Main Naa Bhoolungi 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Aditya is seen thinking something. Madhu asks her what did Samaira say that he is so tensed. He asks Madhu what did she say. Madhu says you are so engrasped in Samaira’s thoughts that you didn’t hear my wife. She asks him why did you go to Samaira’s room. He says he went to say sorry to her for the drama he created. Madhu says did he ever ask her sorry, he didn’t even come to pick her from airport and didn’t say sorry and so on. Aditya asks does he have to say sorry to her also, he loves her a lot. He says Samaira is their guest and so he went to say sorry to her. Madhu says he is taking the proverb seriously that guest is god. She asks to answer him why didn’t he pick her call. He says she should be ashamed to talk to her husband like that. She says he must be ashamed to take help from Samaira instead of servants. Aditya says he didn’t want Mohanto to scold them again, so he went to say sorry to her. He says she has forgot the trust between husband and wife. Madhu says something has happened when she was not here, he has changed. Aarya listens to their conversation standing at the door.

Aarya informs this to Jai. The both laugh and says love triangle has started. He says Madhu should be disappointed from this triangle. He says we should to something now to separate them.

Samaira calls Neeraj and informs about the incident and says they should teach him lesson as because of him her whole family is suffering. She says today it is her papa’s birthday, but she cannot meet him or wish. Neeraj suggests her to reveal her identity to her family. Samaira says he is right, but there is a lot of risk in it and asks him not to ask to reveal her identity again. She says she will call him later and cuts the call. She says happy birthday papa. Neeraj thinks he will do something that Samaira will herself wish happy birthday to her papa.

Samaira and Aarya discuss about Aarya’s designs. Samaira says the design is good without the addition. Aditya comes and says Samaira is right. Samaira sees him and asks Aarya to go to her room and discuss the design.

Mahi and Vineet bring birth day cake and wish their papa. Avinash says he does not want to celebrate birthday. Vineet says Shikha used to prepare cake for him and used to celebrate and they will have to celebrate this time also. Neeraj comes and says his friend is very alone and wants them to help her. Sudha asks him to have sweets. Neeraj says Shika’s book is ready to be published. Sudha gets happy and says whenever he needs help, she will be happy. Neeraj says his friend is away from her family and has come with a goal and will not meet her parents till she meets her goal. He asks Avinash and Sudha to speak to her so that she can be happy. They agree. Neeraj calls Shikha and tells though she cannot come in front of her parents, she can speak to them and wish birthday to Avinash. He insists to speak to them and keeps the phone on speaker. Avinash speaks to her. Shikha speaks to him. Neeraj asks Shikha to wish birthday to Avinash. Shikha wishes him birthday. He thanks her and says god bless you. Sudha takes the phone and speaks to her. Shikha gets emotional. Sudha says what Neeraj told about her. Samaira says she wants to meet her parents. Sudha prays she will meet her goal soon. Shikha thanks her and cuts the call.

Aditya tries to speak to Madhu. She does not speak to him. He asks till when he will not speak to him. She says what is the use speaking now. She goes and sleeps. Aditya then sees his crutches and remembers Samaira’s words. He goes into flashback where he spent time with her. He goes to Samaira’s room and wakes her up. Samaira wakes and starting beating him thinking he is a thief. She asks why did he come. He says he came to say sorry to her. He asks will a stranger come and ask sorry at midnight. He says he wants to show her something and takes near swimming pool. He shows her sorry word written with flowers on the pool water.

Precap: Samaira says Aditya I trusted you and you broke my trust. Aditya requests to trust him and he will trust her blindly.

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