Jamai Raja 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni and Simran enjoying sargi in the morning before fast. Simran signals Raj to give Roshni her gift. He takes out bangles and asks Sid to make her wear it. Roshni reminisces Sid being with Pratima and talking suspiciously, she says Simran she wants to wear bangles from her hands. Simran does so. Roshni requests Simran to stay with her till evening. Simran says she will have to go home but will come in the evening, till then she will have to take care of herself. Roshni looks at Sid and says she will and asks her to feed food.

DD in her room is irked that Roshni is keeping stupid fast for Sid who is betraying her. Nani comes there and says it is not a stupid fast and says even she had kept it for her husband, but she does not want to remind her that. She says with her ego, she is missing so many precious moments with her daughter. DD says she knows this marriage will not stay for long and asks Naani to enjoy with her granddaughter and let her sleep. Naani sadly leaves.

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Mona sees Roshni sad and asks her about it. She says nothing. Mona says she knows her well and asks her to speak up. Roshni says she has a friend whose husband is lying to her, asks what should her friend do in this situation. Mona asks why is she worried about her friend and says her friend should clearly speak to her husband and ask why he is lying. Roshni hurriedly leaves saying she is going to NGO

Sid is bored at office and calls Roshni. Roshni says she is outside on some important work. He says why did she come out during her fast. Roshni says she will speak to her later and cuts call. She starts searching address.

Kesar announces lunch party by DD as company got better profit this financial quarter. DD starts lunch will all her employees. Sid and Pratima sit silently. One employee asks Sid why is he not eating. He says he has stomach upset. Another employee says he knows Sid must be having karva chauth fast. DD asks Sid to leave if he doe snot hwant to have food. Sid and Roshni walk out. Roshni asks Sid if he is fasting. He nods yes and asks her to meet him in temple in the evening. He also apologizes her for yesterday as Roshni came to restaurant without informing and he had go with her. She says it is okay and says she should safeguard our secret. DD hears their conversation and thinks my daughter is fasting for this loafer and he is enjoying with another girl

Nani starts arranging feast for karvachath fast break. Roshni gets reddy in a pretty red sari and comes there. Nani and mona get mesmerized seeing her beauty. Naani sees servant shifting food from there and asks about. DD calls and says she has changed karvachauth venue to temple and says it is Roshni’s first fast and she wants to make it a grand affair. Roshni says it is DD’s new plan to ruin her happiness. Naani says yesterday she scolded DD and she changed her bevhior today. Resham requests Naani and Roshni to move from here fast, else she will die of hunger.

DD sees Sid leaving office and says she has changed fast break up venue and asks him to accompany her. He remembers his plan of meeting Pritima at temple and realizes that DD must have heard it and changed her plan. He leaves with her.

Precap: Roshni is shocked to see Pratima looking at Sid’s face via mesh before breaking fast and asks who is she. DD says she is the one your husband is having an affair with. Roshni slaps Pratima.

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  1. Sid and his stupid lies! I hate him more every episode…soon I will stop watching

  2. Why is Roshni hitting Pratima!?!??! Pratima never lied to her….she need to deal with her husband!!! I know that Sid won’t be cheating on his….but with all the lies he telling to her, does it matter?!?!

  3. Request u to change the name of the serial to jamai liar

  4. Lies & more lies. …seriel has no plot anymore. .its loosing its story line….Please writers & producers open up all d lies of sid & change d concepts of d story…its dragging & getting realy boring..viewers are loosing interest im it

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  6. Wht a stupid show…

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