Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers are Like Three Sides in a Triangle, so are Our Story Episode 5


Hi all. I am finally back with the next episode Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers Are Like Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story. I am sorry for being late I was busy with my trip preparations and now I can upload the episode as I got internet access. I wanted to make this Maha Episode, but later I decided to make Episode 7 Maha episode. So this will be a normal episode. But yes, Summary is given.

By any chance if you didn’t read the intro and episode 1-4 and promo, here are the links.

Summary of Episode 1-4:-
The fan fiction begins with a 3 years leap on how Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra’s lives changed. Shivaye was married to Tia but they got divorced. Shivaye is now someone who believed in love. And he keeps on carrying on with the family business. Omkara is engaged to Riddhima, but he is changed into a rude, arrogant guy and is no longer an artist. He dons a shorter hair look and is stone-hearted now. Rudra is not a flirt anymore and tries to help his brothers out and he acts he is the same as all are already disappointed with the changes in Shivaye and Omkara. Omkara and Shivaye keeps on fighting and the bond is missing and Rudra always becomes sad seeing them fighting. Rudra assures his grandma he will try to make all fine between them. On the other hand, Anika is engaged with a guy named Shivin an army officer and is revealed that Anika and Soumya are sisters. Later, they live with Ishana who is Anika’s best friend now. Ishana is the most responsible person in the family currently, and she keeps on balancing between her work and family responsibilities and Anika, Sahil, Soumya and her mom is her family now.

Finally Shivaye-Anika meet in a tea stall, Omkara-Ishana in the road, Rudra-Soumya in a restaurant one day. It is revealed that Shivaye Anika are still friends and Shivaye still have a soft corner for Anika, Anika have no idea that Shivaye is divorced now or Shivaye that Anika is engaged now. Omkara and Ishana used to love each other, but Omkara hates Ishana for cheating him, Ishana still regrets. Later, when Omkara tells he is getting married Ishana becomes heart-broken. Soumya and Rudra meets as they are long lost friends.

Later, they get into a flashback where everything is as per normal, Shivaye-Anika’s fight over small issues, Ishana conning Omkara as Bela and Soumya to teach Rudra a lesson.

Anika gets to know some goons will attack Shivaye, she calls the police due to which she gets trapped and Shivaye comes to her rescue later on and saves her from the goon. Shivaye feels bad for Anika as she gets injuired and helps her. Ishana gets to know about the problems in Omkara’s parents life and she helps them in disguise of divorce inspector, and they realize each other’s value. Omkara gets to know it was Ishana who disguised as the divorce inspector but he forgives her as his parents are happy now and he starts liking Ishana.(He still thinks she is Bela) Rudra gets to know that it was Soumya who spoiled his and Romi’s date and Rudra teaches her a lesson by indirectly teasing her over her obesity in the college and later feels bad. The three brothers takes each other opinions on what they should do. Shivika, Ishkara and Roumya gets closer to each other as they end up dancing for each other. Shivaye starts to have soft corner for Anika, and Omkara starts liking Ishana for her kindness and innocence. Rudra makes attempts to be friends with Soumya.

Here is episode 5.

Scene 1: Garden
The episode begins with Shivaye and Anika who finished dancing and they separate themselves.
Choreographer: Wow amazing!
Shivaye and Anika awkwardly look at each other. Music plays.
Just then Tia comes and hugs Shivaye.
Tia: Sorry Shivaye Baby I am late. Actually I got stuck due to some important work.
Anika: I should leave now.
Anika leaves. The choreographer gets confused.
Choreographer: So this is your fiancé?
Shivaye: Yes, and what else?
Tia: Yes, I am Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s fiancé Tia Kapoor.
Choreographer: I thought that, let it be.
Shivaye: Tia, I have some work so can you just excuse me for a while.
Tia: Sure
Shivaye brings the choreographer aside,
Shivaye: How can you think like this!
Choreographer: Sorry sir, it was a misunderstanding. Now you can practice the steps with your fiancé.
Shivaye: I have some work. Not possible.
Choreographer: You share a better chemistry with that girl then your fiancé
Shivaye looks at him stunned. Tia comes,
Tia: What happened?
Shivaye: I have some work and then this, I practiced the steps but then.
Tia: Then you should go for your work. I will practice.
Shivaye: Thank you Tia.
Shivaye leaves.
At night,
Shivaye completes his work and comes in the garden.
Shivaye: Actually due to my marriage I will be away for a week, whatever problems or enquires you have just drop a message to my receptionist, she will convey it to me.
Shivaye sees Anika sitting at the bench and staring at the stars.
Shivaye: Okay I will speak to you later on.
Shivaye keeps the phone and sits besides Anika and he looks at Anika.
Shivaye: May I ask you something?
Anika: Now what mistake have I done?
Anika looks at Shivaye,
Anika: I will try to fix it.
Shivaye: Why did you lie to Daadi?
Anika: When did I lie to her?
Shivaye: Why did you said that you got injured by the rod whereas you actually got injured while saving me from the goons.
Anika: Have you thought how much worried she will be if she gets to know about this?
Shivaye stares at Anika.
Anika: I know how it feels when one’s loved ones is hurt.
Shivaye: You seem to be very concerned about my family members?
Anika: You know, Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi you are very lucky.
Anika gets emotional.
Anika: You are lucky because you have a family and so many people to be concerned for you, and me?
Shivaye: Sahil is there for you.
Anika smiles.
Anika: Yes, that’s true if Sahil wasn’t here I wonder what would have happened to me. It won’t have been life for me anymore.
Anika looks at the stars.
Anika: Mom and dad must be happy up there, I have never seen them but I know. And also maybe uncle and aunty who adopted me.
Shivaye: Adopted?
Anika wipes her tears.
Anika: Yes I am adopted by Sahil’s parents. But they also deceased due to an road accident.
Shivaye feels bad for Anika.
Anika: Honestly speaking when they adopted me from the orphanage I didn’t want to go, but I had to. I even miss her.
Shivaye: Her?
Anika: My younger sister. She was adopted by some other family. She maybe happy somewhere.
Shivaye: You dont want to meet her?
Anika: I want to. But? I dont know where is she.
Just then Anika remembers something
Anika: Sahil must be alone for some time. I should go to him for a while.
Anika leaves. And as she was about to go,
Anika: By the way I felt good while speaking to you.
Anika leaves and Shivaye smiles. O Jaana Music plays.
Shivaye: (in her mind) She suffered so much in life but she never showed it. She kept everything in her heart. She did so much for my family, now I should do something for her. Maybe I can find her sister.
Shivaye gets determined.

Scene 2: Ishana’s Residence and Oberoi Mansion
Here Ishana is lovingly staring at the stars on one hand and Omkara is doing painting. Ishana remembers how Omkara hugged her for helping his family out.
Ishana: He is a such a nice guy!
On the other hand, Omkara is doing painting and he remembers how he met Bela, and also how he danced with Bela and how Bela was there to help others. Omkara while painting,
Om: Why am I always thinking about Bela?
Ishana remembers how Omkara speaks to her when she was worried over her family.
Ishana: No Ishana! You are not doing the right thing! Omkara ji is such a nice guy he have always helped me. I can’t cheat him like this. He will be happy with Riddima not me. I must do something before its too late.
Just then Ishana’s sister Mona comes and hugs her.
Mona: What are you thinking Dii?
Ishana: Am I doing the right thing?
Mona: What?
Ishana: I can’t cheat Omkara Jii like this.
Mona: Omkara Jii? Wow.
Ishana: I am serious Mona. He is a very nice person it won’t be right to con him. We can con someone else.
Mona: How can you say like this? You worked so hard for this.
Ishana: How would I feel if someone did so with me?
Mona: Have you really fallen in love with Omkara?
Ishana nods.
Mona: Do you think he will accept you after you tell him your truth that you are not Bela and on that top he still haven’t broke up with his girlfriend.
Ishana: But for how long Mona? Anyways we will be caught one day. Omkara Jii is not the right target. I cant do this.
Mona: Ishana dii, I am younger than you but I will say do what you want from your bottom of your heart. Once again your emotions defeated you. But I wont say anything this time, do what you feel like. I think you can tell Omkara jii the truth.
Ishana hugs Mona.
Ishana: Thank you so much Mona for helping me.
Mona: Anytime dii. I will be there for you till the end.
Ishana: (in her mind) Tomorrow I will tell Omkara the entire truth.
On the other hand, Omkara keeps on thinking about Bela.
Om: Why am I always thinking about Bela now?
Omkara stops painting and he sits down to calm himself down.
Om: No Omkara you cannot do so. Riddhima is your girlfriend and in her presence you can’t think of someone else. No way!
Omkara remembers how Bela smiled at him and all those.
Omkara lies down on the bed.
Om: What is happening to me? Why am I so confused? Like this never happened before with me.
Just then someone calls Omkara,
Omkara puts his hand in the pocket and talks and an earring drops from his pocket. Later after talking on the phone,
Om: Okay Riddima I will be there for you. Anyways I need to talk to you tomorrow.
Omkara keeps the phone,
Om: Bela is a nice, simple girl. I am just thinking too much about her. I should carry on with Riddima.
Just then Omkara sees the earring and picks it up.
Om: Earring?
Omkara remembers how Bela accidentally dropped her earring and then Omkara picked it up.
Om: Oh no I forgot to give Bela her earring!
Omkara lies down and looks at the earrings and smiles.
Om: Bela?
Om: I should give her the earring tomorrow.
Omkara goes to sleep and all his and Ishana’s moments gets flashed into his eyes. Omkara gets up.
Om: What is happening with me?

Scene 3: Party
After the dance is complete, Soumya is walking and Rudra comes to her.
Rudra: Soumya, you didn’t answer if we can be friends or not?
Soumya looks at Rudra.
Soumya: I need time to think.
Rudra: But why what have I done?
Soumya: You haven’t done anything.
Rudra: Soumya please tell me. So that I can know my mistake.
Soumya: Are you sure?
Rudra: Yes, I am sure.
Soumya: Do you have the guts to listen to the truth?
Rudra: Of course. Rudra Singh Oberoi doesn’t fear anyone.
Soumya: Okay okay I tell you.
Rudra acts brave.
Soumya: Can you stop flirting with girls?
Rudra: Okay
And then he gets shocked.
Rudra: What!!!
Soumya: Got a 440 Volt shock right!
Rudra is silent.
Soumya is about to leave.
Rudra: (in his mind) Now what have you asked me for Soumya? Flirting is in my DNA. You are telling me to sacrifice my DNA?
And just then Romi comes.
Romi: Aww Rudra how sweet of you. I am really proud of you. You have done a great thing by helping Soumya.
Rudra smiles.
Soumya: You both may carry on. I leave.
Soumya leaves. Rudra looks on. Romi makes Rudra look at her.
Romi: I am so sorry Rudra for being so rude at you. You are not rude Rudra, you are sweet Rudra.
Rudra smiles.
Rudra: Really!
Romi: Please forgive me for behaving rudely with you.
Rudra: No, no I am sorry. I shouldn’t have left you alone that day. It was my fault.
Soumya listens to this and she looks back.
Soumya: (in her mind) Why did he lie?
Soumya comes to Rudra. Rudra smiles.
Rudra: Soumya?
Soumya: No Romi. Rudra is lying. It’s my fault. I was the one who spreaded the love angel rumour. I am sorry for spoiling the date of both of you.
Rudra gets shocked and confused.
Romi: So this was your deed?
Soumya: Yes, I am sorry.
Rudra: No Romi, it was not her fault. She is my friend you know friends always do so.
Soumya: When did I become your friend?
Rudra: For a long time.
Romi: Aww Rudra really you are super duper sweet.
Romi hugs Rudra. Rudra looks on and smiles and hugs her. Soumya smiles and as she was about to go, Rudra holds her hand. Soumya and Rudra looks at each other, as Romi is still hugging Rudra. Kuch Kuch Hota Hain Music Plays.
Soumya leaves his hand and goes.
Rudra breaks his hug with Romi.
Rudra: Listen?
Romi: Looks like he is in hurry.

Scene 4: Oberoi Brothers’ Room
The Oberoi brothers are on the pool side and they put their foot on the water. They three have super confused looks on their face.
Shivaye thinks about Anika and remembers how Anika hugged him and also Anika talked with Shivaye about her family.
Omkara thinks about his moments with Bela and he looks on.
Rudra remembers how Soumya told him to stop flirting to be friends with her.
Shivaye: She did a lot for me can’t I do this much for her?
Om: I am so confused whom should I choose the one whom I know for 3 years or the one who is such a genuine and caring human being.
Rudra: Should I be her friend or date with her?
Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra questions themselves being confused.
Shivaye: Seriously guys I really need your help!
Om: Say.
Shivaye: I want to do something for her.
Rudra: Who?
Shivaye: Anika.
Omkara and Rudra are stunned.
Om: Shivaye, what are you saying? You and Anika.
Rudra: Am I dreaming?
Shivaye: Oh c’mon now you both stop overacting over this now listen to me. I really need your help.
Om: Why do you suddenly want to help her?
Shivaye: She did a lot for this family.
Om: And you realized this thing just now?
Shivaye: Omkara please tell me how should I help?
Rudra: How will you help her you both always end up fighting?
Om: Right.
Shivaye: Anika, I got to know that she is adopted.
Shivaye narrates to Omkara and Rudra about Anika’s past.
Om: But how would you know who her sister is?
Rudra: Simple. Just try to find more clue regarding her sister slowly you will get to meet her sister.
Shivaye: It’s not simple, but I already know what to do.
Shivaye gets determined.
Rudra: You at least know what to do but I dont know what to do.
Om: Now what happened to you?
Rudra: Soumya.
Shivaye: What about her?
Rudra: I want to be friends with her but she tells me to stop flirting with girls.
Om: She said the right thing.
Rudra: But flirting. I can’t live without flirting and I can’t resist myself.
Shivaye: What she said is right, but you won’t flirt that is impossible. Just dont give her false hopes. That won’t be right either.
Rudra: Then what should I do?
Shivaye: Just tell her like what you actually are and that you have this problem. I am sure she will understand.
Rudra: Are you sure?
Shivaye: Just try it out once.
Om: But don’t do something which may hurt her.
Rudra: Fine since, you both are insisting I will speak with her again tomorrow.
Om: Wow you both were fighting with Anika and Soumya and suddenly you both become so friendly towards them?
Shivaye and Rudra looks at Omkara.
Shivaye: What are you trying to say?
Om: You both got solutions to your problems but me?
Shivaye: Have there ever been problems for you?
Om: This time it is.
Rudra: What is it?
Om: You both won’t understand.
Shivaye: Just try telling us.
Rudra: You have helped us a lot before now we can’t help you that’s not possible.
Om: The thing is like that.
Shivaye: What is it?
Om: I am confused.
Shivaye: Over?
Om: On one hand there is experience, like whom I know for years and then on the other hand there is this which have the charm, innocence, kindness and genuine.
Rudra and Shivaye looks at Omkara surprised.
Rudra: You have fallen in love with someone else right!
Shivaye: Shh Rudra!
Omkara looks at Rudra.
Shivaye: Look Om I dont know what you are speaking about, and I wont ask because I know you very well. You are not among the ones who take help easily, and you must have a valid reason this time. I just want to say that experience is important as there is establishment in trust in it and then the charm you are speaking about is also good as you can feel good with that.
Omkara looks on.
Rudra: But experience? Sometimes its so boring if you do the same thing for years and charm well it may be risky. You know that saying do not judge a book by its cover.
Om: From when you started speaking wisely.
Rudra: Now that I am helping you and you are complaining. Not fair.
Shivaye: I hope that helped.
Om: Now I am even more confused.
Shivaye: Do one thing, do what you always tell me to do. That is to close your eyes, take a deep breath and think.
Omkara does so and he gets surprised as he sees Bela’s face.
Shivaye: I hope you got your answer.
Shivaye gets a call and leaves.
Rudra: I have to workout.
Rudra leaves.
Om: Really? But
Omkara is still confused.

Scene 5: Oberoi Mansion
Here Shivaye looks at Sahil who is playing with his toy car and smiles and he goes to him. Sahil looks at Shivaye surprised.
Shivaye: Hi.
Sahil: SSO said hi to me?
Shivaye: How do you know that I am SSO?
Sahil: Anika didi.
Shivaye: So you love your sister a lot?
Sahil: Yes is that even a question.
Shivaye smiles.
Shivaye: Can you tell me things about your Anika didi?
Sahil: Are you spying her?
Shivaye: No. I am asking. I am her boss thats why.
Sahil: I don’t share personal details of my sister with others.
Shivaye: (in his mind) He is more stubborn than Anika.
Shivaye: What does your sister like?
Sahil: Music. Dance.
Sahil starts dancing. Shivaye stops him.
Shivaye: Okay okay relax. I mean by who does she like?
Sahil: You dont know.
Shivaye: No.
Sahil: Hrithik Roshan!
Shivaye hits his forehead with his hand.
Shivaye: I meant by who she likes the most as her relative.
Sahil: Her sweet sibling.
Shivaye smiles.
Shivaye: Tell me more about her.
Sahil: And that sibling is me.
Sahil smiles and Shivaye gets confused.
Shivaye: (in his mind) I dont think he knows about Anika’s sister looks like I have to speak to Anika herself.
Shivaye: What does your Anika dii like to have?
Sahil: Tea!
Shivaye: Great.
Sahil: And yes tea from the stall on the roads. Didi dont like cafe or restaurant tea she says its too bitter and tasteless.
Shivaye is stunned.
Shivaye: (in his mind) Now do I have to bring Anika to that filthy tea stall?

Scene 6: Cafe
Here Omkara comes to meet Riddima.
Riddima: Om great you came here.
Om: I really needed to meet you.
Riddima: Why what happened? You seem to be quite tensed and confused.
Om: I cannot understand what is happening with me.
Riddima: But what exactly happened?
Om: I dont know how to say this.
Riddhima holds Omkara’s hand and Omkara moves it.
Riddima: Are you angry with me?
Om: No I am not angry with you.
Riddima: Then?
Om: I don’t know what is going on with me.
Riddima: Just say.
Om: Riddima we are in this relationship for three years right!
Riddima nods.
Om: Look you are a very nice girl, a very nice person I have met I like you but the thing is
Riddima: Get straight to the point Omkara.
Om: Thing is I am confused with this relationship.
Riddima is stunned.
Riddima: So you want to break up with me?
Omkara looks at Riddima.

Scene 7: Soumya’s Room
Rudra calls Love Angel and speaks with her.
Soumya: Love Angel speaking may I know who you are?
Rudra: I am the same guy, Amar Prem
Soumya: Oh Amar Prem,
Soumya: (in her mind) Now what is going on in Rudra’s mind
Rudra: Actually I am quite confused.
Soumya: Why what happened?
Rudra: In my college, there is one girl named Soumya.
Soumya is surprised.
Rudra: I have really hurt her a lot and I feel bad for that. And I did something which caused problems for her.
Soumya is silent.
Soumya: Then?
Rudra: I decided to apologize to her and she did forgive me, but I want to be friends with her.
Soumya: Then do so who is stopping you why don’t you do as she say?
Rudra: How do you know that she is telling me to do something to be friends with her?
Rudra gets suspicious and Soumya is stunned as she realizes that.

Scene 8: Tea Stall
Shivaye brings Anika to the tea stall. Anika is surprised.
Anika: Why did you bring me to such places?
Shivaye: Why you dont like it?
Anika: I love it, but why will you bring me to this place?
Shivaye: None of your business.
Anika: Oh business, must be some business related work. I knew it!
Shivaye nods unbelievable and they sit down.
Shivaye is sweating.
Anika: I wonder how can you come to this place.
Shivaye: Listen you
Just then the tea stall guy comes,
Shivaye: Bring two cups of tea.
Anika: One for me.
Shivaye: I asked for you only.
Anika: Surprising.
The tea stall guy goes and brings two cups of tea.
Shivaye: So unhygienic!
Anika: If you have so much problem then why you came here?
Shivaye: Leave it!
Shivaye is about to drink the tea with difficulty he is stunned as he sees Anika taking the tea in the plate and sipping it. Shivaye is disgusted. Shivaye keeps the tea and gets more disgusted looking at Anika drinking the tea.

Scene 9: Cafe
Omkara puts his head down.
Om: I am really sorry Riddima but yes this is true.
Riddima is surprised.
Riddima: Unbelievable!
Om: I know you must be angry with me. But I have thought about it a lot, you are a very nice person I dont want to leave you but.
Riddima: But? But what? Three years is not less Omkara.
Om: I know, but I have fallen in love with someone and I dont know how.
Riddima is super shocked.
Riddima: Who is it?
Om: Bela!
Riddima hits the table.
Riddima: I knew it!
Om: But is not as you think. Neither Bela said anything nor I did. It just happened.
Riddima looks at Omkara.
Riddima: You know what Omkara its all over.
Riddima gets up, Omkara also gets up.
Om: Its not as you think.
Riddima leaves and she comes back.
Riddima: Confess your love to her soon.
Omkara is surprised with Riddima’s change of behaviour.
Om: Riddima?
Riddima: Look Omkara I have no complaints with you. Infact I am happy that you spoke the truth and also you did take permission from me. This shows how much serious you were about this relationship.
Omkara feels bad.
Riddima: No need to feel bad, infact it is not easy to do so at all. And I have never fallen in love with you frankly speaking. The only reason why I wanted this relationship because I found that you are a great guy.
Riddima holds Omkara’s shoulder, Omkara gets happy
Ishana comes there and is surprised to see them both.
Ishana: (in her mind) They both look so good. Now I will tell Omkara all the truth so that everything becomes normal between him and Riddima like before.
Ishana leaves.

Scene 10: Soumya’s room
Soumya makes some excuses.
Soumya: Actually when one starts friendship it is common to make demands. She must have made one, am I right?
Rudra: Yes you are right. But love Angel the demand is so hard.
Soumya: What kind of demand was that that its so hard?
Rudra: She told me to stop, to stop doing something which I always do.
Soumya: Then stop doing that.
Rudra: But I enjoy doing that, you know habits die old.
Soumya: Old habits die hard.
Rudra: Yes that one.
Soumya: So?
Rudra: So?
Soumya: Do as you say who knows that she did this for your benefit?
Rudra: Benefit.
Soumya: Look Amar Prem, I dont know what she told you to stop but maybe that must be for your benefit. Think over it.
Rudra gets thinking.
Rudra: Maybe you are right.
Soumya: Good that you understood.
Rudra: Thank you Love Angel bye.
Soumya: Bye. Have a nice day.
Soumya smiles.
Rudra: But me and no flirting? Love Angel? Her recommendations are always the best. But this is so difficult.
Rudra walks and he is shocked to see Soumya as she removes her headset and switches off the radio.
Rudra is shocked.
The episode ends.

Precap: Shivaye tries to speak with Anika and then it starts to rain. Anika enjoys in the rain, and Shivaye tells her to dont get wet Anika forces Shivaye to get drenched. Shivaye denies and later he shouts on Anika to stop it! Anika is stunned. Omkara smiles and tells Ishana he wants to tell her something. Ishana tells her truth that Bela and Mala they both are same and both are fake and she is Ishana. Omkara is stunned as Ishana seeks for forgiveness and Omkara scolds and says I hate you. Ishana is teary-eyed. Soumya is shocked as she sees Rudra behind and then Rudra asks her for explanation if she is love angel or not? Soumya gets confused and scared and Rudra says he overheard everything. Soumya is stunned.

The next episode will be published on Monday, 5th September, if not Tuesday 6th September.
This fan fiction will be posted on Sundays and Mondays, twice a week.

And if for some reason I am not able to publish the episode on time I will inform you all. And as I have made slight changes in this and upcoming episodes, as I said instead of this Episode 7 will be a Maha Episode instead. And they will get out of flashback in Episode 8. So Episode 8 will be back to the leap. And instead of Episode 8, Episode 10 will have one of the biggest twists of this fan fiction.

Please do feel free to express ur opinions and drop ur valuable comments 🙂

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey priyanka thanks for commenting 🙂
      yeah I updated it 🙂
      and well anika’s one is not revealed yet it will be revealed soon
      and anika still is unaware with the fact of change in shivaye’s behaviour
      she will realize that very soon 🙂

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey lucky thanks for commenting
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey utu thanks for commenting
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      yeah all will be revealed soon
      and from epi 6 or 7 they will get out of flashback

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      Hey priya thanks for commenting
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      yeah omkara realized he is in love with ishana only
      and precap ya more shocks awaiting

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      Yes I remember u how can i forget u i m so happy to see u back ? Where did u disappear? And i still remember ur ffs 🙂 and i miss dehleez , i still watch KRPKAB, EDKV and ishqbaaz that’s all ??

      1. Iam in I was trying to b away from serials…bt again I failed…now iam a damn fan of ishqbaaz…mainly kanchi aankho wala shivay…..shivika..??

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