I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 6

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Character sketching of anika family
 Vaishnavi mahant from Tashan e ishq as Aarohi Singh Rajput  (died) ( mother)
Rohit roy from addalat as dev Singh Rajput (dad)
Anju Mahendru from geet as Savitri Devi Singh Rajput ( Dadi)
Gauri and Bhavay are  anika sisters

Gaya for gauri and Bhavay

Ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes…

Shivavy – excused himself and locked the door sat on his bed took out his phone and start crassesing ankia pics. Ankia u left me alone and before leaving u burned out all ur belongings but how can u burn ur memories from my mind and heart. I knw i didn’t very bad with u and what u will forgive me now I myself can never forgive myself and I even won’t ask for ur applogies u knw why bcoz applogies r for mistakes not for SIN.
Anika I don’t even knw where r u ? I tried all my contacts but I failed. His eyes became watery.

Sad version of O JAANA is played

Next to omkara room:
Om- Gauri I need to say something to u.
Gauri- yes!
Om- I knw i did very bad with u since u enter my life but u never complaint about it. How can some1 be so good. My whole life i’hv never seen such a pure heart like Anika bhabi who sacrafised her love for Shivavy happiness.
And today after she left this OM how u r mending it i don’t even have words to….

Gauri- Omkara g I’m really happy that finally understood what actually I’m but I also what to applogies from u for hidding such a big truth from u. I know u don’t like lies but still i lied to u I’m really sorry for it.

Om- stop her by keeping finger on her lips.

Saathiya song is played

Om- shhh gauri u don’t need to say that. You knw it’s true that I don’t like lies but ones my Dadi said ” some1 will enter ur life who will lie and also she will fill ur life with colours with her lies. On that day i haven’t trust her but today i realised what every Dadi said was true. And i love ur lies and word died in his mouth.

Gauri- omkara g I’m hungry lets have some dinner plz.

Om- smiled
Next to Rudy room.

Bhavay- leave me rudy what r u doing let me go plz .
Rudy- Rudy Singh Oberia never hold hand to leave it.

Bhavay- acha g don’t forget I’m ACP and I very well know how to free myself. Bhavay smiled
Rudy- had a flashback of how bhavay tried his hand with handcuffs. He immediately leave her hand.

Dinner time:
Devi g- I want to say something
Dadi- yes! Say it.
Devi g- actually tomorrow I’ll be taking ur leave for pune along with my granddaughters.

Omru- split out the water.

Devi g- everything is alright sons.

Om- with shiver in his throat yes everything is perfectly fine and he eyed gauri.

Gaya- both smiled.
After finishing their dinner every1 move to their rooms.

Om- Gauri is it impotant for u to go
Gauri- with smile yes I’hv too
Om- but why? I mean along with u ur Dadi can stay here
Gauri- omkara g it’s important understand
Om- became sad.
Gauri- and one more this i accept ur proposal but it’s not so that I complete said yes.
Om- with shocked. What? What does it means?
Gauri- I’hv some condition and if u get passed in it than i will think if I want to get married with u or not.
Om- what? Condition

Gauri- you have to become ” BOYFRIEND” of me and u hv to do something from me like boyfriends do impress their girlfriends.
Om- but how can I? I’m an artist not Rudy.
Gauri- if u can’t than forget about me. And bye good nite. She took her pillow and take her leave.
Om- where r u going?
Gauri- Dadi’s room and u hv a night think about my condition.

Bhavay- Rudy i’hv to leave this OM tomoorow
Rudy- being sad and said why r u saying this when I already knw.
Bhavay- actually I’m not going with Dadi and gauri di. I’m leaving for somewhere else and I want a promise from u.
Rudy- what? Promise first tell were r u going then I will think and then I will promise
Bhavay- Rudy try to understand i have go on mission and it’s going to be last mission a far that I’ll be yours . So promise me and it’s a condition to which u hv to fulfill otherwise forget about me.

Rudy- what? No u can’t do this.
Bhavay? I can and think about it u hv whole night to think. And good nite I’m leaving for dadi’s room.

Gaya- both come outside and start laughing but then their eyes became watery

Gauri- Bhavay i wished di should be here with us but I don’t knw where she’s gone.
Bhavay- di don’t get sad di will be fine where ever she’s going to be.
Gauri- I hope so she’s fine.

Bhavay- oho di don’t think this much. I want to tell u something.
Gauri- me too. So lets go and talk.
Gaya. Both told their conditions and smiled.

Omru- too hugged each other and spoke out their hearts.

Next morning

Devi g pov- So have both done with ur packing?

Gaya- g dadi

Devi g pov to OBERIA’s- it was really nice to meet u people and before leaving i want to say something.

Dadi- yes! Say it
Devi g- I want some time as this wedding can’t took place in upcoming month. Hope it’s fine with u all.

Dadi- it’s absolutely fine with us.
Dadi in her thoughts- how can we do celebrations it’s just weeks paased anika left this house and there’s no happiness without her. It’s good devi g herself asked for some time.

Devi g- preeto where have u lost
Dadi – haan no nothing happened. I was just thinking about some1
Devi g- about whom.
Dadi- woh eldest….
Gaya- stop dadi for further saying.

Devi g- ok girls take blessing for elders we have to leave now.

Gaya- ok Dadi they took blessings and went their rooms where omru were w8ing for them.

Om- So u r leaving?
Gauri- yes I’m and what u have decided about my condition r u ready for it.

( same said Bhavay to Rudy)
Rudy- accept the condition.
Om- but omkara kept quite.

In hall: all bit bye to Rajput’s with tears in their eyes.

In india it was morning a fresh morning but somewhere in Canada it was dark not just night but some1 life was more dark then sky .

Anika- is shown holding a cup of green tea in one hand and with other hand checking out the files.

Some1 pov- it’s really dark now plz have something u haven’t eaten anything since morning plz.

Anika – I’ll have it in a while u go and sleep

Some1 pov- u to need rest.

Anika – give glanced to her.

Back to India
 Pune is shown
And then devi g and gaya airplane landed.

Rajput mansion is shown- a place not less then heaven gate is opened.
All around there is greeny entered by a beautifull foundation and then with l long walking distance is located RM.
Devi g- GAYA beta it’s being so long u came back to ur own house i know it won’t be easy for u both to adjust here but still i hpoe best.
And all thrio enter the mansion.

Oberia mansion:
Janvi: maa this house is looking strange to me now.first moon of this house left and now stars too left it.

Dadi- haan puttar u r saying correct and I’m missing Anika and she start crying.

Omru- too felt bad and sad but both cheer Dadi.

Precape: Omkara New look with tashan
Shall I continue this ff? Plz do tell me and pass ur positve and negative comments .

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