Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 7]


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Scene 1 (OM)
Annika is working but she is lost in her thoughts.
Ani: “in mind” who was with Tia? I have to inform Shivaay. yeah I have to inform him first. I have to… I have to…
Annika gets up to go but boom…yeah you are right, she collided with Shivaay, but for another surprise Shivaay didn’t hold Annika. arre don’t worry, no one fell down. Shivaay was about to fell down and Annika held him. (???)
Shivaay ke manme laddu futa and Annika was like “yeah, yeah, yeah! first time I held him, not he! yeah!”? they are lost in their world. Annika was having a lil difficulty as Shivaay was heavy but forgetting all this they are were lost in their world.
now an irritating voice disturbed them
I.V: Shivaay Baaabbbyyyy! (yeah this I.V. is of Tia)
they came into senses. Annika was feeling awkward but Shivaay was like “WTF! this Tia!”
Ani left the place.
Tia: Shivaay Baby, what is this? why was Annika holding you?
Shiv: uh… nothing… I was about to fall so she held me.
T: oh! SB, mom is calling us in the hall.
Shiv: why? what happened?
T: that’s a surprise, you come na, you will get to know yourself.
Shiv: but tell me first…
T: come na SB, come
she drags Shivaay to the hall.

Scene 2 (C.H.)
Omkara reach hospital.
Omkara shouts doctor, doctor!!!
a nurse came there.
N: what happened sir? why are you shouting? patients will get disturbed, please calm dowm!
Om: how can you ask me to calm down!!!?
he shouts at nurse, so nurse gets scared. Om realises this.
Om: ok, ok… I am sorry! please tell me, just now a girl was admitted who met with a serious accident.
N: please ask at the reception, sir.
Om: ok.
Om went to reception.

Scene 3 (Park)
note: guys park ka nam khud dedo… agr nhi de rhe to “NANA-NANI PARK” rakh lo???… ok sry sry, nw no disturbance.

Rudra who was shocked sees Saumya crying.
Rudra: Saumya, u trust me na?
Saumya looks at him: more than myself.
Ru: then come with me.
Sumo: but… but where?
Ru: if you trust me then just come with me without saying anything.
Sumo: but tell me na!
Ru: just come with me.
Rudra drags her from there and makes her sit in the car.
Sumo: Rud..
Rudra sits in car and cuts her: if you truly love me, you won’t utter anything.
Sumo: Rudra…
Ru: tumhe meri kasam!
Sumo gets quite.

Scene 4 (OM hall)
Everyone is gathered, even Annika.
Shiv: Tia, at least now tell me why did you call all of us here.
Tia: Shiv…
Tia’s mom: “interrupting” Shivaay, I called everyone.
Shiv: but, Aunt, why?
Dadi: now will anyone speak up?
TM: Mrs.Oberoi, I am leaving for NY nxt mnth. I will not be able to come go India for 2 years because of work. if we don’t get ShiTia married within this month then they can’t marry for 2 years and it would be too late.
Pinky: Mrs.Kapoor please tells us clearly na.

TM: actually, Ms.Pinky… we are here to finalise the wedding date. We called a priest who said that there is a Muhrat after2 days. We wanted to do the wedding that day only.
Elders get happy (excluding Dadi). Prinku is confused. ShivIka gets shocked.
Dadi: but, how will we complete the preparations?
Pinky: Mummyji, don’t worries (u all know her language)… Annika is heres only na… Annika, dears, please make the preparations quickly.
Ani: ok, Aunty. “In a very sad voice”
Shiv: but Tia, how can we marry so early?
Tia was about to speak, bt her mom interrupts.
TM: dear, you two had to marry some or other day na, then why not now? Dear, please understand our situation also.
Pinky: Mrs.Kapoor, forgets about him na, Mummyji you speaks.
Dadi: if children are ready then what can I say, ok….
Pin: thank yous, Mummji. You are the bestests.
O Jaana sad version plays…

Nazdeek hai dil ke
Phir kiu lage milke
Jaise hi milo door wo…

Jazbaa hai Anjana
Muskil hai samjhana
Apna hai ya hai gair wo…

Ishq mai adhura sa
Rooh mai hai poora sa
Dard hai sari umara ka…

O Jaana…
Khoya Khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ke kehta hai
Tu hai mere jine ki waaja…
O Jaana… O jaana…

ShivIka was very sad. They didn’t understand why they are feeling like this. There was something that was hurting them. Like their body parts are separating. They felt the most painful thing of life. They still couldn’t understand the reason.

Scene 5 (C.H.)
Om found about Ishana. He was outside the ward. He thanked the man and asked if he needed something. The man refused and he left. Om was very tensed. Tears are not stopping. Doctor comes out.
Om: doc, doc what happened to her? She is fine na? How’s….how’s she?
Doc: Mr.Oberoi calm down, please. We can’t say anything about her condition now. She lost a lot of blood. She is badly injured, she have internal injuries also so we can’t say anything.
Om: how can you say this doc!!!???!!! What are you all doing? You are saying that you can’t say anything!!! What kind of doctor are you!!!?? You don’t know what OSO can do! I will ruin you!

Doc: look, Mr.Oberoi! This is hospital, so please don’t shout! See nothing is in our hands, all is in Almighty’s hand. She is conscious but we we don’t have hope. She wanted meet you, so I came to call you.
Om rushed inside ward. He saw Ishana lying there, breathing heavily. There were blood in her dress. She smiled watching Om.

Scene 6 (In the car)
Rudra stops the car.
Saumya: Rudra, where are we?
Rudra gets down the car without saying anything.
Saumya: Rudra, why aren’t you answering me? Rudra….
Rudra opens the door of other side
Ru: get down, Saumya.
Saumya: but Rudra….
Ru: I said, get down, Saumya.
Sumo gets down. She sees a temple.
Sumo: Rudra, why are we here?
Rudra: come with me without saying anything.
Rumya went to the temple.

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