Ishqbaaz – We Three Brothers are like Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story (Episode 4)



Hi all. I am finally back with the next episode Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers Are Like Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story. I am free that’s why I could update it earlier today. Anyways, here is today’s episode. Hope you all still remember my fan fiction 😛

By any chance if you didn’t read the intro and episode 1 and 2, here are the links.

Scene 1: Oberoi Brother’s room
The episode begins with the Three Brothers in the bedroom and sleeping on their bed together. Just then Character Dheela plays. Omkara wakes up.
Om: Whose phone is ringing at such early morning?
Omkara looks at Rudra.
Om: And he is still sleeping? And his phone is ringing.
Omkara tries to wake Rudra up.
Om: Rudra wake up.
Omkara smiles. And he goes and whispers in Rudra’s ear.
Om: Romi is here.
Rudra jumps out of the bed.
Rudra: Where is she?
Om: Chill I was kidding. Your phone is ringing,
Rudra: No, I didn’t get any call.
Om: If that is not your phone than whose it is?
Again Character Dheela plays and they realize it’s Shivaye’s phone.
Shivaye smiles remembering how Anika hugged him.
Omkara and Rudra looks at each other being shocked.

Om and Rudra: What!
And then, Rudra tabs Shivaye and passes him the phone
Shivaye is on the bed and is talking on the phone.
Shivaye: Okay will be there.
Shivaye gets up and is surprised to see Omkara and Rudra looking at him surprised.
Shivaye: Why are you looking at me like this?
Om: Rudra can you give Shivaye a call?
Shivaye: What is need of giving me call, I am already present here.
Rudra gives Shivaye a call, and Character Dheela plays.
Shivaye: Rudra your phone is ringing.
Rudra: I have gave you call, how will my phone ring?
Shivaye: Then?
Shivaye is shocked as he realizes it’s his ringtone.
Shivaye: Fhat the wuck!

Scene 2: Oberoi Mansion Drawing Room
Anika comes to Oberoi Mansion and this time she brings Sahil along.
Sahil: Wow Anika didi, Oberoi Mansion is so big!
Anika: Shh Sahil, here don’t speak too much.
And then Dadi comes.
Dadi: Anika beta! Good to see you here.
Anika smiles. Dadi looks at Sahil and smiles.
Dadi: Who is this cute boy?
Sahil: My name is Sahil.
Anika: I am sorry for bringing here. Actually you called me yesterday and said I have to stay overnight till the wedding as wedding is in 3-4 days. I can’t leave him alone that’s why I had to bring him along.
Dadi: You have done a great job.
Anika smiles.
Anika: Okay I get to work. Sahil you silently sit on the sofa.
Sahil: Okay.

Dadi: I will send some snacks over here for Sahil.
Dadi goes.
Anika is working
Sahil: Didi where is SSO?
Anika: He must be busy.
Shivaye comes downstairs. Anika smiles.
Anika: Billu is here?
Shivaye is angry at Anika,
Anika: Hi Billu. I mean Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye is still angry at Anika.
Anika: Why are you angry at me?
Sahil tries to listen to them.
Anika: Say something at least.
Shivaye: How dare you?
Anika: Oh sorry na for calling you Billu.
Shivaye: Can you please stop calling me that?
Anika: I said sorry.

Shivaye: Why did you change my ringtone?
Anika: Heh?
Shivaye: I asked why did you change my ringtone?
Anika: What do I have to do with your ringtone?
Character Dheela plays in Shivaye’s phone as his phone rings. Anika tries to laugh. Sahil also laughs.
Shivaye: Stop it!
Anika stops laughing.
Shivaye: How can you do such a cheap thing?
Anika: Me? What did I do?
Shivaye: You know very well what you did. This nonsense ringtone.
Anika: I didn’t do anything. And what would I have got to do with your phone?
Shivaye: Yesterday night, I dropped you home and the last person I met was you, then how can you do like this?
Anika: I really have no idea.
Shivaye: See Anika, you better admit it.
Anika: I have not.
Shivaye: I will teach you a lesson.
Shivaye leaves.

Sahil is about to go, and Anika holds Sahil’s hand.
Anika: Sahil, you have done this right?
Sahil: No.
Anika: Sahil please tell me the truth.
Sahil: Yes I have done so.
Anika: But why?
Shivaye comes back and is surprised.
Sahil: SSO always taunts you and scolds you. I cannot tolerate this.
Shivaye: She have such a sweet brother and she?
Sahil: That’s why I changed his ringtone when he came yesterday. He is always rude to you.
Anika: Sahil, don’t say like this. And make sure no one knows this.
Sahil: I hate it when someone makes you cry.
Anika and Sahil hug each other. Shivaye is surprised.
Shivaye: So it was not Anika.
Just then Dadi comes with snacks,
Dadi: So lovely siblings.

Anika and Sahil smiles.
Dadi gives Sahil snacks and Sahil eats them. Dadi realizes the plaster on Anika’s arm.
Dadi: Anika beta, how did you get injuired?
Anika looks on.
Anika: Actually Dadi, I was working and then a rod fall on my arm and then there is the cut.
Shivaye is surprised.
Dadi: Oho beta, take care of yourself and be careful.
Dadi leaves.
Shivaye: Why did she lie?
Shivaye gets thinking and Anika gets back to her work.

Scene 3: Near Art Gallery
Omkara and Ishana are walking on the streets and talking with each other.
Om: Bela, I have decided to give Riddhima another chance.
Ishana: (in her mind) Uff it’s so hard to make break up between Omkara and Sautan.
Om: Bela, what are you thinking?
Ishana: (in her mind) How will Bela and Omkara’s love story start.
Omkara shakes Ishana.
Om: Bela?
Ishana: Yes.
Om: Did you listen to what I said?
Ishana: I am so happy for you and Riddima. Really you both are made of each other, and even when some problems that occurred because of me you both are still together. It is very rare to see this kind of love these days.
Om: Hey Bela, listen you are not a problem for me or Riddhima at all. And if anyone else would have been in your place they would have also done the same. Actually I should thank you.
Ishana: Why?
Om: Because of you, me and Riddima are getting to know each other more and closer. And also the way you helped my family yesterday, I won’t forget that.
Ishana: No, it’s nothing.
Ishana: (in her mind) Wow Ishana you are failing so badly.
Om: I will make sure you and Riddima meet.

Ishana: We met already.
Om: When?
Ishana remembers and is surprised.
Ishana: I mean that day, Raksha Bandhan day.
Om: Oh ya. But still you both didn’t speak much.
Ishana gets worried and she sees something.
Ishana: Om wait a minute.
Ishana goes.
Om: Ishana, where are you going?
Omkara follows Ishana.
Ishana sees an elderly lady facing difficulty in crossing the road as she is blind.
Ishana comes to him.
Ishana: Come with me.
Ishana holds her hand and helps her crossing. Omkara smiles seeing Ishana helping the lady.
Om: Bela is such a nice person. She is so caring.
And then the lady asks her name.
Lady: Your name?
Ishana: Ishana.
Omkara is seeing from a distance so he cannot hear.
The lady blesses Ishana. Ishana smiles.
Ishana: Aunty do bless I get what I want.
Lady: Sure Ishana beta.
The lady leaves. Ishana smiles and she comes to Omkara.
Ishana: Let’s go.

Om: I am planning to go to the orphanage and do some art stuff there.
Ishana: Cool.
Omkara is about to go,
Ishana: Omkara, I am free now so can I join you along? If you don’t mind, I won’t disturb you.
Om: Sure, my pleasure. Let’s go.
Omkara and Ishana goes.

Omkara and Ishana comes to the orphanage, and some kids are there.
Omkara speaks to the orphanage owner.
Om: Thank you so much madam. I am so happy that I can gain an experience of doing my painting in an orphanage.
Lady: You can do your artwork here.
Omkara goes and starts painting. Ishana goes and enjoys with the kids.
Ishana is a good dancer so she dances with all the kids. Omkara smiles seeing this. Ishana teaches them dance.
All the kids are enjoying and then Ishana sees one handicapped kid sad.
Ishana comes to her.
Ishana: Hi. What is your name?
Girl: Niddhi.
Ishana: Niddhi nice name. But why are you sitting alone here?
Niddhi: I can’t dance.
Ishana: Who said you cannot dance?
Niddhi: I am handicapped.
Ishana: So what happened?

Ishana brings Niddhi to other kids.
Ishana: Hi all!
All the kids look and smiles and waves hi.
All: Hi!
Ishana: We all have a lovely friend here, Niddhi? She’s alone. Let’s all dance with Niddhi.
Ishana begins and shows her hand movements and also Niddhi smiles and dances using her hands. And later, all the kids join in and dance together. Ishana smiles.

Scene 4: Oberoi Mansion
Rudra is talking with his friend who is at his house and they chit chat, and then his friend sees Rudra’s picture.
Friend: Rudra your family is just amazing. Such a big family.
Rudra looks at the picture and smiles. And later his expression changes.
Rudra: Soon there will be addition of 3 more people.
Friend: Who?
Rudra: OmRuShi’s other half.
Friend: OmRuShi?
Rudra: Om , me and Shivaye bhaia.
Friend: Oh.
Rudra: First will be that Tia, I just don’t understand how can Shivaye agree to marry her? She is so annoying her voice is like a frog.
The friend tries to laugh.
Rudra: And then Omkara’s girlfriend, Riddhima. I haven’t met her much but I find her weird. But Omkara’s girlfriend.
Friend: And you?
Rudra laughs and starts crying.
Friend: What happened?
Soumya on the other hand is walking, and she sees Rudra and is still angry.
Soumya: He again is crying for no reason. He does things which others should cry but he himself cries. Cry baby!
Rudra: Mine will be someone like so beautiful.
Friend: Katrina Kaif?

Rudra: I wish. But it will be Rudra.
Rudra smiles thinking of Shivaye-Tia, Omkara-Riddhima and Rudra-Romi in the picture.
Rudra: I wish.
Soumya: I hope whatever he is dreaming of right now never comes true. Please God.
Soumya leaves.
Rudra sees Soumya and follows her.
Rudra: Soumya?
Rudra: Soumya listens.
Soumya tries to avoid Rudra and then she goes into a washroom. And as she was about to close the door, Rudra comes in.
Soumya: How rude! Get out of here!
Rudra: Soumya, I am really sorry. I shouldn’t have done so.
Soumya ignores him.
Rudra: Soumya please listen to me, I can help.
Soumya: No thank you I can manage by my own now leave.
Soumya takes one step back, and then Rudra also follows her.
Rudra: Soumya, please listen to me.
Rudra was about to slip so he puts his hand on the tap and the shower gets on and Soumya gets drenched.
Rudra is stunned.
Soumya is super angry now.
Rudra: Soumya I am sorry.
Soumya: You!
Rudra: Really sorry.

Soumya holds Rudra’s collar and makes him wet. Rudra is stunned at the same time. Soumya closes the tap and she slips.
And Soumya was about to fall and slip, Rudra holds her and they look at each other. They share a short eyelock.
Rudra: Ouch!
Soumya gets up.
Rudra: You are so heavy fatso!
Soumya steps on Rudra’s foot and Rudra falls down.
Rudra: Ouch! My back!
Soumya: You just stay here.
Soumya goes and Rudra forwards his hand.
Rudra: Please Soumya dont be stone-hearted help me get up.
Soumya comes back.
Soumya: Okay fine.
Soumya forwards her hand and she looks at the other direction. Rudra smiles. Rudra was about to hold her hand, Soumya moves her hand away and puts it on her head. She smiles and makes faces at Rudra and leaves.
Rudra is stunned and later he makes faces and cries.

Scene 5: Oberoi Mansion
Evening time,
Dadi: Anika beta, 3 days later it is sangeet of Shivaye and Tia. So can you make sure Shivaye and Tia practices their dance well.
Anika: Dadi? Anika here no need to take any tension.
Dadi: That’s true.
Sahil is sleeping.
Anika: But Sahil?
Dadi: Never mind I will make sure no one will disturb him in the guest room.
Anika smiles.
Anika: You care so much about me and my brother. I am just a normal employee.
Dadi: But you have also done a lot for our family? These preparations and all that?
Anika: This is nothing Dadi.
Dadi smiles.

Later, Anika comes at a room, Shivaye is talking on the phone.
Anika: The choreographer must be on his way now.
Anika and Shivaye collides.
Shivaye: Are you blind?
He looks at Anika and becomes surprised,
Anika: (in her mind) Oh yes he is angry with me.
Anika becomes silent and as she was about to go,
Shivaye: Wait.
Anika stops and becomes scared.
Shivaye: I am sorry.
Anika is shocked and she faints. Shivaye holds her.
Shivaye: Are you okay?
Anika: Billu said sorry to me? I can’t believe it.
Anika starts dancing and Shivaye is stunned.
Shivaye: What kind of girl she is? Oh God.
Anika: Billu said sorry to me! Billu said sorry to me!
Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and pulls her close.

Anika is surprised. They look at each other. They share an eyelock.
Just then the choreographer comes and sees and assumes Anika to be Tia.
Choreographer: Aww what a lovely pair.
The choreographer comes to Shivaye and Anika.
Choreographer: Now its time for you both to practice dance.
Shivaye: Okay.
Anika is about to go.
Choreographer: Where are you going? You stay here.
Anika: Me?
Choreographer: Of course.
Shivaye: What will she do here?
Choreographer: Help.
Shivaye: Oh I see.

And later the choreographer is about to start
Shivaye: Can you hurry? I need to go soon I have some work.
Choreographer: Okay. I will teach you some steps.
The choreographer teaches Shivaye who tries to do them Anika laughs silently.
Choreographer calls Anika.
Choreographer: Come.
Anika comes.
The choreographer makes Anika do the steps.
Anika: Why is he telling me to do so?
Then the choreographer tells Anika and Shivaye to dance with each other. They are shocked.

Scene 6: Orphanage
Omkara is doing the painting and he doesn’t realize that while painting some traces of paint is applied on his face.
Ishana goes to drink water and then one of Omkara’s paint tube falls down and he doesn’t realize. Ishana is about to go, she trips due to the tube and Omkara sees this and holds her in her arms. They share an eyelock. Music plays. They lovingly stare at each other.
Later, they get up.
Ishana: Sorry.
Om: It’s okay.
Omkara continues with painting.
Ishana: (in her mind) I just can’t stop adoring him.
Later, Omkara looks at Ishana and Ishana is surprised.
Om: What happened?
Ishana starts laughing.
Om: Why are you laughing?
Ishana continues laughing.
Om: What happened?

Ishana: There is paint on your face.
Om: What? Where?
Ishana shows Omkara.
Omkara tries to wipe, but he is not able to wipe.Ishana shows him again but still he couldn’t see. Later, Ishana smiles and uses her dupatta and wipes Omkara’s face. Omkara looks on and stares at Ishana. Music plays.
And then Niddhi comes,
Niddhi: Let’s go Didi let’s play.
Ishana waves at Omkara and plays with the kid.
Omkara continues to do painting, and while painting Ishana looks at Omkara and also Omkara looks at Ishana and smiles.

Scene 7: College
Prom party is going on. Rudra comes and all wears the gown Rudra gave the girls. The girls smiles looking at Rudra. Rudra also smiles.
Girl: Hey Rudra your idea is amazing,
Rudra: Thank you.
All the others are dancing and have partners.
Rudra approaches Romi.
Rudra: Romi, do you want to be my dance partner?
Romi: No sorry, I am taken.
Romi goes with her partner and leaves. Rudra tries to cry.
Just then Soumya comes and all are surprised as they look at Soumya. Rudra is surprised too.
Soumya wears some other clothes.

Aachal: Yaar, Soumya why you didn’t wear the dress?
Just then a guy teases Soumya,
Guy: She is so fat, that dress wont even fit her. Good she didn’t wear.
Soumya becomes sad.
Another guy: I wonder what is she doing here even.
Soumya is about to leave, Rudra holds her hand. Soumya is surprised and she looks on.
Rudra brings Soumya to the stage.
Rudra: This is Soumya. And the one you all been teasing her.
All are surprised.
Rudra: I admit it was me who told you all to wear this dress. I know most did and thanks for that. And Soumya didn’t because it didn’t fit her.
Soumya bends her head down.
Rudra: But we should thank her that she at least made an effort to come to this prom, and as a class instead of teasing her we all should clap for her. Clap for her confidence. And we all are independent we can do whatever we want.
All are surprised.
Rudra: I am so sorry for those who I gave these dress. I shouldn’t have done so. I dont know what I was thinking. But we all should respect each other. Everyone have a flaw, even me dont you all remember the photo shoot thing.
The guys feel ashamed.
Rudra: If someone points out about us like this how will you feel? How will you feel if you were in Soumya’s place.
Soumya looks on.

Scene 7: Dance
Shivaye-Anika dance
Choreographer: Now you two both dance together.
Shivaye-Anika: Why?
Choreographer: So you all won’t dance. Don’t waste my time because I am busy.
Shivaye: (in his mind) Where is Tia? I have some work.
Choreographer: I said dance.
Anika talks to Shivaye and whispers to him.
Anika: How can I dance with you?
Shivaye: Keep quiet. I have some work. I dont think I have enough time to practice with Tia and she says she knows her step. So lets do so.
Anika is stunned.
Shivaye forwards his hand, and Anika gives her hand.
Choreographer: Now you all can start.
Anika and Shivaye dances on Janam Janam from Dilwale.
They share intense eyelock and dance in each other’s arm.

Ishana-Omkara’s dance
Ishana plays hide and seek with the kids, and later after they are done.
Om: Now we are done. We can leave now.
Ishana: So soon.
Om: Unfortunately yes.
Kid: Please dont leave so soon. We like your paintings and also Didi she is so nice. No one have been so friendly with us before.
Om: I have some work that’s why I have to leave.
Omkara gives the kids some chocolates. The kids smiles. Ishana also smiles.
Kids: Thank you.
Lady: Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi, before leaving wont you show us your painting?
Om: Sure.
Omkara shows his painting of many kids doing different things some singing and dancing,
Om: I know everyone have a hobby. Everyone have a passion. They also have a dream. I say do always what your heart says. What you love to do the most. Be passionate about it and never be scared. Always be confident. Only then you can fulfil your dreams.
All the kids smiles.
Om: We should leave now.
Omkara and Ishana were about to leave,
Kid: Bhaia, Didi before leaving we have a request.
Ishana: What is it?
Kid: Both of you please dance.
Ishana and Omkara looks at each other.
Kid: Please.
Om: Okay fine.
Ishana and Omkara dances on Toota Jo Kabhi Tara from Flying Jatt.
They look at each other and stares on.

Rudra-Soumya’s dance
Rudra: So none have an answer for this right!
All becomes quiet.
Soumya is about to go,
Rudra: Soumya can you be my dance partner for tonight’s prom?
Soumya smiles and wipes her tears.
Rudra: I am sorry.
Soumya smiles and nods yes.
Rudra and Soumya dances with each other. All claps.
Romi gets impressed.
Romi: Aww Rudra is such a cute guy and I scolded him a lot for no reason.
Rudra gestures Soumya by holding his ears. Soumya removes them.
Rudra and Soumya dances on Ishq Wala Love from Student of the Year.

Shivaye-Anika’s dance
Shivaye and Anika are dancing. Anika feels awkward but she continues to do dance with him. Shivaye remembers all his moments with Anika and he dances even better and brings her close. Anika is surprised and looks at Shivaye.
Shivaye: (in his mind) Why do I feel so different nowadays whenever Anika is with me?
Anika: (in her mind) I don’t know why I feel so nervous. Why is my heart beating faster? But where is Tia? And why am I even dancing instead of Tia?
Omkara-Ishana’s dance
Omkara and Ishana are dancing. Omkara lifts Ishana up, and also they keep on dancing on each other’s arm, and looks at Ishana.
Ishana: (in her mind) Omkara is so innocent. He is so naive. I just cant deceive him. I have to tell him the truth now. Enough of this Bela-Mala. Omkara deserves someone like Riddima only. I will tell him everything.
Om: (in his mind) Bela you are such a nice girl and kind hearted person. I dont know why it seems like you are more of my friend but what love? No Riddhima, Om what is going on why are you thinking like this?
Soumya-Rudra’s dance.

Soumya: I am sorry Rudra I was the one for the photo shoot and also Romi in Raksha Bandhan. I am so sorry.
Rudra: No wonder. But at least you realized your mistake. Infact I am sorry for the dress thingy did you feel bad?
Soumya: Yes I did but I understood.
Rudra: Can we be friends now lets forget about this all?
Soumya smiles.
The episode ends with Shivika awkwardly looking at each other especially Anika, and Ishkara who are looking at each other lovingly confused. And Rudmya smile while dancing with each other.

Precap: Soumya tells Rudra she have decided something. Rudra is surprised. Omkara is confused whether he loves Riddima or Bela(Ishana). Shivaye and Anika talks to each other at night alone and they enjoy doing so. Shivaye tells Omkara that he is not sure whether he is happy about his and Tia’s wedding. Omkara is surprised. Omkara tells Rudra and Shivaye that he is confused about something. Shivaye and Rudra says two different things and he gets more confused. Rudra sees Soumya speaking like love angel and gets surprised. Anika finds something which shocks her.
(Big Precap) (May also be for Episode 6 too)

Sorry for making this boring. I think most of you are not liking the track in my fan fiction, don’t worry they will get back out of the flashback soon. But I just have a request at least try to read my fan fiction till episode 7 or 8, if you still don’t like it you can feel free to stop reading it.

Will try to upload the next episode tomorrow or day after tomorrow. If not I will upload a promo. Once I finish writing the next episode will publish immediately.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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