Internet Wala Love 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai, Aadhya and PK stay in lodge

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Internet Wala Love 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with PK asking Aadhya to tell. He asks Aadhya to come. Jai asks do you have money? PK says yes. Jai says there is a problem in your bike and says I will check. He asks Aadhya to sit and says bye. He takes Aadhya with him. PK runs after the bike and asks him to stop. Aadhya asks him to stop. Jai wears the helmet. Rupa asks Vihaan and Rajat about Jai. Rajat says he went out for work. Rupa threatens them and asks them to say. Vihaan says we really don’t know. Rupa says she will find out. Aadhya thinks PK is caught in problem because of me. Jai stops the bike and looks at Aadhya. He says it has stopped suddenly. Aadhya says we are getting late. Jai asks her to push the bike. Rupa comes out and sees Shubhankar. Dadu says Aadhya didn’t come home since night, and she is with

Jai. Rupa says why didn’t you tell me. Dadu says Aadhya talked to him. She sends Dadu inside and asks Shubhankar when Aadhya’s called came. Shubhankar says just now and says he is worried for her. Rupa says she is tensed about her son and says she will lock her in the bathroom. Shubhankar says he will take care of his daughter and asks her to call Jai and inform him what he said. Rupa is upset.

PK calls Savvy and tells that they have stolen my bike and went. Savvy says he is my neighbor and bring bike here. He sees Jai and Aadhya coming back. Jai asks PK to handle his bike. PK asks guest house manager to give two rooms. Manager asks if he wants room on time basis or for a night. Jai and Aadhya are tensed. Manager asks his man to give two rooms to them. Jai and PK go to their room and Aadhya go to other room. PK says he will sleep. Jai asks him to give intro. He asks what he likes in Aadhya? PK says he likes her white complexion. Jai says if he made her girlfriend as she is fair. PK says I am not racist and says I like her hairs, height, cheeks etc. Jai asks him to tell her qualities. PK thinks what to tell. Jai asks where did you meet her first? PK says 1 month back on 11th November. Jai says she was with me on that day as we had an event and she was with me for 19 hours. PK says he needs to go to bathroom and goes. Jai says intro is remaining.

Aadhya calls Shubhankar and tells him that they took room in hotel, as they couldn’t come. She says jai is with me. PK goes to Aadhya’s room through the bathroom window and tells her that Jai asked him so many questions, and says he knows everything about you. He asks her to go to Jai’s room. Aadhya says I can’t go there, and asks him to stay in her room. She says you can sleep here being Savvy’s brother. Jai comes to the bathroom and thinks if he is flushed. He peeps out of window and thinks if he went to Aadhya’s room. He comes to Aadhya’s room and knocks on the door. PK opens the door. Jai asks if he don’t have shame to enter Aadhya’s room. Aadhya says Jai. Jai says you are my responsibility, I can’t break your Dad’s trust and says I will stay here. PK says I came here to sleep. Jai says shut up and tells that he will also stay here. He says he will stay and listen to their love story. PK says he needs to go to chemist to get something which is very useful. Jai asks what? PK says medicine.

Aadhya calls Shubhankar again. Shubhankar says I know you will never lie to me and says you were always independent and doesn’t share your worries with me. He asks her to tell if she has some problems. Aadhya says don’t worry, just trust me. Shubhankar says I am sure that my daughter can’t be wrong, but can’t believe on the world’s thinking. It is my responsibility to protect you and asks her to tell if anyone troubles you, and says I have bat even now. He says I had troubled that guy Parth and he didn’t come to you for three years. A fb is shown, Little Aadhya complains to Shubhankar that a guy is troubling her much. Shubhankar says he will plan to do something. Fb ends. Aadhya smiles. Shubhankar says it is my responsibility to protect you, I know my daughter will not do anything which will make her father ashamed. Aadhya says bye Papa and thinks I love you. She thinks I will never break your trust. PK thinks to stay in the lobby rather than going to room. He asks God to save him from Jai. PK sees Police coming there and asking Manager.

PK informs Jai and Aadhya that Police raid the lodge. He says first I will run. Jai says first Aadhya will go and tries to help her to go out of window, but they fall down on the bed. Police arrest Jai and Aadhya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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