Veera 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev and Veera arguing in the room and she asks him not to go out with the pillow. He gets angry and she asks what will he do, she knows he does not worry for her. She says she felt she should be away from him, Balwant stopped her, so she is staying here, she respects him a lot, as she did not see her dad, she could not hurt him as he believes in their marriage. She asks him to decide whether going in other room by showing Balwant that their relation is over, or stay in the room and let their fight be in this room itself.

He lies on the bed and switches off the lights. Mahiya………….plays………….Its morning, Veera puts her hand on him and he wakes up. They smile seeing each other. He recalls her words. He twists her hand being angry and asks her to be away from him. She hits him and scolds him. Balwant calls her and she goes.

Gunjan meets the doctor and say she was busy and could not come. The doctor asks did she feel any pain. Gunjan says she is feeling weak since 2days and her legs are also aching. The doctor says maybe as she stopped medicines and she will do checkup. Gunjan says she has to inform her husband, he went Amritsar for recording. Ranvi is in pind and talks on phone, saying its fine if recording is cancelled, I got a day more for my family. He buys jalebis and pays the man. A little girl takes the jalebis.

Ranvi thinks where did the packet go, and looks around. He asks the man and says its not here. The man sees the girl running and fails to catch her. The girl smiles. Ranvi spots her and smiles seeing her. The girl sees jalebis. The man catches her and scolds her. The girl asks for jalebis. The man shows the girl to Ranvi and says she has stolen the jalebis, she is thief. Ranvi asks him to leave her and she says she is not a thief. Ranvi asks why did she steal jalebis. The girl says she was hungry. He says you should ask your mum, where is she. The girl says don’t know.

He asks is she new. She says don’t know. He smiles and asks her name. She says don’t know. He asks what does she know, and laughs talking to her. He says he will find his mum and makes her stand, asking her to eat jalebis. He turns and she comes to him. Ranvi says he will take the girl and asks the man to send his mum to him. The girl asks does the man know his house. He says yes, everyone knows me an my home. She says then she is Sadhu, whom everyone knows. He says fine, come.

Veera sees Kohli coming to take Baldev’s sign. Baldev does not read papers. Veera is stunned. The pen does not work. Kohli asks Veera for a pen. Veera says its in room. Baldev says she won’t get it, I will get it. She goes after him and gives him the pen. She asks how can he sign without reading papers. He says he trusts them, which she did not have for him. He leaves.

She worries and thinks what to do to make him read papers or stop him. Ranvi brings the girl home and Ratan asks who is this name. The girl greets and says she is Deepu. She asks for sweets and Ratan says she will get laddoo. She asks Ranvi about lassi. Ranvi says I will get the lassi. Baldev signs the papers and Kohli leaves. He gets a call from panchayat. Veera hears this and thinks to stop him, else he will take any wrong decision in the meeting.

She tells him that she will come along. He refuses to take her. She asks him to drop her to Ratan’s home. He asks what happened, she came to take lift and forgot they are strangers now, he has come back for his parents, not for him. She says the jeep is of Balwant, and she can use it. He asks her to say please. She smiles and requests him sweetly. He says come and they leave.

Ranvi and Ratan play with Deepu. Deepu asks Ratan to play with her. Ranvi says she came from out of pind. Ratan says she is sweet child, I wish her parent find her soon, I will ask police to come here to take her if her parents are looking for her. Ratan laughs on Deepu’s innocent words. Gunjan gets to know that she can’t conceive now, she can’t become mother now, her pain is by complications of her accident. Gunjan is shocked. She says she can be mistake, she was pregnant and she said she can conceive again when she was going for abortion, but she had miscarriage, check reports again. The doctor says I m sorry, I checked reports well. Gunjan gets shattered.

A lady comes crying and hugs Deepu. Gunjan cries seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel bad for Gunjan ! She repents for her mistake !! Stupid writers they don’t know anything !!! ????

  2. I think ranvi and gunjan ll adopt that little girl.

  3. keerthana gupta

    can anyone say y baldev is angry on veera.

  4. this serial is a stupid one. only anger, sadness……

    1. a boat can flow in their tears. it’s not real life. it’s a serial. so twist n turn r required. some happy moments shld come in b/w

      1. let Nihal resurect i think that would be the happiest moment

  5. i agree only sadness and anger…. is life this bad? i dont think so na pls director put Bansuri’s character in coma and revieve her after veeba are back together

    1. yeah. plz add some happy moments also. life is a combination of happiness and sadness…….

  6. It is a stupid meaning less should not marry a person who has no culture.the writers are showing utter bulahit,

  7. It is a stupid meaning less should not marry a person who has no culture.the writers are showing utter bullshit

  8. stupid.. story… what the hell director is writing form the beginning veera and ranvi grown up

  9. Nice episode.

  10. again n again….

  11. oh so now u guys gona direct d show?
    c what they show
    if u dnt like
    dn quit frm it
    dnt try 2 give ua baseless suggestions/comments vch hav no sense

  12. Etyedsxeut ff

  13. enough of ua stupid comments manisha
    whats dat ah??????
    does it has a meaning?no right
    dn y post it?
    4 show off ah?dat u 2 exist here?

  14. Vinu ( monjanss)

    enough of ur stupid comments john wats tat ah?? y r u posting comments to make others irritated ha?

  15. babians imad

    Now Veera is going fan love it

  16. babians imad

    Now Veera is going fan love it
    Cute fight of Veeba just mwahhhhhhhhh

  17. babians imad

    The best serial Veera love it

  18. babians imad

    Jalny Waly jalty rahy and Veera chalta rahy

  19. babians imad

    Fabulous episode

  20. Gunjan had accident,due to that sudden shock, miscarried, its not like her whole baby bag fell out. Body heals itself, regenerates, Gunjan young,healthy its utter nonsense she cannot conceive ever again. Pregnant women get badly beaten up still they able to deliver and get pregnant.

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