Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2014 Written Update

scene 1
Everyone is at the hospital. Karuna asks where is she ? A nurse come and asks are you talking about the same pregnant lady who tried suicide. Simar says yes. She says she is safe but he child id dead. Karuna syas she is lying its not possible. She falls on the ground and gets fainted. Everyone tries to get her up. She says please talk to doctors and save her. jhanvi comes and asks whats wrong ? Simars says khsuhi is here and she tried to kill herself. Nurse tole me that her child is dead. She says its not true.Khushi says she said about other case. khushi and her child is fine. Anurag comes there as well. She says I am here too visit my daughter in law khsuhi. He says but sh was in jail ? The concerned doctor says they can’t meet her.
karuna says i wanna stay

here for my grandson. Simar says I will stay here as well. Mausi ji says stay with her Rli would take the advantage.

Scene 2
jhanvi tells the whole story to anurag. he says I know what you and your family must be going through. He says i have a sugery so I will be late. He leaves. Anurag’s phone rings, its his bua. She says i wanna meet you. She says he is busy in a surgery. Jahnvi says I will come with him later. she says why don’t you come alone. Leave him and come to meet me. jahnvi says okay.

Scene 3
Khushi is in her room. Karuna is there. She says my child wil be born in jail. i won’t bear that someone abuse him. I wanna die. being blood of bharadwaj’s he will be called a bastard. Hwo will i give him a good life. Simar comes in. She syas I am fine you should go. Simar takes karuna with her. She says I know how to accomplish my missions.

Scene 4
jhanvi goes to anurag’s house. Shanti asks why is she here ? She says bua ji called me she wanted to meet. Shanti says you should have told me. Don’t tell her anything about your past. Suddenly bua ji comes and asks what are they talking about ? Shanti says this is jhanvi. Bua ji says i am not happy with this wedding. I love it. You are beautiful. You are bit weak You should do yoga. Let me tell you some tricks. Jahnvi says my profession made me a good woman. bua ji says you won’t work after wedding. I just wanna meet your family. Jhanvi says i will take you there today.

Scene 5
Jahnvi calls sujata and tells her that tey are coming there. Mausi ji says they must ahve head about my beauty thats why they are coming. Roli says we will get everything ready.
Karuna there is busy in serving khushi. Simar says we have to go home jhanvi’s in laws are coming. She says someone has t talk to her. Simar says I know khushi you are playing with her feelings. Karuna syas I have talking to mata ji she allowed me to stay.

Scene 6
Anurag and his family along with jhanvi arrive there. Shanti introduces bua ji. mata ji introduces everyone to her. simar tells jhanvi that she has tld everyon e not toalk about her past.
in hospital cops come in and say you have to come to jail again. Your discharge papers are ready. Khushi pretends like she is not well.

Precap- Bua ji says i wanted to see anurag’s wedding before i die. Mausi ji says you don’t look that old. Karuna comes in with khsuhi

Update Credit to: Atiba

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