ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-30

Here the episode starts…..

Anika is just crying terribly listening shivaay….
She ask shivaay…. Shivaay can u say this that u …don’t… Care if someone molest me….
Shivaay said to anika oh!common anika why do i care for u? U girls have the same problem ,u always want some one to help u ,why can’t u help urself…. U all just know one thing… And that is cry….u only know how to cry on every small thing…. U can’t even take stand for urself ,just like always want someone who will u anika u need not be fear i m here ….but in actual no one is there u ….u know what in ancient time what used to say that girls are born only to bear torture…. And u r setting the example that thinking didn’t change yet they become modern by their life style but still they have the same cheap thinking and no one can change it….

And what u said to me in morning that ur slippers oh so sorry ur chandni knows karate so take help ur chandni… He comes near her and hold her hands and sees her nails …..
And ask why these nails r so big ….oh..i sees to show nail paints only…. Use ur nails take help from them …oh how can i call them nails u definitely kept their just like ur chandni….. Right anika…

Anika didn’t say anything.. Just listening to him and tears r flowing from her eyes…

Shivaay said anika i have lots of work to do and i m not going to help u do what u want either u can cry that some one molest u now what will happen now what people would say or learn to take stand for u…and i m going in my room….

Shivaay leaves from there …..but hides behind a pillar….

Anika fell down on her knees and crying shivaay’s words r echoing in her mind….

Shivaay sees anika crying from behind the pillar…

Shivaay thinks i m sorry anika that i m not going to help u but why r u crying ….i said a lot to u and u r still crying.. Go beat that cheap person anika plz do this i want u to back ur normal life…..

Anika wipes her tears and thinks what will that bagadbilla thinks that i can’t stand for my self i only know how to cry i will him that girls r not born to bear torture…..

She takes her chandni in her hand and said i will not leave u vikram thappar ,aaj m tuje itne tappad marugi that u will change ur surname and never dare to touch any girl in ur dreams also….

Shivaay who saw this and gets happy and said to himself in mom language vikram aaj toh Teri o my Mata hojayegi……

Anika go to vikram while hiding her chandni….
Vikram said to her so u come urself to enjoy with me i know i m very handsome first girls used to say me no but then they come by their wish as u come to me….

Anika smiles to him and really u r very handsome i can’t resist even my chandni can’t resist u….

Vikram ask her who is chandni?

Anika hits her chandni on his face vikram shouts….

Anika said what happen u don’t like chandni this is my chandni… U get that and continuously beats him from her chandni and vikram is just shouting…..what r u doing anika ….why r beating me

Anika said what u said to me its all normal baby now i m showing u my normal way….

Shivaay was just smiling and making vedio while hiding behind the door….
He is getting relief to see this bold anika whom he always wants to see….

But he gets shocked when he saw anika bringing hockey to beat vikram she is about to beat vikram with hockey just then shivaay comes and holds her and said bas Karo jhansi ki Rani he will die…..he shouts khanna….

Guys i want to know view of every one over this episode so plz comment

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  2. Ashwinee

    Awesome update di. Jhansi ki rani is back !!!!!

  3. Niriha

    Awesome…..jhansi ki rani back loved it.shivay want anika to stand for herself nice.waiting for next part update soon

  4. SatyendraSharma

    Awwww…That was khidkitod. The way shivaay encouraged anika was awesome. Update soon♡♡♥♥♥♥

  5. Angle

    Ultimate… it to the core… soon….???

  6. Rehmat

    omg vikram ki to ommt go gayi amazing love it

  7. Alekhika20

    Nice update

    1. Savera

      Thank u alekhika

  8. Aashi9

    update soon

    1. Savera

      Thank u angle

      1. Savera

        Sorry its aashi

  9. Dhar

    Superb yaar.. Plzz do post the next update ASAP

    1. Savera

      Thank u dhar

  10. Yvonne Codner

    Yesterday I was shocked regarding Shivaay’s attitude toward Anika…but I did say that maybe he has a plan..well we all see what the plan is…Anika must stand up for herself and stop being a victim. Raaaay for Shivaay…Well done Sir…

    Really awesome Savera!!

    1. Savera

      Thank u Yvonne codner

  11. Gayathri.visu

    Yes….my guess is correct! This is Shivaay’s plan only. Awww….bechara Vikram….lol! Tadibaaz Anika is back..

  12. Ankita27

    Amazing update… zasi ki rani in action… loved it…

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