1st Epi – Mohe Piya Milenge 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
In a temple a man and woman are doing the pooja. man asks the woman what time is it? She says its 9. He says Meghna isn’t back home? She says she will be coming soon. Lecture must be ending. He says why she has to do masters? We planned to get her married after graduation and we have not found a good proposal for her. I asked you and your sister to find a her a guy. She says we have registered her. Man says her age will be over. Are you focusing on your daughter or not?

A girl asks a guy, where is your focus? He says my focus is on you only. You have sand on your nose, and your kajal is snugged. She says you are not focusing on me. He says i told you everything in detail. She says I am not talking about that. Aadi says i know what you mean. She says aadi will you love me forever? will you ever leave me? He says you know how much i love you. She says I feel like i will lose you someday. you are like air, you come near and go far away in a while. We decide that we will meet tomorrow, but you go on track, when i come there you go to your music group. I am somewhere amid all this. will you always remember me? Aadi says meghna you are being worried for nothing. He says this world looks like a toy shop to me. I feel like playing all the time and forgetting myself. You can’t understand the magic in all this. I get so involved in all this, how can i miss you? She runs after him and says you will forget me ? you don’t miss me? He says stop, look at they sky, air and these things are with me all the time. Just like that you are with me always, i don’t need to take time out for you. Meghna hugs him.

Man says to his wife, call you sister and says if she has forgotten about meghna’s wedding.. She says how can she forget she knows everything. he says you told her everything about us? Even if your dad comes don’t ever open your mouth. She says i mean she is trying but we need to find guy of our choice. The man says meghna should get a boy who is rich. She shouldn’t come to us for money after wedding. Call you sister, She says i will. Doorbell rings, Meghna comes home. She says sorry i am late, he says this month you are late for pooja for fifth time. One more time, you wont go to college again. Never miss the pooja, go wash up and do the pooja. She nods. The man leaves.

Mom says why are you late meghna? papa was mad you were not in pooja. she says what is all this? She says don’t say all this. you have to do as your dad asks until you are unmarried. Meghna says isn’t this my house? can’t i do what i want here? maa says there is no point of arguing. You dont have much time, your dad wants you to get married in two months. he has asked me to call Meena mausi multiple times. Meena says you are in your own house? do you live the way you want? Maa is quite, she says i am going, bolt the door.

Meghna calls aadi, he says what happened? meghna says i am really scared. he says what of?She says my family is forcing me to get married? he says don’t worry. meghna says don’t take this lightly. He says i make nothing lightly. Aadi says my pal has opened new toy shop. He has small idols. baba comes in to take keys. meghna says papa is serious about my wedding, i want you to meet him. tell me when will you meet him? baba says today. He says ask him to come here, you were talking to him right? the one who has piercings and wears shorts. he can’t earn two rupees. He calls her maa and asks her to come back home. He says give me your phone. you have to be a good wife and daughter in law. forget all these stupid things. Maa comes home. baba says she was talking to that guy aadi, she was begging him to come here and tell me that she wants to get married. She wont live here anymore, she will go to your sister meena’s house. and you will tell her everything.

Scene 2
Madhvi and meghna come to meena’s house. Meena asks madhvi what is wrong? does meghna like someone? madhvi nods. Madhvi says he asked you to take care of her and keep an eye on her. he asked you to look for a good proposal. Meena says i dont understand how you live with that man. i have posted about her on different sites, she will get a good proposal soon.

Scene 3
Two women are working on stitching. Their dad comes with ‘pakoray’ for them. They say papa you are best. he says keep some for my jar. His wife comes and says stop calling me jar. I am getting second daughter in law, i am ought to look like jar. He says if you come with me for jogging you will be smart. Post man comes with courier, she says its a photo. dad takes the photo from her and says i will check her first. They take out the photo, its meghna’s. they all say she is so beautiful. She looks chubby. the man says junior jar. they all laugh. he says yes she looks chubby. maa says what can we do? we have to do a meeting with our son. support me when he comes. he will say why are you all so hasty. The man says dont you all attack him. maa says no he is innocent, he doesn’t hurt anyone but he is stubborn like you.

A little girl asks other what are you doing here? she says i am waiting for uncle, i will tell him that my aunt is coming soon. A guy comes on bike and parks it.

Precap-maa asks his son to look at the girl’s photo. he says pardon me please. you all started this again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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