Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok coming as manager. Astha starts scolding him for doing this new drama to trouble her. Shlok says mind your language Mrs. Barkha, its not necessary that its my mistake always. She thinks why is he behaving such suddenly. He asks her to give the tickets, he does not have time to waste. Chowksi says return our tickets. Astha says its our tickets and asks Shlok not to interfere. Shlok scolds her and asks her not to talk with bad manners, he is not interested in her, he did mistake to think she is Astha, but she can’t match Astha, she can’t be his Astha.

Astha calls him bad mannered guy, and she don’t want to talk to them, take money as these tickets are ours, I will the play to the kids at any cost. He asks her to keep her money, and come

in next play to show the kids. Chowksi and Sojal ask for tickets. Astha says I m sure this man got you here to trouble me. Shlok points finger on her and gets angry. He says enough. She looks at his rude behavior. Shlok asks her to talk with manners.

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Shlok asks who is she, he has seen many such girls like her, he laughs on himself to think she is Astha, she is drama queen to do this intentionally, don’t come in my way, as I don’t want to see your face. She says even I don’t want to see your face and scolds her. She returns the tickets and leaves. Shantanu and Mishti ask her where is she going. Astha says we are going home, we won’t see the play. She takes them and leaves.

Shlok says he is very happy, its fun to fight with wife. Sojal says she is glad seeing Astha, I wished to hug her and scold her for troubling us, we will get our Astha soon. Indrajeet comes home. The servant says Astha told him to meet in play. He says he got late in meeting and play would have started now. He asks for tea. Astha and kids come home. He asks Barkha what happened, they came so soon. Astha sends kids to rest. She says Shlok reached there also, if I know he is associated with the play, I would have not gone there, I scolded him and he fought with me.

She tells everything and gets angry. She says she is tired and goes. He thinks now she has spoken like old Astha, its not good sign, now I get it, what Shlok is doing, to remind her old identity, I have to stop him. Astha recalls Shlok’s words. She gets angry. The servant gives her tea. She asks for Indrajeet. He says he went out, he looked angry, is everything fine. She says yes, I will talk to him.

Shlok plays with Chowksi. Surbhi says I m so happy Shlok, your idea worked, you have seen your Astha in her. Shlok thanks her. Manya says Indrajeet is coming and alerts them. Surbhi says I will hide inside, if he sees me, our plans will fail. Chowksi says he will beat Indrajeet. Shlok says no need to do anything, I know for what he is coming here. Surbhi hides. Indrajeet comes there and looks at Shlok.

Indrajeet says Shlok, your Astha is not yours now, she is my Barkha, I don’t like her to have anyone around her. Shlok says I don’t know what I was doing and thinking in anger, I was trying to get her memory back, no need to do all this, truth will be truth, she is my wife and will always be mine. Indrajeet says I understand why you are doing this, she was your love, now she is with me. Shlok says she can’t be yours totally, as she married me and has taken marriage vows with me. Indrajeet says he won’t let Astha go back to him, he will see how he will do this.

Shlok says it’s a challenge, you should be afraid as you are wrong, I m true, no power in the world can make me apart from her, I will get her. Indrajeet asks how will he get her, doctor said if he is around her, then her life is at risk, then is this love to show for world. I don’t think you care for her. Shlok says I do, so you are alive, the day she recalls everything, you won’t be alive. He says even fate wants this, so he met Astha. He says man who eyes other’s wife gets badly ruined, one day you and your ego will surely break, today time is yours, tomorrow it will be mine.

Indrajeet asks him to do this and show, time will be his even tomorrow. Shlok says you will know the strength of power, Astha will be mine and you will be just seeing. Indrajeet leaves. Surbhi comes and says not bad, you have verbally slapped him. Shlok smiles. Indrajeet comes home. Astha asks Indrajeet where was he, she was worried for him, he was not taking her call, did Shlok do anything again. He goes to his room.

Its night, Shlok talks about Indrajeet and Surbhi asks him to be careful, as this will affect Astha. Shlok says I will end Barkha’s identity without harming Astha. Apsara calls him and says Indrajeet is angry. Shlok says its good for us that he did not care for Astha, she will know he is not good as he poses. He tells Sojal that Apsara said. Sojal asks will he hurt Astha. Shlok says no, but his anger can open Astha’s blindfold.

Astha brings coffee for Indrajeet and he asks her to leave him alone. She asks whats the problem and he shouts on her, to leave him alone and just go. She is stunned and leaves. He says what did I do, I got Shlok’s anger out on Barkha, this way she will go away from me, if I behave so, what will be difference between me and Shlok, I have to talk to her.

Astha takes pics with kids at the chaat stall. Chowksi steals her purse, while Shlok looks on hiding behind bushes.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Nik

    Aastha is now becomin a little bit of the first one.Now she will understand that indrajeet is a bad person and is doing all bad things to remove her from the life of Shlok.Very happy by seein her behaviour once again as she was earlier.

  2. Nik

    Wow what a behaviour my first aastha.You will change definitely,once again want to see you in the same old way how you were first.Happy on seein your episode.

  3. Liya

    Anyway our old cute astha is back.this mummy getup is really not maching 4 her.good epi.

  4. change

    In past did Shlok save Aastha’s purse from a thief by running after him?. Pls reply me

  5. change

    In past did Shlok save Aastha’s purse from a thief by running after him?. Pls reply me

  6. Whatever u do now,can not bring d lost charm n image.We do not have any work thats we r watching this lifeless show n idiots n shameless n characterless n multihanded dirty b*t*h Shal granny n Avi uncle.Going to stop this dirty n worst show.

  7. change

    In past did Shlok save Aastha’s. purse from a thief by running after him?. Pls reply me

  8. Astha iz behaving as our astha.and IS u will in lost after wards……..and aashlok will b together soon…

  9. S

    Not able to see d repaired Shalmalee aunty.Hey guys all parts of her is repaired do u know this.Eyes eyebr arti boobs teeth.I think xxxxx part of hwr would have also become loose.Avinash tell her to get xxxx part stiched otherwise u can not enjoy ur first night after marr Shalmalee aunty though u have enjo her by now many times fir nigh exp is diff n memorable.

  10. nikki

    I am waiting for that day when aastha will slap IS and tell that shlok is my husband.

  11. This show is more of Sh and Soj than Aashlok who were d main characters one year back.They r dead n so this show is also dead.That is why this dirty n very cheap show is not nomi in even one cate.Iam soooooooooooooooooooooo happy Avinash career is dead n his real life also going to die very soon.I am eagerly waiting for that day.Shal u r responsible for all this.U will pay for ur deeds if not now Avi n Shal children will surely pay for this.

  12. Bhadra

    Ohh God, now our old Shlok come back, but that old uncle…..irritating, but today out of his real character. Another irritating, Sojal will be every scene, What is this director, she is a useless character in this show, please kick out of the show.

  13. Why do u talk about Shalmalee.We all no that she is characterless b*t*h.For 5 years she slept with KIRTHI RAI.And now as she wants new …………. he tied Avinash to her though he is also second hand but new to her naa.This very very common for most of d celebrities.Only 1 or 2 percent will be like Shrenu.She has done 4 serials but never kept any links with any of d 4 heroes.Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat SHRENU PARIKH.Hats off to ur parents to have achild like u n to their PARVARISH.I could not find a word in DICTIONARY to praise U.That grounded n beautiful from in n outside U r.

  14. HEY, HIP HIP HURRAH.My Shrenu parikh is one among crores.No one can ever find such a cute humble down to earth person in d world.One ex is right from d beginning of show that Sojal is given very costly costumes n for our Aastha very cheap n old model sarees n buddies sarees,but never she complained n never she felt jealous of Sojal n even Avi n Shal over act on d screen n off d screen always sticking together though she is also jawaan ladiki of their age she never felt jealous of them.That is our Shrenu.Shrenu u r d best girl in d universe itself.

    • john

      c.v knw what they have 2 do
      u beter do ua job and only jus watch d shw
      dnt try 2 direct it

  15. Bhadra

    What shut up. This beautiful show will end in august, so this shows ratings was very low past one year.. and watch sp award categories, this show does not any category list, this shows ratings down to low that only reason, their relation rumors spread out…..why u r upset for our comments? We are true fans of this show and this actors….that dojal kick this show when this shows ratings come to grew and survive full of issues…..urs are irritating our fans comments…. urs are full of likewise that lady’s character, so urs are upset.

  16. fan

    Pinky n John u people belong to Avi n Shal dirty characters.That is why u r getting disturbed when fans r talking about d truth.What ever u say Shut up or close up, God even can not make dirty b*t*h Shalmalee a VIRGIN or AVINASH ,a single hand person.Even he spends crores on Shal she can never ever become a virgin like Shrenu.He has to adjust with this b*t*h Shal life long. Any one can not help him neither God nor money.

  17. ???

    Shrenu is looking very pretty in those saress…
    i jst hpe ke astha jalthi will know her past and …..

  18. LiYa

    i also agree fr nikkis comment ….. and whn will tht dy cme…waiting fr the nxt episode……nikki i lke ur cmmnt

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