Jodha Akbar 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha comes in her room with Salmi, she finds curtain in mandir and recalls how she lost the faith on kahna, she removes the curtain and put salim infront of kahna, she says I learned from you that we should have patience and to not says anything to God but I forgot this, I blamed you for my children’s death, I was blind, I lost you but you were always with me, she says I am giving Salim to you, I will not ask you protect Salim as I know you will protect him, I see Kahna in you, I am sorry for what I did, jalal comes there and says you don’t have to ask forgiveness from kahna, he was always with you and will be with you, jalal and jodha prays to Kahna ji.
Ruks ask one priest to pray last prayer for someone, priest says I am sorry I cant do that for a person who is alive,

ruks says It will not be good for you, priest gets afraid and reads last prayers (death prayers), ruks says this Is my last tears because from today I will not cry on my fate, now the old ruks is gone, she is dead, ruks puts dust on her face, she recalls jalal’s harsh words. ruks fumes with anger.
jodha ask jalal what are you thinking, jalal says what to tell you, ruks’s demands are beyond understandable, she want Salim but salim is your son, she is jealous of you, jodha says I understand her pain, she can thinks Salim ask her own son, ruks comes there and listens it, jalal says ruks has become very harsh, jodha says I am a women and I understand her pain, I know she will be fine seeing salim, she will get happy. Ruks comes infront of jodha and says I am sorry, I was wrong, how could I think to separate a mother from her child, she sits in jodha;s feet, jodha ask what are you doing, ruks says no, I was wrong, I alleged you that you killed your children, I tried to snatch your child, I am sorry please forgive me, I will not see your son’s child, I have come to ask forgiveness from you, I want to see Salim’s face, I have done very wrong with you, please forgive me marium zamani, jodha says Salim is your son too, you can take him in your arms, you are his elder mother, she ask ruks to take Salim in her arms, she says my child has good fate as he is getting two mothers, she says ruks you have right on Salim, because of me, we lost our children, you have right on Salim, ruks says true, you forgave me? jodha says yes, ruks takes Salim in her arms and thinks that prince you know what, I can do any war to win you, because of you jalal and jodha have come closer and now you will be the reason for their separation.

Scene 3
One couple Rashid and zil bahar comes to palace, the girl is expecting child, soldiers stops him, rashid says I am very good in playing instruments and my wife is a dancer, we want job in palace, soldier says you cant go in like that, you have to have some reference or come on day of open court, zil bahar says we have brought a sacred thread for Salim, soldier says he is prince, he doesn’t need it, Rashid says ok don’t give us permission to go in but please send this sacred thread to Salim, Rashid says to zil bahar that lets go from here, we have to find some shelter.
jodha is wearing some turban, artist makes jodha and Salim’s painting, ruks says tabassum makes very good painting, jalal comes there and says I have listened that very nice painting of jodha and salim has been done, ruks says yes, I asked her to make painting of jodha alongwith Salim, jalal looks at painting and says its amazing, jalal says to jodha that how is our prince marium zamani? jodha says he is fine, jodha says he is mischievous like you, jalal says painting is amazing, ruks says this painting will be put in your room, jalal leaves, jodha leaves too, ruks looks at painting and says maybe jodha can becomes marium zamani but I will snatch the title from her which is most close to her that is mother of Salim, salim will not call her mother, he will call her only marium zamani and will call me mother.

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Scene 4
Salim is crying, jodha takes him in her arms and says to shamshad that he wants me to take him in my arms all the time, shamshad says you have doen this, you keep him in your arms, jodha says I don’t want to be away from him, zakira comes and says one coupe and gave this sacred thread for Salim, jodha says why yu didn’t let them come in, what if they are in common people, zakria says that we cant trust outsiders and the girl was pregnant, these women are not good, jodha says don’t say like this for women, they give blessing to children, now she is gone but I will put this sacred thread on Salim’s cot, zakira ties thread on cot, jalal comes there, all dasies leave, jalal says let me spend time with him too, jalal says something in Salim’s ear, jodha ask what did you say? jalal says I said some mantras, jodha smiles and says I said some quran line before sometime in his ears, jalal says our child will be greates king.

PRECAP- bakshi ask sharif to not kill their daughter, sharif says I didn’t want her to be alive from her birth. Later jalal goes to find someone in town.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Crystal

    Im sure ruks is going 2 spoil salim !!
    N jo y r u sooo sweet……. Y dont u understand
    dat ruk is evil !! ( i noe dat in real lyk ruks
    is nt lyk dis so no bad comment 2 d real

  2. ran

    Keep spirit writer to keep writing jodha akbar episodes. I wish this is drama will be end soon. I dont wanna see jodha and jalal suffer because of their son and ruks. And I wish this is drama will be happy ending

  3. devika

    Todays episode is sooo good
    Rukku death prayers is so nice I hate her
    I think jallu fine that wife and husband
    May be they are parents of anarkali

  4. Krishna

    Interesting twists and turns! If you picturise history as it is it will be boring. Keep aside the history & enjoy

  5. maybe ! ekta is actually a little crazy
    1: just notice when always there is group picture on the launching of a particular show, while all are standing normal, she always make weird poses to get the un divided attention.
    2: her instagram ID, {ekmainaurektu} she is damn funny.
    3: her strapless and deep weird dresses. she supposes herself to be LADY GAGA in some way.
    4: over acting !! always on cards for her
    5: I have mentioned somewhere before that my momโ€™s sister works in balalji telefilms, she told me that she has met her more than 100 times and she(ekta)is so called mad glad to meet her. whenever ekta sees my aunt she says: oh my god minakshi ( my aunt) !! you here. my god am I dreaming. oh god you are looking so pretty oh my god . and minakshii I am crazy to meet you right away ! you are damn good. ahh you are like my second god ( I guess she says this to everyone, LOL ).

    rukkaiya sultan begum- ๐Ÿ˜ก
    jodha begum- ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    jalalud-din-mohammad Akbar – ๐Ÿ˜›

    • sneha

      Ya ur rite
      First she wears really deep neck…..sumtym it feels lyk her dress is gonna fall
      Second mostly they are transparent
      Third she mostly doesn’t have her right strap to her dresses

  6. shreya

    tanishq n aradya n othrs bhave ur self if ruk is begvgar then jo is wrst den beggar ok cant u all enjoy d epi always u all r abusibg to ruk i hv stopd to abuse jo n if u all will do tat wit ruk den i will strt it agn to abase jo !!!!

  7. shreya

    n ruk is doing tat wat is given to her by ekta n jo was not lyk dis in reallity , putting bandage on any beggars hand or leg, kya koi bek ya koi hindu maharani aesa karegi kavhi bhi nahi n if u all think dat its jo speciality then 4 me its insultive

  8. shreya

    aur ruk ko itne sara bacha tha par koi srvive nahi kiya n jo ko bacha bahut last mein hua tha aur hua bhi tha to ek hi bacha tab sab logon ne decide kiya ki agar ye bacha mar gya to mug sltnt dub jayga nden she was taken to Fatehpur shikrin it was built when gujrat cam under mug sltnt under ja not 4 jo coz she never drank poison nor any benazir was thr!!!!

  9. Oye bully ?? Shreya u r a begger and the thing u r saying to jodha that PUTTING BANDAGE ON ANY BEGGERS HAND OR LEG etc is good habbit and not bad koyi bhi hindu maharaani aisa jaroor karegi u b*t*h shreya aur ruqaiya ko itne bachchee the par vo sare nahi bache kyuki ruqaiya bache paida karne layak hi nahi thi pagli thi puri orphan thi maa baap the nahi the isliye pagla gai thi ruqaiya and u the biggest bully first go n learn english and then comment i know history more than u so shup up ur f**king mouth . Pagal larki shreya

    • sneha

      First run could give birth to a child bt she couldnt due to the obstacles…….n remember maham wala part…..dhature ka ark…..jodha ne hi apne haato se pilaya tha na…..even if maham mixed it….pilaya to jodha ne na……..n now aaradhya there r many people around u who may know good even better English Dan u…..n better history Dan u……and secondly shreya was just commenting……u were nt suppose to abuse her……by abusing her u insulted urself coz by abusing her tumne apni aukad dikha di……..this site is nt meant for abusing….did u get dat aradhya

  10. shreya

    aradhya do u live with beggers or in a dom patti well i thnk dat u live in dat place whr evn beggars feel shame to go!!!!

  11. shreya

    u aradhya moty evil b*t*h janwar kutti i thnk now iys ok 4 u coz u unstnd this lang n words only n u hv done phd in learnig these language n its nor ur fsult its ur families fault tat they hv tought u to say these bad words to othrs uselessly!!!!

  12. shreya

    n aradhya agar tum sehar mein rehti ho to basti mein jakar k raho its only 4 u in nw york city no 1 usez these words so i m not in habbit of listening this ok go aradhyalive hr u evil witch n b*t*h idiot dumbo!!!! Dompatti mein jakar raho that suits u!!!!! Beggar aradhya!!

  13. shreya

    n hw cm cud u say to ruk like that jo is a biggest bhikari in this wrld n ruk she is grt n was DIL O JAAN of ja

  14. Hey shreya kitna jhooth bologi ?? I know u don’t live in new york u only tell lie to us u r just a lier ! Tu kitna jhooth bolti hai bee tu kutiya , b*t*h , dumbo , begger , leechar , pagli , gadhi , kutti , kamini ! What do u think of ur self u think that u only live in new york ?? We r fools here ? We don’t know that u r telling lie ? And yeah don’t copy others comment pehle sanaya ne tujhe aur tere parents ko bura kaha tha na aur tu wahi comment mujhe chipka rahi hai kamini blood dumb girl aur aisha hamesha what the hell likhti hai comment men to tu bhi what a hell what a hell likti hai itna bhi nahi jaanti hai tu pagli ki what a hell nahi what the hell hota hai mar jaa tu kahi jaake pagli jhoothi no 1 .

    • sneha

      Yaar aradhya tune to apni lyki (aukad ) dikhaadi……gaali de kar to tune sabit kar diya dat u live in jhopar patti

  15. shreya

    aradhya bhve ur self i live in new york n if u dont know or u dont wnt to bhve then dont whi has forced u n pl dont cross ur limit the way u talk shows ur quality n bware i m warning u iss tarah se to gaali dom,chamar aur mather hi dete honge n u r that u bully bastard kutti kamini janwar idiot dumbo bhikhari n many more n these things i hv learnt frm u only dat hw to win in an arguement bully bastard girl dompatti mein jakar k raho coz ur kind of people live thr!!!!

  16. shreya

    n aradhya u r d fake 1 coz real aradhya is my frnd n she lives in mumbai 1 sunday i chated wit her for 1 hr so pl dont make any 1 fool here n evn d real aradhta has declared dat her name is being missused ok n it will b better if u live this forum bcoz now onwards i m going to ignore u n ur comments

    • sneha

      Don’t cross ur limits u dumb shit moron……..u hv no rite to call anyone orphan widout knowing abt his/her lyf

  17. shreya

    i noe it aisha n leave aradhya she is mad just ignore her n we all will meet each othr or not aftr this serial ends

  18. shreya

    well aisha cn i hv ur email id or if u mind it to give in this public place den i cn give my 1 to u so that we can live in close association

  19. Hey shreya as u can see i m still 12 so i m not allowed to make my own email id but i will make it in 2 or three months cuz it is also necessary for school n then i will give it to u !! Is that ok with u ??

  20. shreya

    bt aisha 4 cming here 1st u need to give ur email id to b here n if u dont hv then hw u r here???? I m confused

  21. Crystal

    Now dis comment sec is boring!!.
    Where r all ma old frndz ?? I miss all
    of u guyz (di , ray , deeksha , gates n
    other ppl) i wasnt here for a few months
    n all of u r missing !!
    Nwayz aisha n shreya can i b ur frend ??

  22. shreya

    n crystal why not u R my frnd why u wnt to b bt d case it dat u dont b online b lyke me i b onlnemost of d tme well here its 7:25 am so gud mrnging guys

  23. shreya

    n aisha ur wues ans is , yes my mom thnks that i m still a small child bt let it b she is my mother n even if I b 30 or mr den that i will b her sweet daughter only

  24. shreya

    crystal may i hv ur email id if u dont mind or i cn give u my 1 bcoz i want sm1 to b my gud frnd so wat u want u r giving ur 1 or shall i

  25. Crystal

    U noe wat sherya i think it better if
    v chat on sum other site lyk g+ or facebook
    becoz dis is public n evry1 can c our
    Hi jo

  26. N guys just one suggestion – please never give ur email id or phone no. Because by giving these personal info. We can be in big problem and some 1 can misuse it so please !! Its a request !!

  27. shreya

    CRYSTAL wat is ur name ovr thr i cant fnd any blck n wht lady thr ok confrm me that wat is ur name thr n when u r going to join me with u ????? Reply it to me fast as u cn !!!!!!

  28. shreya

    bye , my frnd lucy is shifting to canada so i hv to go to her bt really i dont like she always shows that she is so rich whn she is not sirf dikhawa karti rehti hai n its gud that mera usse picha chut raha hai

  29. shreya

    koi to aao yaar n tum log dow min k lea aati ho aur chali jati ho thoda to wait karna chahie see now i m here bt except me no 1 is here!!!!!! Uff…..!!!!!

  30. shreya

    1 warning news 4 flight travellors i read in the newspaper that d flght frm mumbai,alahabad n kochin cn b hijacked

  31. shreya

    well has sm thng has hpnd to u all if not den b online here its noon n i m getting bore !!!!!! Pl cm fast fnds !!!!!

  32. Crystal

    Well in uae its 9:30 pm …..gotta sleep n get up 4 skool tomo anywayz… Bye shreya i hope u c ma post in g+ its abt frendz…
    Gud nite ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. shreya

    any1 ????? cm fast i m getting bore!!! Hey 1 khuskhabri 4 me i m comming to india on 3 rd nov 4 three weeks !!!!! I n my mom i m happy…. But U.S is a quite gud place den india !!!!! But still i luv india cuz i m an indian …..!!!!

  34. shreya

    ok gud night guys here its late night n i cant chat here so late at nite if will do so then i m gone by mom’s hand…… !!!

  35. Hey shreya , crystal , di , jo , south africa , sanaya 1 , sanaya 2, shanaya , deeksha , anaelle 24 , aradhya , raj , arun , lovely , raj 2 , devika , sana , sugyami , di , ray , sharon , aisha and every1 guys please come !!

  36. Sorry to much mistakes !! So i m typing it again – i know that u r not rude with me but i just said sorry if i was just rude with u !!

  37. Actually shreya there r many nicknames of mine like ash , aishu , strawberry etc. But u know i hate my nickname strawberry n what r ur nicknames ?

  38. shreya

    in new york no brd is thr here is kindergarden 4 kids den primary secondary n den senior n aftr dat collage or univsty!!!!

  39. shreya

    my answers begin: i dont watch so mny movies smtimes only i watch it, my fvrt colour is pink n light green….any mr ques….?????!!!!

  40. shreya

    aisha agar tumne 10 mins k lia intazar kiya hota den u might hv got me , i was playing with my cousins so cant b online n i thnk dat u hv bcome volcano no an actv 1 sry if u r angry….!!!!

  41. Crystal

    Hey ppl im back….. Well i had skool
    2day so i couldn’t com here….
    Nwayz d best part is dat even if i hve
    skool on sunday ……… I get friday n
    saturday as holiday !!…..
    Shreya u post somthing on g+ aftr
    8:30 pm of india tym

  42. shreya

    CRYSTAL u post smthng thr cuz i cant fnd u so pl post smthng thr n make me ur frnd ovr thr….!!!!! Pl pl pl pl pl…!!!!!!

  43. Oh mostly watch harry potter or pirates movie n my favourite hollywood movie is john carter !! N my favourite bollywood actors r salman khan , rhithik roshan and shahid kapoor !

  44. shreya

    no i dont hv any bt i hv many best frnds including boys too bt i never bleve in dat , evry frndship is of dat knd of luv n romance only , just frndship is enough !!!!

  45. Crystal

    Hi any1 der ??
    Shreya can u make a twitter id (fake )
    so dat v can easily talk abt personal stuff
    n in twitter u can tell me everythng
    n signing up 4 twitter is vry easy

  46. I have 1 question for u shreya !! R u single child of ur parents or u have any brother or sister??? I have 2 big brothers only n no sister !

  47. I have 1 question for u shreya !! R u single child of ur parents or u have any brother or sister??? I have 2 elder brothers only n no sister !

  48. shreya

    aisha pl b onln, i was doing sm wrk so i cnt b online at dat time….bt pl u cm here evn i m getting bore n if u r nt gong to cm den sm1 lse here….!!!!

  49. shreya

    crystal wat r u dong yaar….ek – dow din ayi , chat ki aur aab gaayab ho gyi…..!!!!ufff… sm1 b online….!!!

  50. shreya

    lagta hai ki tum bahut zyada angry ho n sabse zyada to mujse bt u noe dat i live abrd so tooooo much of time manavgement is needed…sry if u r angty bcoz of meee…. Bt i stilll here so we bth cn chat

  51. shreya

    ufff….i sais dat i will b here at 4 pm bt den also no1 is here n aisha u said dat u will b here….hun….pl sm 1 cm fast….!!!

  52. Shah

    You guys do know this isn’t a platform to chat. Why not just use one meant for it rather than commenting here 500+ times asking if anyone is out there.


  53. shreya

    see aiaha dis crystal is nt being inln nor cutie uff she is our frnd bt still she is nt talking to us…!!

  54. shreya

    shah please dont b serious n negtv all d time we r frnds here n we r hvng a little bit of conversation ok…so pl if u wnt den u cn join us or u cn gooo..!!!

  55. shreya

    yes aisha u r rite this shah jst gv a cmnt n went off b a teacher or any indian baba n gv prawachan thr….!!!

  56. shreya

    i m also he’s so gud looking!!!! N he is really a very gud person n evn cn b a gud hudbnd but his choice is really BEKAR n in whole wrld he got dat chudail shristi nayyer…!!!

  57. shreya

    no in new york, we hv a process dat is whn we bye any sim crd den dat sim crd compny is hving relation with any mobile phone is givn to us n we dont need to pay at time we hv to pay slowly slwly….!

  58. Shah

    I think giving a polite suggestion doesn’t encourage a response that calls mine negative or asks me to go to hell. I think it’s pretty straightforward to chat on platforms meant for it. Or comment in a chain based on a useful topic.

    I’m neither jealous nor a show off.

    But good luck to the two of you trying to have a conversation here while pretending that you’re being anything but b*t*hes to anyone who tries to offer a polite word. Good day to you all.

  59. shreya

    shah wat is ur prblm bhv ur self ok n we all r well educated here so we noe wat to do or not n by d way u r girl or boy??? I wnt yo noe dat cuz u all boys hv to much prblm with girls i noe dat very well ok so u cn leave dis forum!!

  60. N shah let me clear ur all understanding – the words actually sorry bad ( like b*t*hes , jealous ) etc .words u r using shows that what mentality ur parents have n what rubbish things they have taught u ! 2nd – r u any adviser etc. ??? That u r advising us what to do n what to not ! N the last n the final just don’t interfere !! Thank u !! U son /daughter a great parents

  61. Shah

    Thank you. I’m quite proud of my upbringing. Your ability to escalate a simple comment unnecessarily, speaks quite a lot about you as well. Except I think it’s inappropriate to bring your parents into this because I doubt they know the spawn of the internet troll that they’re raising. This is you by the way.

    You can take someone’s advise or leave it. I have little issue with that. And I have no issues with girls. Just ones that happen to be rude when someone tries to offer a polite word.

    Again. Good day to you all. b*t*hes.

  62. shreya

    i cn b ur frnd shah bt pl dont abuse us by saying us b*t*h or any othr knd of wrds ok !!!!! So lets b frnd…!!

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