Mere Angne Mein 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi talking to Nandu/Lucky and saying Preeti is shy, there is no such problem. Preeti looks on. Nimmi talks well to Lucky and recalls how she has seen Nandu talking to Preeti as Lucky and Nandu. She went to buy a ring for Preeti and saw Nandu. She gets shocked and goes to him. She says you are Lucky. He says don’t say anyone, else I will do. She says yes, you have to die, then Preeti and Lucky will get engaged. He says I became Lucky to get Preeti. Nimmi says I understand, when Nandu goes, Lucky will have entry. FB ends. Nimmi feeds sweets to Lucky. Sarla asks Nimmi to get engagement ring. Nimmi happily goes.

Babloo is tied to chair and he tries to get himself free. He opens the ropes and pulls the door. He runs away. Rani tells Amit that Babloo is not ready, find him, Lallan will not leave us, he will beat you. Someone knocks the door. Rani asks Amit to hide. Its Lallan at the door. Lallan shouts to Amit and asks him to open the door. Amit goes and hides.

Nimmi comes and drops Nandu’s shirt there. Everyone look on. Nandu signs Nimmi. Nimmi gives the ring. Preeti says I can’t take this ring. Nimmi asks why, you were insisting for engagement. Preeti says there is blood on it. Nimmi says no, its sindoor, it was kept in puja plate. Preeti takes the ring.

Sarla asks Shivam to click pics, we have to send Riya also, its happening because of her, she has told everyone about Preeti and Lucky. She asks Lucky to remove glasses. He says no, I always wear it. Sarla jokes. She asks Shivam to take pics fast. Pari asks Ramesh to make her wear the flower ring. Ramesh asks her to wait, its not their time. Lucky says I will make Preeti wear the ring, but I have a condition. Everyone look on.

Sarla asks what condition, we are poor, don’t say of dowry. Lucky says I don’t want dowry. Rani opens the door. Lallan and Babloo come inside. Babloo says they all have beaten me. Rani acts sweet. Babloo says be away, you have fed me food, so I m silent, else you are no less. Rani says Amit is not at home. Babloo says maybe he has gone to his Nani’s house, or friends. Rani says no, he went somewhere else, I don’t know when will he come. Rani lies to them. Babloo asks where did you hide Amit, you are clever. Lallan says where is Amit, I will not leave anyone, I will check house, if I get him, I will kill him. Rani worries. He argues with her. Amit dresses in a woman’s getup. Lallan asks who is she. Rani says I have not seen her before, I mean she is my cousin sister. Lallan says why did she put ghunghat. Rani says she is shy, don’t you trust me. Lallan says no way, I will see her.

Lucky says I want marriage to happen in next 3 days. Shivam asks why, we will keep marriage now. Nimmi thinks sorry but I can’t say anything to Shivam. Nandu/Lucky says Shivam is funny. Shanti says fine, we will keep marriage in 3 days, Preeti is burden on our head. Sarla laughs and says we all are funny, and joke a lot, you do engagement. Preeti makes Nandu wear the ring. Everyone clap. Nandu also makes her wear the ring. Shivam takes pics. Shanti looks on. Nandu asks Preeti to promise her, she will not take her hand away in any troubles, she should not feel she did mistake by marrying. Preeti promises him. Nandu asks for one more promise, if you feel you liked the person and he is not such, you will not run. Preeti promises. Nandu says I m saying as girls like to run away, if they don’t like husband after marriage, they are not scared to take divorce. They all get shocked.

Sarla thinks to snatch everything from Shanti. Nimmi asks Lucky not to worry, Preeti will keep all promises. Nandu makes Preeti have sweets. They take blessings. Raghav goes. Shanti looks on.

Shanti drags Preeti out, while Kaushalya begs Shanti to leave Preeti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kaushalya is just soo stupid believes tbe people who lies and doesnt trust the people who tell the truth???

  2. So nimmi knows it’s nandu, but sarla still thinks she’s winning. Shanti going to throw preeti out of SS?

  3. Amalina

    lol, nandu im proud of u!

  4. 3veni

    where is riya..where she went??

  5. What’s preeti going to do when she finds out she married nandu again? She’s made promises, will she follow them? I think nimmi maybe should’ve told raghav and shanti that it’s nandu posing as lucky. Then again maybe good she didn’t.

  6. Sarla will die soon……new update… Keep watching

  7. Raghav will not be in comming episodes…he is suffering from chickengunea

  8. Kaushalya worst character in this show

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