Ek Hasina Thi 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga saying she won’t let Dev punished. Bhattacharya says the maid is a witness. Durga says no, she just saw him near Raima, the blood was on floor, even Dev said the same. He says if maid says this, we will try to take case in our favor. She says they will try to make the maid give wrong statement. She says I will talk to dad. She calls Dayal. Sakshi tells Mandar and asks him to be careful, as Dev should not be freed. Dayal comes somewhere and says he is finding the home of the maid. Durga says you have to find her. Sakshi asks Mandar not to let Durga get the maid. Dayal reaches the maid’s house and comes to know she is not at home, and did not come since yesterday.

Durga says I knew this, Sakshi would have done this, we will see her in court now. Mandar says Raima’s maid won’t meet them, as I kept her in safe place, she will come to court directly. Sakshi says good work. She thinks Rajnath really loved Raima, he did Dev’s case fast tracked, I will see what Durga does tomorrow, she challenged me for 7 days, I won’t let Dev get free. Mandar asks Dev to admit his crime, which he did not do. Dev says I told you I did not shoot Raima.

Mandar thinks of Sakshi’s words to make Dev violent and then he can use third degree on her. He talk about Payal and Nitya. He asks who was his GF, the one who was raped or her sister, or both. Dev gets angry and beats him. He says shut your dirty tongue. Mandar says no, this is wrong, you have raised hand on a honest office on duty, I will show you the result now. He starts beating Dev and asks him to accept his crime. The stick breaks, and Dev does not accept it. Mandar gets tired beating him. Dev asks what happened and smiles. He says get another stick. Mandar gets another one and beats him.

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Rajnath sits outside and hears the torture sounds. Durga comes home and Shaurya stops her. He says come, lets celebrate. She says not today, after one week when Dev comes. He says why are so rude to me, I know you married him, but you loved me right, how did the love vanish or did you not love me, and it was a drama. She smiles and says I m old fashioned, I expect you to be in limits. He says ok cool, I agree if you say, but Dev is in jail and we are here, its not going to be good for me and you, what was the need to tell mum that I know about dad and Raima’s affair, how did you know this.

She says it does not need intelligence to know this. He says yes right, but you will need over intelligence to free Dev, so all the best. He whistles. Mandar comes to Rajnath and says Dev is not accepting it. He shows the sticks breaking. Rajnath says I want to talk to him. Dev is not given water. Rajnath comes to him and Dev is stunned seeing him. Rajnath keeps the water glass and throws it. He says the court case is tomorrow, you will be charged on Raima’s murder attempt and will be sent to jail. Dev says I don’t think this will happen, even if I fail, I found new ways.

He says I even have my hope, I understand and u m sure that Shaurya and his friends have raped Payal. He says you just understand this that its just one step away to get proof against Shaurya. Rajnath shouts yes, you want to say about Agnihotri, that cheap lawyer. He laughs and says no Dev, you forget him now and about proof, you won’t get it, stay here whole life in jail. He says I will get you punished, as Raima went in coma because of you. Dev is shocked. Rajnath says its big thing against you. Rajnath gets angry on him and asks him to stay in jail. He leaves.

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Karan comes to Goenka house and Sakshi stops him. Karan smiles and she says move this stupid smile off your face and tell me how dare you come in my house after my warning. He says actually…. She says think and tell. He says I came from dad’s side to give assurance, that Dev will be get long jail. She asks why is he taking interest in Dev. Karan says Rajnath came to request dad. She says ofcourse, go and meet the person you came here for. She thinks you and your dad might be feeling imp to help Goenkas.

Karan comes to Shaurya. Shaurya says stop there, I have to hit bull’s eye and throws the dart. Karan says you are mad. Shaurya says I m born mad. He says you did not come to meet me and even not Tarun and Rishi. He asks why did he come today, let me guess, you are stuck in problem right, any girl might be pregnant or want to kill someone. Karan says no. Shaurya says you made me back out from marriage and you went as if someone told you to do the work and disappear. Karan says he did it for him, and he was busy in dad’s election campaign. Kangana comes there and sees Karan. She thinks of Karan’s words to breakup. She tells Shaurya that dinner is ready and leaves. Karan thinks she wanted to get rid of him, and dad said not to spoil relations, I have to act again.

Durga comes in her room and thinks of Suchitra’s words. She sees the bangles which Dev gave her. She thinks of their argument over Karwachauth fast keeping. She holds the bangles and cries. She says Karwachauth fast is keep for husband’s long life and protection, our marriage is fake, but my promises are not fake, I will protect you and Lord has to support me. Dev thinks about Nitya in FB and smiles. He says no one can stop me from knowing Nitya’s truth, I will be infront of you very soon.

Dev is brought to the court for the first hearing for Raima’s attack case. The media questions Dev and Bhattacharya takes him inside the court.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. can’t see dev in pain please do something durga please.thanks amena

  2. Cm out f d jail dev…..
    Durga do it quickly

  3. Poor guy Dev 🙁 don’t like seeing torture scenes especially when it’s the good person

  4. Which loser always presses dislike on my comments, maine tumhara kya bigara hai bhai,

  5. Come on its diwali.
    Evil won’t win over good

  6. Dev v c’nt see u any more lik diz plz cm out soon.Durga plz do smethng plz yar…we cant see dev in pain..

  7. who commented on this episode wrote correct . why you dislike them.you may be vatsal sheth fans but we all commented on serial characters not on him. i am not saying don’t dislike but think about it

    1. i agree!! they must be sakshi goenka’s fan.. btw where is todays update??

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