Jiji Maa 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni prays for Vidhaan

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The Episode starts with Niyati saying we will be careful about baby. Baby drops the toy. Uttara recalls applying poison on the toy. Vidhaan goes and picks the toy. Uttara thinks no Vidhaan, keep the toy down. Vidhaan gets the poison on his finger and mouth. He faints down. Uttara gets shocked. Everyone rushes him to hospital. Doctor checks him. He says he has less chances of survival. Uttara says nothing should happen to him, let me meet him once. Suyash stops her. He goes to get medicines. Falguni consoles Niyati and says your love will save Vidhaan, have faith in Lord.

Uttara recalls Vidhaan. She comes to Falguni and attacks her with scissor. She blames Falguni. Falguni throws the scissor and says its because of your misdeeds, your son is bearing the result of your hatred. Suyash thinks of Vidhaan and cries. He says how did this happen suddenly. Falguni consoles her. She says we have sent toys for tests, reports will be coming. Suyash gets lab reports. He gets shocked and says the same poison was on baby toys too. They get shocked. Falguni sees Uttara. She says I will pray that Vidhaan gets saved.

Doctor says he is critical. Everyone rushes in. Niyati meets Vidhaan. Everyone cries. Uttara sees Vidhaan. Falguni and Suyash ask Vidhaan to get up and do the party arrangements. Niyati cries. Falguni runs out to temple and prays for Vidhaan. Suyash goes to call out Falguni. Uttara cries thinking of Vidhaan. She asks doctor will he get saved. Doctor asks her to just pray, he is still critical. Falguni prays and lights a diya on her hand. Suyash asks her not to do this. Doctor treats Vidhaan. Vidhaan gets a life. Suyash breaks into the door and finds Falguni with burnt palm. She gets dizzy. He holds her. Uttara looks on.

Jayant asks who is responsible for the poisoning. Uttara says its me. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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