1st epi..n omg i just loved it yaar..hw the scenes r well decorated…omg yaar i just loved it y no..not comparable to any other serial..

  13. Ranjani

    Hi evry1. I dont think Jodha wud leave agra. On tata sky v get to know d info of the serial — it says “will jalal realize his mistake in time to stop jodha before she leaves the palace” This statement gives a positive feeling. Wat say?

  14. Parikshit

    Where r u [email protected]

  15. Raj

    yah…..dude.bengali????? a little…but really become a fan of ur durga puja!!!!!!!!It’s awesome yaar..
    tell me ur’s??

  16. Parikshit’s network problem…I am just one yr younger than u…yah.durga puja is the main festival here…anything else that u like??

  17. Raj

    yah…ofcourse…how could I forgot.Bengali girls…I never imagine!!!!!!!!!!!so simple.and traditional they are…

  18. Raj

    seems!!! u like her!!!I know only little about…..she is sort of migrating birds.. 😉 voyages all over d India!!!!
    anyways gd night!!! bro.

  19. Parikshit

    [email protected] really like her.she got reacted Very quickly! May be angry.
    Good night 2 u too!

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