Tantra 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan and Damini as one team

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Tantra 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanchan takes a leave from Niyati. Niyati thanks Kanchal, but Kanchal was offensive that she calls her a friend and is thankful as well. Niyati says Akshat will drop her home.
It was night. Geeta comes to the kitchen but feels dizzy at once. She turns to pour a glass of water for herself. She finds a lemon on the floor which was filled in blood. Geeta was terrified and thinks such things are used in Tantra (black magic). She finds another lemon lying on the floor nearby.
Niyati was still confused about Prithvi’s awkward change in decision. Akshat asks Niyati why she is tensed. Niyati says Prithvi takes any decision really thoughtfully, but how could he so hurriedly agree to marry Nirwan. She had a number of questions still unanswered. Geeta had understood whatever was happening in the house

is because of this magic. She thinks she must tell the family that this place is facing all this trouble because of the magic; she picks the lemon and comes to the hall shouting for Prithvi or Sumati. She watches Niyati outside who was there to see off Kanchan. Soon, Geeta hears Mohan calling her name.
All of a sudden, Niyati’s hair fly in an awkward swirl of wind. Inside, Geeta turns to see Mohan standing with his arms open for Geeta. She walks towards Mohan and hugs him, then asks where he had gone. She believed that the news of his death was a lie. Mohan took Geeta in a hug and clutched her tightly. Niyati had just walked inside and watch Mohan drag Geeta into the wall behind them. She runs towards the wall and push the wall to save Geeta but was pushed away by the wall. She shouts for Prithvi and Sumati and cries for Geeta, tells Prithvi that Mohan dragged Geeta into the wall. She fell faint.
Akshat drove Kanchan but the tyre was punctured. Akshat calls the mechanic but Kanchan says she will go by herself, her house is nearby. Kanchan walks the street alone. A car stops by, Damini pulls the glass down and asks if someone never alert her? She walks to Kanchan and asks what if the wild animals are terrified? Kanchan says she got her message and decided to leave by foot instead. Damini says they did what Kanchan planned. But Damini’s arrival into Jalsa was also not out of danger, and it was her presence there which saved Damini that day. Damini appreciates how tactfully Kanchan got into Prithvi Khanna’s house by serving all the clues to them in plate, and getting a little injury became a part of Khanna’s family. Kanchan says the next plan will be executed in engagement party.
Niyati had a nightmare about Geeta’s incident. Prithvi calls JK and assigns him to meet the client as Niyati is unwell. The doctor wonders why Niyati is in such an intense stress that she has fainted. Niyati wakes suddenly and runs downstairs. She watch the wall again and tells Prithvi she saw herself that Mohan dragged Geeta into the wall. Sumati says this is only a doubt. No one wished to accept her narrative. Prithvi asks Niyati if she wants to see Geeta. Niyati nods she does.
Prithvi calls Geeta to come out. Niyati says Geeta always ran over a single call of Prithvi but today she isn’t there, because she was engulped by the wall. If he doesn’t believe her, he must break this wall.

PRECAP: Prithvi says if his daughter feels satisfied then this wall must break today. Nirwan comes from behind announcing that Geeta was found.

Update Credit to: Sona

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