Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vividha calling out Guddi and asking her to come out, else she will never see Guddi’s face. Guddi falls down and is injured severely. Everyone hear the sound and rush. Vividha sees Guddi and gets shocked. Vividha says nothing will happen to you, don’t be scared, I will call doctor. Guddi signs to someone. Vividha turns to see and does not see anyone.

Everyone come there and get shocked seeing Guddi. Vividha asks Sujata to see what happened to Guddi. She cries. Someone takes the pendrive. Ravish comes. Vividha asks Ravish to see Guddi. She asks Guddi to have courage and keep eyes open. Atharv gets scared seeing Guddi’s state. Ravish holds Guddi’s hand to check pulse. Guddi dies. Vividha asks everyone to call doctor and ambulance, no one is doing anything,

I will take my sister. Ravish says she is dead. They all get shocked.

Vividha says Guddi is acting, you don’t know her. Jo mai jaanti……. plays………….. Guddi’s moments are shown. Vividha shakes her. Ravish says she is not between us more. Vividha says no Ravish, get up Guddi. Ravish closes Guddi’s eyes. Vividha says Guddi is fine, she is alive. She asks her to get up. Ravish asks Vividha to come to senses, Guddi has left us, she is dead. Vividha cries and hugs Ravish. Everyone cry.

Police comes to investigate the matter. Atharv looks at Guddi. Ravish and Daddy ji talk to the police. Uma and Dadi come there and get shocked seeing Guddi. Dadi and Uma cry. Uma asks Guddi to get up. She asks Vividha to ask Guddi to get up. They all cry. They take Guddi away. Atharv looks on. Vividha hugs Uma and sees Atharv, thinking our Guddi left us forever.

Guddi’s final rites are done. Vividha, Dadi, Uma, Ankit cry. Ravish and his family stand sad. Atharv signs something to Sujata. He asks Sujata why do they cry. He says Guddi is gone…… Uma cries seeing Atharv’s state. Vividha recalls Guddi and cries. Sooraj tera………………plays…………She thinks of Guddi signing to someone, and promises Guddi to find out who has done this, even if I have to pay any price.

Uma cries and says Guddi has done. She hugs Sujata. Vividha says Maa, police has come for investigation. Inspector asks them if they have seen anything, any details. Atharv says yes, I have seen. Inspector asks what did you see. Atharv shows someone.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. simmy😘

    how can this happen and guddi cannot die cazs they spoiled the drama and now it vividha against athrav and ravish 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Wizra

    Seriously 😲😲 whats going on? I thought now guddi going to play negative role and there will be some twists but….a lot of suspense in this show

  3. Sachu

    What’s happening ? All of a sudden they killed Guddi. Don’t know where they are taking this story to. Ruined Vitharv lovestory then family drama n now this murder mystery.

  4. lina

    kompadisi ravish aa guddi ni champindi . Guddi fb scene lo chintu , ravish ni chuparu antae guddi premichindi iddaru vedava lana leka mari enti . Ravish manchivadila natistu natlu unnadu vividha kosam. Writers eppati varaku atharv ni picchi vadila chupistaru.

  5. Sona

    Total crap…It started as a love story and now it’s a suspense thriller. First, fake Atharv harassing Vividha and now a murder mystery. Feeling bad for Guddi especially when the song played and it’s shown that how she never got true love in her life.

  6. Apple

    No.. Vividha, Atharv, Sujatha don’t stay in that house.its not a Army people house. All r criminals and crime supporters.

  7. Janu

    Omg…I thk ravish is der behind all dis.. someone remove the pendrive after then ravish comes…he is lk kailash…sithuram is ravish assistant I thk he did wtever said by ravish

  8. Gautmi

    Vividha atherva ke love story ko break kr ke kisi naye story ko dekhaya ja rha hai kahani bilkul badal gyi hai please atherva vividha ko ek kro

  9. Gowtham

    I think ravish push guddi from upstairs. He is acting like good. He want vividha that’s y he feel jealousy when vividha with atharva. Guddi copy d photos of viv & atharva Na if d family members will see they all know d viv & atharva love story. Den vividha go with atharva. That’s y he argue with guddi that d time he push her and he took d pendrive.

  10. mithu

    May be it’s ravish while taking the pendrive guddi would have fought nd by mistakenly she would have been fallen

  11. Soni

    I think ravish is pretending to be good so that he can win vividha
    But it’s sad that writer portrayed atharva character in such a way.Completey the story line has changed from a beautiful love story to an regular house drama.I request the writer to make the show as beautiful it is before

  12. Karan

    Awfull end to Guddi’s character. I just thought she got chance to showcase her talent. Vividha is so confused…..Y can’t she decide one man. She says she loves Atharva and pays doting wife to Ravish, this is playing with the emotions to two people. She doesn’t deserve both the men.

  13. Karan

    It was better if they ended Vividha’s character, both brother’s could look after each other and both their mother’s could also live in peace.

  14. Sravya

    Who’s vipul,bhoomi?! Can anyone help me in figuring those characters!!! I mean I’ve lost track of this serial.. can anyone tell ne in a nutshell how did atharv get mental,how is vividha married to this ravish.. where is khalish in this guddi’s ritual.. why atharvs dad pic is framed in ravush’s mother room?! I’m literally confused. Please tell me.

  15. Deepika

    Ravish is the main lead and its positive character and shashank the big hero…………..dnt think ravish is culprit in serial…

  16. Athafan

    Wow.applAuse to cvs for their epic script.guys ,my vitharvians .why cannt u al get that cvs r trying to turn our athrv into villian.nomre vitharv.pls guys wakeup.stop dreAMing vitharv.why dont these cvs kill ths pr*stitute vividha,a weak parasyt vividha .chee i hate ths girl most.a beautiful love story endd up lyk CID Show.#RIP JNND AMEN

  17. Athafan

    butchrd sujaths char.already klld guddi.nw its atharv turn.making vasisth family way clear.nice job.atlast suman wish fulfilld.she aways belves her pyari bahu wll break the curse, nd loves her huband with whole heart . blo*dy cvs thoo cowrds moons.nowrds .

  18. Saranjit

    Guys I agree with you. why kill off Guddi character? I mean alot of other characters like ankit shouldn’t be in story. Something was going to happen because she came to the house suddenly and fell in love with Ravish. It didn’t make sense. Think guys…the aunt was missing, and could be aware that Guddi was trying to reveal something. She was in the room when Guddi put in that chip. I think another suspect could be Ravish sister boyfriend. He probably think they were going to reveal their truth. I think mostly it might be the AUNT. VIVIDHA is acting like a fool. All of sudden she sees no love for Ravish for her sister. So she wants both of them??? She should leave with artharv and sujata and go back home. She ruined his life and should take care of him. What’s the purpose of living under one roof? How is Ravish caring for artharv? Is he a doctor????? He can treat him by providing money to take care of his bro and have. real doctor take care of him and bring his sanity back. Directors are screwing around with this portrayal. I don’t think it makes sense.

  19. Prachi

    I think Ravish murdered guddi or may be Ravish sister is culprit…I don’t why but their expressions are not normal

  20. Aliyah

    Ravish strike me as weird somtimes. I think hè was even leading Guddi on by looking at her, probably trying to make Vividha jealous, I guess.

  21. indera sanichara

    Guddi why did you quit now the story is getting dummer. Please dont drag story line update fast.

  22. Usha

    It is total misunderstanding …. murder done by avinash guys not ravish. He is second lead hero of the show he can’t do this minded

    • Sweety

      Totally agreeing with you. Avinash is the culprit i doudted him because of two reasons
      1. Avinash read that secret note from ravish’s phone.
      2.He got call from aditi informing him that her phone was missing that contain there photos.

      If not avinash then its kalindi . may be by mistake from kalindi , guddi falls down. avinash witnessed that and blackmailed kalindi for not revealing his relationship with aditi. look at kalindi’s concern when uma and daddi came.

  23. Sharmaine

    My theory: it is her father, I think he did some form of plastic surgery (explains the bandages) and he did not want Vividha and Artharv secret to be revealed as that would screw up his plan. He was evil enough to kill his own daughter to keep ravish and Vividha together

  24. Karan

    Exactly my point, Vividha in all her senses took her 7 vows to b faithful to Atharva, and got married to Ravish as a dead soul..today instead of keeping up those promises and helping Atharva get better she is worried abt Ravish and his mother. Suddenly the Mangalsutra means the world to her. Giddu was right …all she wanted was true love and if Vividha clearly told her that Ravishing had no place in her life she should have understood her sister’s emotions….Ravish took only a month to fall in love with Vividha and I am sure would take half fall out of love had he a chance to know Guddi better.
    Guddi was bold and did not hide the fact that she is falling in love with Ravish. On the other hand Vividha wants to hide her love..Y? Today or tomorrow the truth will come out so if it’s true love for Atharva ….you should let the world know becoz he should be your top priority!!

  25. sudheer

    Guddy!!!!!!!! soooooo sad.what’s d meaning of guddy’s death.
    I think kalindi/vipul/adharv/sujatha.
    Vividha ki tana puttiinti tho unna relation okkokatiga cut chestunnadu director. That means Finally vividha always stay in vasist family.
    Ravish is mainmale lead. Vividha is main female lead. Didn’t think about ravish turn to -ve.

  26. priyasha

    Come what may.. Director, CV’s and blah blah won’t do the mistake of making Atharv and Ravish negative…
    I am sure Ravish took the pen drive coz he thought someone is trying to expose Vitharv but he won’t push Guddi coz he was in the headquarters ..
    As for our Atharv baby.. He has seen someone.. Now the question is d he seriously see someone or he is simply telling.. Poor guy is clueless..

    It is chintu I feel..
    And there is a new dialogue of Ravish .. He tells it to Avinash it seems… So who knows what’s in store for us..

    I’ll miss Guddi… RIP gal

    • sudheer

      Sry evarani hurt cheyani kadu. Just prv epis lo vividha cheppina matalu-( enduko nenu evarino marriage chesukoni dooranga vellipotanu appudu nuvvu life anta badhapadatav ani taruvata joke ga anna antundi). Sujata annamatalu- (adharv eppudu strength gurinche enduku matladatav love kosam ee world ne edirinchi nanatha strength neekunna paristitulu anukoolanga lekapote nee love ni gelavadu ra)
      Not only these words vividha marriage ayyina taruvta ravish-vividha combined bank account gurinchi raveal cheyaledu but suman kosam hospital lo vividha already sign chesindi (Mrs vividha vasist) ani.
      Total vidharv love lo adharv vividhala youngagement avvaledu.marriage avvaledu but vividha valla adharv business success ayyindi. And vividha adharv ni lovechestunnattu cheppindi gani ekkada love chestunnattu kakunda adharv ni tana strength LA choostunnatte anipinchindi.
      Finally and strong point adharv eppudu sujatha,uma and dadi( endumathi) tho vividha unna lekapoina nenu matram meethone untanu ani cheppatam. Present sujatha vividha meedakopnga undatam. Vividha adharv mentalga cure ayyinanta varuke untanu taruvata vellipotanu anatam.and vividha-kailash marriage deal.
      Ee points anni ala think chesela chestunnai.
      Vidharv unite ayyethe I am also happy but adharv eppudu adharvsujatha ga untene supergauntundi.

  27. Raimee

    Rama rama kya hai drama! Pehle to reap ki kosis by chintu,phir vividha ki molestation,then Guddi ki khun ki kosis,ab finally murder! All problem by Vividha.agar yea lady ki role stop karega sub log shukh shanti se jiyagi.specialy Ravish n Atharv. Payer,vayer chakkar ki bina ek mard ki life kaise strong raha jai ovi thik tha.ek ghar mei husband or boyfriend,please ye wrong msg for social life.thnx Pinky for my first time msg ki reply ke leye.n of course Ravish is not murderer, agar ye khun karta to Atharv ko mardeta,Guddi ki nahi.

  28. shikha

    Hero of the show is Atharv no doubt, I think Ravish is culprit since seeturam said that he know many secrets abt ravish ….

  29. shikha

    want my mwonjan atharv back as angry young man and want to see the love story of atharv pls change the story Love you atharvvvvvvvikrammm

  30. bhoomi

    This love story only between vividha and Atharv.if the writer is divided between them, then no any one see this serials and its make a uninteresting.so plz to met Vividha and Atharv As soon As possible. Plz Atharv will be very well in soon.

  31. Lakshmi

    Asalu ènti ee torture ? First episode nunchi choostunnanu ….chala bavundhi love story anukunte…..madhyalo chetta twists pettaru…..asalu atharv ki pichhi enni rojulu babu inka….guddi ni champesi inko useless extension….getting bored yaar….want 2 c atharv back….he is very dynamic. ….asalu atharve vunte guddi chanipoyede kadu

  32. Nazneen Syed

    I think Ravish didn’t murdered Guddi because Ravish toh Guddi se just ek din hi Mila hai.Ravish Guddi se zyaada close nahi hai isliye uske expressions normal nahi hai.Ravish ne pen drive liya hoga lekin usne Guddi ko Dhaka nahi diya.Ravish ne Guddi Ki jaan bachaayi vo kyon uska murder karega???it’s just my opinion.😊
    Aaj pata chal jaayega ye sab kisne kiya??

  33. Pinky

    It na achch achcha karne ke baad agar abhi ravish ko negative banadenge to fir pehele wo negative act uska achcha hota.Log ravidha ki pichche apna dimag na lagake sirf vitharv ko support karte……….don’t make negative character of ravish.

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